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Installing .NET 3.0 and Orcas

After many mishaps and frustrations, I’ve successfully installed .net 3.0 and all other extensions. I find installing .net 3.0 a painful process yet your case might be as easy as 1 2 3. Just for my own note and whoever with the similar situation can cross-check, I’ve listed down the followings.

You need at least half a day work in installing all required setups for .net 3.0, not including the downloading time for installer files. Make sure you already have VS.Net 2005 installed. Ofcos have WinXP with all those latest service packs, just to be sure.

  • Clean up your machine and get at least 6 GB freespace,
  • Remove any previously installed versions of beta and RC releases,
  • Follow the installation order and notes below.

Order of Installation
Installation order plays an important part here. You must follow the following order to run files smoothly.

  1. Microsoft .NET Framework 3.0 Redistributable Package : dotnetfx3setup.exe (2.8MB)
  2. Microsoft® Windows® Software Development Kit for Windows Vista™ and .NET Framework 3.0 Runtime Components : Setup.exe (400KB)
  3. Visual Studio 2005 extensions for .NET Framework 3.0 (WCF & WPF), November 2006 CTP : vsextwfx.msi (3.64MB)
  4. Visual Studio 2005 extensions for .NET Framework 3.0 (Windows Workflow Foundation) : Visual Studio 2005 Extensions for Windows Workflow Foundation (EN).exe (6.46MB)

N.B: #2

The setup file will load the sdk installation wizard which do direct installation. If your net is crappy like mine or if you need to install on multiple machines, then direct installation is just not right. In that case, you either need an installer DVD or get an iso image file like this one: 6.0.6000.0.0.WindowsSDK_Vista_rtm.DVD.Rel.img (1.15 GB) (My friend downloaded from somewhere…)

You might need Virtual Clone Drive to run that iso image file. Free Download from here: Virtual Clone Drive

These are some of the problems I faced while installing and the fixes.

Error: WWF extension for

SDKSetup encountered an error: Unable to find the file at the installation source. The most likely reason that you received this message is because the source location of your original installation is unavailable. If you installed from a DVD please re-insert the DVD. If you installed from the Internet, please check your connection.

Fix: Place the WWF installer exe file in the same directory as your iso image file, then run again.

Error: SDK Installation

Error 1303. The installer has insufficient privileges to access this directory: C:\Config.msi. The installation cannot continue. Log on as administrator or contact your system administrator.

Fix: Ignore and click “Continue” button. Might get this error twice or so, just ignore and continue installation.

N.B: Make sure you log in as Administrator to your system and checks on C: drive that you have given full previlidge to “System” or “Everyone” account. Better to have full access on “System” account. Shouldn’t have any problem if you installing directly from internet.

Well, at least I’ve taken one big step in upgrading to .net 3.0. Now all I need to do is, start digging and go dirty with it. I got a few online labs to play around and some good resource sites. I’ll write more about it once I get started. I’m getting my eyes on WWF labs at the moment. I’ll keep you updated.

Tell me about your installation experiences and share some tips/resources too k?

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Windows SDK Setup

I’m starting my hand on sql05, 05, sdk 3.0, WCF, WPF, WWF etc etc… and…


Windows SDK setup

Windows SDK Setup Wizard

Setup file: 400KB
Installation: 958.8MB ?!!!??!!!!
Estimated Download Time: 20 Days, 18 Hours !!!!!!!!!


That is just so great! What am I to do???
I want to start test now, NOW! NOW! NOW!!

Dashes in Rad Files

This is one of the most frustrating errors I’ve got to fix. I’m using rad editor for my aspx pages and in some pages, it works like a charm but some just doesn’t. Whenever I tried to update the page, it threw this error, “An error has occurred. Refresh the screen and try again”, in the rad editor content area.

My first thought was, the files much be read-only and hence to make writable to the files but it wasn’t the case. So I checked my code, cross check with another working page, recheck again and again, but I found no difference in code and doesn’t work. Then I created a new “test.aspx” file and pasted the same code and tested it. Strange enough, it works!

So I thought may be my page got corrupted, so I deleted that page and recreated a new page with the same name, paste the code back in. Then it’s not working again. The same god damn code in “test.aspx” is working and not in the other page.

Something was really fishily wrong! Since they are the exact same code, the only difference I can think of now is the file name. But I can’t change all the file names without knowing whether that’s the actual cause of the problem. So my final option, turn to google for help and there it was!

(ID#250) “An error has ocurred. Refresh the screen and try again”

When saving the content from r.a.d.editor directly in the ASPX/ASCX the following error appears:
An error has ocurred. Refresh the screen and try again.

When saving the r.a.d.editor content directly in the ASPX/ASCX the page name should not contain “(“, “)”, “-”, or ” ‘ “. If such names are obligatory, r.a.d.editor’s content should be saved in a database.

Link: Telerik KB Article

So stupid error. My error files are named using the “-” dash. Once I removed the dash, all working. It’s just so lame error message and even in the KB no explanation about why it cannot use a dash in the file names. Well you can use dash if you saving content in DB, but why not in the actual file? I just not satisfy with that KB solution explanation. Nevertheless, it solved my problem and thank god for that. Took hell lotta time from me. I guess next time, I better google first then check on my code. Hmm.

Meaning of “Hmm”

X: do you drink? :O

May: no

X: hmm


May: what’s that hmm means?

X: hmm - ‘I am in deep thought, please wait a few minutes/seconds before you receive a meaningful reply from me. However, if I don’t reply, it is most likely that my short attention span has made me forget about our conversation’

May: excellent reply, i like that.

So, I finally understand the meaning of “Hmm”, from this very meaningful short conversation.

Kuwaiti Dating

You gotta read this, it’s hilarious. There are step by step preparations and procedures to take while ask out a Kuwaiti gal.

3. Clearly state your intention by saying the phrase “I would like to take (insert her name here) out for dinner”.

4. Repeat the phrase until you lose the ability to speak as the father’s hands squeeze out any remaining air in your voice box.

5. Start using sign language to indicate your intention. Look towards your girlfriend’s window, point to it and use both hands to draw a heart in the air.

Read full instructions here: How To Ask A Kuwaiti Father If You Could Take His Daughter Out For Dinner

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  • Weekly Poem: Forever

    Don’t feel like writing any poems these days. So just passing on the poem and a music pick from Desperately Wandering.


    I promise nothing: friends will part;
    All things may end, for all began;
    And truth and singleness of heart
    Are mortal even as is man.

    But this unlucky love should last
    When answered passions thin to air;
    Eternal fate so deep has cast
    Its sure foundation of despair.

    - A.E. Housman

    Download “Make This Go On Forever”

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