I’m passing on this article on “How to Download Google Video”. I’m sure some of you already know about this.
This is just for whoever don’t know yet and wanna try out.

It’s very useful for me since I cannot watch movies online with my low speed internet and must take time to download. My example is on “Nge Chit Oo” movie from Khayanpyar Einmet.

The site is right-click disabled but that’s nothing to worry about if you’re use firefox with webdeveloper extention.

Go to the video page and click the icon at the bottom to browse to actual google video page as shown in the following screen shot.
go google video

It will direct you to actual google video page like this link.

Follow the steps below to download google video.

  1. View the page source code and search for the keyword “googleplayer”
  2. Copy and paste the videoUrl parameter (all of the characters after the keyword “videoUrl=”)
  3. Press Ctrl-L to go to URL location bar. Type Javascript:unescape(“videoUrl”)
  4. where videoUrl should be the last parameter you have copied into the clipboard.

  5. It should output the actual URL on the broswer, copy and paste that URL onto your browser location bar again to download the FLV movie.
  6. Play it with a FLV Player.

Via: How to Download Google Video

#1. Ctrl-F on view source page to enable search feature, type in the search keyword.
search googleplayer

#2. Some cases have to start after id/parameter as well. ie) in my example: everything after “videoUrl\u003d”,
start from “http” part till “%3Den” in the end.
Leave out “&autoPlay\u003dtrue\”
#5. I use this FLV player. The file (ngalchitoo) size is ~143MB by the way.

The easier way of getting video link is using “Adblock” firefox extension.


Read more about using “Adblock” extention to get google video link here.

You can also use some sites to generate url directly for you too (read the article for more), but this javascript method is just fine for me.

The same concept applies for YouTube videos too. Feel free to test around and enjoy downloading. ;)

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