Let me start this week music pick with two hot songs.

Beyonce + Shakira – Beautiful Lier

You don’t want to miss this. This one is an amazing combo of the two most favorite singers’ new song. Both of them are so HOT; Beyonce as a wild sexy woman while Shakira on the other hand is more sophisticated one with captivate charms. There was a comment about Shakira being the REAL reason behind Global Warming and I think I have to second on that. LOL

Shakira + Beyonce

The song by itself is not that outstanding but you must check out youTube video. You’ll be replaying more than once for sure. Both of them got great vocal but Shakaria got this unique throaty-nosy voice which is more attractive in my opinion. Beyonce learn the salted-worm moves from the worm queen Shakira. I still prefer Shakira on those moves. I think Beyonce is much better with her wild leach-mambos.

Ok if you don’t like worms and leaches then we could say…Jelly Shake and Shivering. But come to think of it, Jelly can’t twist and turn; they only bounce from side to side. So Shakari is definitely a worm and as for beyonce, I must say…she is more like shivering jelly. Hehe

They should make more songs with the combo, the record will sell like crazy. I want to see trio – Beyonce, Shakira and JLo, wow that gonna be so cool.

[ YouTube ] [ Lyric ]

Rihanna + Nicole Scherzinger – Winning Women

Rihanna + Nicole

Last week we got www, this week it’s ww.
This is another hot pair – young, beautiful and talented Rihanna team up with Nichole, ultra thin hot chic, the lead singer from Pussy Cat Dolls (PCD). It’s for a new TV ad “Fusion Deodorant” or something. Not bad.

Ok enough with combos, I was planning to post some slow, nice songs this week but I just have to post the first two. Now back to my picks.

Norah Jones – Thinking About You + Wake Me Up

nottoolate_lg You must have heard of her, she was the top hit a few year back with “Come Away With Me” song. This two songs are from her new album, Not Too Late, which selling with a great number. She’s very good at making you sleep. I listen her songs whenever I want to sleep, and it takes me only half of her songs then I’ll be sleeping like a log. She got this unique vocal which is kind of drowsy yet sweet. I only like this two songs the most from “Not Too Late” album. Others are just too sleepy to keep listening.

[ YouTube ] [ Lyrics ] Thinking About You
[ Lyric ] Wake Me Up

Emma Bunton – All I Need To Know

Emma Bunton Haven’t seen her for ages, she was one of the Spice Girls back in the old days. Emma looking abit oldish in the video but vocal is still sweet in this beautiful song.

[ YouTube ][ Lyric ]

Jewel – Quest For Love

Jewel Jewel is not really my favorite but I still like her. She’s more like country style or something. A friend of mine loves her songs, so this is for her. It’s from Jewel’s new album, “Alice in he wonder land”.

[ YouTube ] [ Lyric ]

Sarah Brightman – Stranger In Paradise

Sarah BrightmanShe is one of the classical vocalists. You know those sing with loud, pitchy, tiny voices in opera and stuffs. Yah, her songs are not that classic but they are slow and nice to listen. I like it anyway. It’s good to sleep with.

[ Lyric ]

And…that’s about it. Enjoy! ;)