Watch this one, it’s good, really good. Very hilarious. Just listen properly.Chasers War On Everything – Americans

A general knowledge questions:
# Name a country that begins with “U”?
# What is the religion of Buddhist Monk?
# How many sides does a triangle has?
# What is the currency used in United Kingdom?
# How many kidney does a person has?
# Starwar is based on a true story – true or false?
# How many Eiffel towers are there in Paris?

Politic, Current Affair:
# Meet Mr. John Howard – Prime Minister of Australia – Have you see me on television? Thank you it’s just very nice to be recognized. My slogan is “John Howard is my mate”
# Who is Tony Blair?
# Kofi Annan is a drink – True or False?

# Mark the country on the world map.
# North and south Korea, which one is bigger.

Typical Americans. HHHTRSF. Thanks KoSein for the Link.