This is a complaint post and I’m gonna bitch about my anger here so get lost now kindly ignore me if you don’t want to read my frustrations.

We (brother and I) have opened a joint saving account at ANZ main branch early August (18th to be exact). I’ve asked the lady who opened our account when we will get our ATM cards; she said “should arrive to you post box after two days”. I knew when they say two days that means two weeks with added “Fiji Time” but I wasn’t worry about it as long as I get the cards after two weeks.

We usually check our post box three or four times a week and there wouldn’t be a week we forget to check it. I was anticipating the cards should arrive after two weeks but no sign of them, not even a note to collect from their branch after four weeks. So, on 17th Sept, I looked for some contact details on the ANZ Fiji website and used the general enquiry form to email regarding the lateness of our cards.

They responded my email after 25min, requesting the account number as they were having some problem with the system and could not search by name, which was surprisingly fast and I was happy about their prompt service. After I sent the account number, the “Electronic Business – Fiji (ebusfj)” forwarded our cards numbers to “EBS HelpDesk HUB” asking for the cards’ despatch date as “ebusfj” couldn’t retrieve the action date due to the difficulties on beam (whatever the beam is).

“ESB HelpDesk Hub” then replied that both cards were posted out on the 28/08/09 to our post box. I replied them confirming the post box number is correct and we never received the cards. Local mails should not take that long and I wondered the cards were sent from overseas. I then requested for their advice on what action to take.

“EBS HelpDesk Hub” did not explain why the cards did not reach us or where they were sent from. But they replied “the only action we can take now is to order new cards for both of you. Please advise if we can proceed with this request.” Of course, what else should I have done since that’s the only advice they gave, so I gave a green flag, go ahead, order away; and asked how long will those take this time. They replied saying the orders have been placed, both cards and pins can be collected on Wednesday the next week.
Okie! I was all cool about it, I shall get my cards next week. Now, this is where the major problem starts.

On Friday 18th Sept, the cards reached our box. I was a bit confused; I thought we were suppose to pick up from the main branch; anyhow I did not mind receiving them in our box. On 22nd Sept, I prepared to pick up our pins at the branch and before doing so, I happened to logon to internet banking page and check my balance online. There was $10 shot in my balance.

I told my brother, who is the joint partner of the account, what to do about it but the arse ignored me and tell me to forget about it as it’s only a merry 10 bucks. I disagreed, arguing it was unacceptable to waste money like that and we should do something about it. I then realized that it definitely was not a merry 10 bucks but added consequences we might have to suffer for his so called merry 10bucks. We might lose on the monthly interest as the nature of this particular saving account only gives interest if we deposit each month and do not make a single withdrawal. The thoughtless brother did not seems to realize it and even fought with me for fussing and picking on him.

With no help from him, I had to take things into my own hand and sent the following mail to “EBS HelpDesk Hub” and “ebusfj”.

Hello XX,
Thanks for the help.
I’ve received the cards in my post box last Friday; it has 17th Sept 09 stamped on it.
It is very clear that ANZ has never sent the cards on mentioned date ie. 28/08/09.
With these new orders you just made, you have charged $10 stating: 21/09/2009 DEBIT REPLACEMENT DR CARD FEE 18/09/09 on my account.

It is very unfair and unacceptable that you charge us for your insufficient service.
I can bring the stamped envelope and letter as an evident to you to prove that you only sent our cards after I made this email enquiry on the 17th Sept.
It is not our fault that you delay your posting but why must we be charged for your lack of commitment?
I demand that you do something about this unfair charges and like to have my $10 back!
We do not need extra cards and only requested what we should have received 3 weeks ago.
If you have sent us the cards as promised date, we would not have wasted our time emailing back and forth plus this kind of situation would never happen.
Failure to provide the service is very unprofessional and on top of that charging customers for your failure is unacceptable.

Tomorrow I’ll have to come collect the newly order cards + PIN and like to talk to relevant personnel for this matter.
Kindly let me know who to talk to in order to explain this situation and make a proper complaint.
I must say, trying to claim back this merry $10 seems foolish but this is very important to point out ANZ lack of professionalism in their services and customer care department.


PS. I forgot to mention that due to this implication, I might lose on my monthly bonus interest fee since Fast Saver account requires no withdrawal in a month to have a bonus interest rate. So, please take this matter very seriously and let me know the best solution to solve this.

After that I had to shoot two emails before they replied me admitting that it was their mistake.

“EBS HelpDesk HUB” replied:

Hi May,

Thank you for your email.
I sincerely apologise for the inconvenience caused.
Could you please provide your account number so that we can attend to the reversal of your card fee today.

“Electronic Business – Fiji” replied:

Hello May,

This is an error on our part and we apologise for the inconvenience caused. We will confirm once the reversal is carried out.
As for the interest for the month of September, we will manually calculate this and credit your account by the end of the month.

Kind regards

Alright great, as long as they know their mistake and fix it the next day. But I have my doubt that the implications in Fiji never resolve that easily. So I waited for end of the month to check my account balance again. And of course, I was right about never resolve easy part. Here is what I saw in my account and what I emailed them on 1st of Oct.

091001Account Transaction Screenshot

Hello XX or YY,
Could you check my account again and explain why the promised action has not been performed?
You haven’t fixed my interest manually as you mentioned in the previous mail and on top of that you have charged $5 for withdrawal fee.
I like to know what that withdrawal fee is about and why there is no interest added to my account.
I have deposited $__ on 1/09/09 and made no withdrawal the whole month, which means I’m entitled for 5.25% interest rate September.
Now, kindly explain why in the name is wrong with all those transactions shows on my account and how to fix all those mess up!!!
Please see the attached screenshot. I would like this fixed by today and don’t want to keep wasting my time following up this issue again next month.


I got no respond from them after a few hours. So I made a call and as expected, the phone service was worse than the emailing. The call handlers were very impatient or rather rude about it and never listen to what I have to say but keeps putting me on hold and transferring among themselves. After 5th round of transfers, they won’t even say Hello anymore as they recognized my voice and put me on a long wait. I got so fed up had to hang up.

So, I shot another email:


I called this number: 679 3213 000 and asked for one of you and they keep transferring me back and forth, putting me on queue for more than 10min and I got no one to talk to in the end hence hung up. This is outrageous!
Could you give me the direct contact number or person full name to talk to regarding this issue please.
You should at least help me properly on this part as nothing has been working out well with contacting anz via emails.

They then replied:

Hi May,
We are working on your interest today as its the 1st of October since we need to sight all your transactions from 01/09/09 to 30/09/09 respectively. We will advise you by EOB once the credit is done.

To reply to that, I sent:

And plz explain what is that $5 withdrawal fee is about.
I also need a direct contact person name and phone number.

Ebusfj replied and explained:

Hi May,
Please call my direct line on (___)_____ and I will assist you.


Hi May,

The $5.00 fee will be reversed as well as it was the result of the second debit on the account (Acess card fee)

Since, she’s care enough to respond my emails, I gave her a chance to do her job and planned to wait till end of the day to check on the account again.

During this time, I had to go to ANZ for another matter and happened to meet the Branch Manager Sales. I was not there to see him in the first place but to see another personnel.

The personnel I went to see has yet another bad attitude such as making annoying/impatient faces and tassking at me on my previous visit. She ignored me, who made a prior appointment with her before coming, and carry on chatting on the phone joyfully, then 5 more minute doing her own business after hanging up her phone. She saw me waving at her and she waved back; even after, she carries on ignoring me. I’m not sure if she was waiting for me to jump up and down insanely or call out to her to grab her attention. Finally when I get to see her, she showed more annoyed face and tassked at me. I consider “tassking” a very rude thing to do especially in this kind of customer service environment. Ok, that’s another story for another time. Back to the main topic.

This time round, she was not even in the office and I planned not to wait but to see whoever for my matter. I walked in the first opened door and let myself be seated while wait for the person to finish with the call. Lucky enough, I wasn’t chased out but he kindly asked me for my business and quickly helped me with it. I happen to see his business cards and found out that he’s a branch manager sales. I quickly asked him where the customer complaint section is and how to go about making a formal complaint. He was a bit surprised by my sudden request and asked if I want to complain about him. I told him it’s not about him but about my unresolved account issue of two months and briefly explain the implications. He then gave me a contact detail to lodge the complaint in writing plus his business card. I thanked him and left planning to write a formal complaint to mentioned address if my problem was not resolved by EOB.

At 4:28pm, “Ebusfj” emailed to inform the account updates.

Hello May,
We have reversed the $5.00 fee and credited the interest for September, 2009.
Kind regards

I checked my account again and confirmed that all has been corrected. I made another deposit for this month and replied her mail:

Thank you XX.
I was going to call you around 4:30 if the issue hasn’t been fixed. I guess I don’t need to anymore.
I just checked the account and glad to found out that I’ve received the interest and reversed $5.
I’ll do a deposit for this month and hopefully no such implications should arise for next month.
Thanks again for your help.

Case closed. The point of this long story was to note down how ANZ do their business and handle their customers’ issues.

I learnt that I should never trust their word and keeps following up on them till the end. I also wonder that how many of ANZ customers have encountered this kind of implications and never get to go about resolving them. Many might not even realize that some unreasonable fees or charges has been applied to their account without their notice and those of who noticed (such as my brother) have never care enough to make a complaint thinking it’s just a few bucks which needs not worth wasting his time upon. But I was stubborn enough to care for merry $10 and have managed to keep/save our monthly interest of $129.45 + regained $5 the unnecessary withdrawal fee. Now it’s not “just a merry figure” anymore isn’t it?

Finally, let me share those of you out there like me who did not know where to make a formal complaint, you can write a letter to the following address.

To: Lilian Alfereti
ANZ Customer Advocate,
7th Floor, ANZ House,