Call me crazy but I just love this Anime, “Naruto”, which is introduced to me by my bro. Well, actually it’s from his friend who downloaded many episodes and share with us. I always like cartoons and animes. Hey there is no age restriction to watch those alrite! This one is quite funny and interesting. The only thing I get annoyed is showing too many flash backs while in combat.

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The main character, Naruto, is too stupid, he keeps doing the replications and everytime he fights like that his opponant pops them up like balloons. Sasuke is boring. Sakura Chan is just a crying baby, the last episode I watch, she’s learning medicine so may be she’ll get some powers later.

Some of the other characters I like are: Neji, Gaara, Rock Lee, Kakashi and ofcos Jiraiya. Their powers are so cool.

Team Naruto
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If you’re into those animes, I would recommand Naruto. Just watch a few episodes and you’ll be hooked. I don’t know where my bro’s friend download the episodes from but you can watch online from this site: Watch Naruto

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