We had a Zouk Lambada beginner class yesterday evening. It was really hard dance steps for us (me) though it’s only a few beginner steps to learn but some of us (me) just can’t follow. It’s really sexy dance if you dance it well; the moves are so cool when the instructor and another assistance instructor demonstrated to us. There’s no way we can dance like that at this stage since we are still very much struggling with just one basic foot work.

Anticipation leads to disappointment“, said so the instructor many times. He kept telling us to follow the men’s lead and let the guys do the thinking cos’ they are the brains here and women just follow whatever the guys do.
He said, there are only two rules in dancing (and in life as well);

1st rule – “The man is always right”;
2nd rule, “If you think he’s wrong, refer to rule #1″.

If you step on the guy’s feet, say sorry cos’ it’s your fault, you’re not following the guy’s lead.
If he step on your toes, you apologise, it’s again your fault, cos’ you didn’t move your foot back.

I would agree to follow the lead if the guy is a good leader but some of the guys are just very bad at dancing; forget about leading, they can’t even get their own footwork right. We have to rotate around the floor so get to dance with everyone. You make heaps of mistakes if the guy partner is terrible. There’s no team work in dancing, it’s just follow the guy’s lead (according to the instructor) so blame it all on the guys. It’s quite true cos’ you dance so well if you get to partner with bronze level students or an advance level guys. They can lead you on not only on the footwork but also on the body movement as well. For us beginners, we only concentrate on the footwork and none at all for body/hip movement that all of us dancing like stiff mechanical robots at the moment.

You have to practice a lot in order to get the foot work right without looking down at the feet all the time. But for me, I forget the steps the min I step out of the studio so there’s no way for me to improve in dancing. Every Friday 8-11pm is a social dance where you can practice whatever you learn with everyone. The music keeps changing every few min and you get to dance with whoever ask you to dance. The problem for me is, I don’t even know which music beat is for which type of dance and even if I kinda know the beat, I forgot the footwork for the dance. :D I’m totally hopeless in this area. At the last social dance, this girl asked me what’s my plan after this class, and I told her I have no idea cos’ I wasn’t planning to join the classes to start with and I’m just coming here for a bit of laughter and fun since I need to de-stress myself. As for her, she comes to the studio to practice everyday, she’s really an advance level once and can dance so beautifully, plus she’s a very pretty Java Software developer. Whoop what a girl!

Anyways, so far I’m enjoying the lessons except for getting occasional sore toes cos’ the guys keep stepping on my toes. Especially those tall guys who have long steps which keep clashing with my steps. And yes, yes, I did apologise them for not moving my foot far enough. I get hurt and have to apologise too, not good at all! The instructor told me I think too much; he told me not to think at all but just follow the guy and go with the flow. But but, I just can’t do it, my brain just automatically tick tick tick and have to go figure out what’s the next step is, so yes, my anticipation keeps getting me sore feet and disappointment. Nevertheless, I’m enjoying the dances so far!

Here is my favorite Zouk vid published on the studio’s site. You can check out some more vids and a bit of the info on Zouk here. They are all performed at the “Step Up Dance Studio“. So very cool yet so hard isn’t it?


And here are recent Spring Ball performances and previous functions too. They are asking if we want to participate in the next function. We can ask the instructor of our choice to partner with us and he’ll teach us the choreography and everything. It’s pretty fun to watch all those previous performances.

Oh yes, coming Friday is V Day special social dance function so everyone has to wear pink or hot pink or anything to do with pink. Let’s see what the guys wear then. Ok, that’s all for now and I’ll be at the social dance tonight.

Enjoy your Friday!