Scenario: Being the lazy arses as we are (Bro and I), we don’t even want to clean up our dishes after dinner and always putting off each other to do in turns.

Bro: Do my dishes for me today.

Me: I was gonna ask you the same thing. Why are you always copying me? Come to think of it, you always copy me and follow whatever I do.

Mom: That’s right. He always follows you around when you were young. He repeated whatever you say and always following you. Lucky, he didn’t wear skirt but went for pants. LOL

Me: That’s right. Back in school too, you used all my books to study.
You took the same subjects as me.
You went to the same Uni as me.
You graduated with the same degree like me.
Now we work in the same company, doing the same thing!!
What’s wrong with you? Why are you always following me?

Bro: Hey, I’m not following you. I’m just treating you like a bulldozer.
Don’t you know in Chess, the pawns go in front and cover for the king.
The same thing applies here. I’m just using you to clear my path.

Me: You little!! @#$%#@$%#*!!!

Moral behind the talk: Being the eldest is such a pain especially with these kind of bad mouth siblings.

Regarding the matter of pawn and chess, I just read that the guys from Failed-Paradise were also cracking up about Chest and Porn.

I love the slogan for geek T-Shirt idea proposed by Digital Fiji.

We are not chest porns to be played around with.

There you go, I’m not your chest porn nor I the bulldozer. haha.
I’ll just wait and see how the designs come out as. Whoever wear them, go around in town and take some photo of yourself. If you’re lucky, your pic might even get into the next day Fijitimes post; otherwise you can always show off yourself on your blog. :P