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Damn Dishwasher
I need a good flask or a little teapot for my tea. Don’t wanna waste tea bags for each cup of hot water I drink. 1 tea bag can be used for about 3 cups ie. I just want a mild lukewarm tea so gotta get a good little flask and have to keep it save in my drawer. Whenever I clean a cup and keep it on my desk, it disappears the next day. The office cleaner must have taken it back to the kitchen. Let me keep my own clean cup at least! I don’t like the dishwasher they have here, it’s not clean at all and very disgusting with many residues still sticking to the dishes after. Why can’t they just leave a traditional liquid soup and a sponge there! Anyways…You see, I use this folded tissue paper to cover my tea cup just to keep it warm a bit longer. I’ve been wondering why the side facing the hot water doesn’t get wet but the outer side does. Hmm someone care to explain me the reason? I’ve never been good at Chemistry. :D

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Tweets of the week
I just find this two pretty amusing.
@kaoskongo #YouKnowYourFijian ‘Umbrella’ is pronounced ‘Um-ba-re-lla’ #ella #ella

@sher0d Just viewed source on Bing: <html><head><title>Bing</title></head><body><iframe src=””></iframe></body></html>

Aussie Guys
Yesterday I was walking along Pitt St towards Castlereagh St and saw this two men kissing passionately in the middle of a very crowded street. Then another couple around World Square was hugging and whispering as they walk. Again this morning when I was on the way to work, on the bus, this big guy sitting next to me was flirting on the phone but I can very clearly hear the receiver from the other end was a man as well. Then I remember my Czech ex-flatmate once says; “In Australia, all the guys are either Married, Taken or Gays“. Hmm…O…K… I have no discrimination toward bi, tri, quad or whatever genders. I just find that people over here are very passionate and very openly show their affection in the public places. May be I’m just a traditionalist or come from a place where I don’t often see those kind of public affections so it’s kind of new for me.

Santa’s Close Relatives
I always have a problem with hairy people, especially those with extreme facial hair. I just can’t understand why they’re so very much in love with their facial hair; some cultivate them very carefully, some just have them for the sake of having them and some just doesn’t own a mirror or a shave. Whatever their reasons are, they just freak me out and kind of scare me. We had a lunch at this bar, Lord Nelson Brewery, last Friday. It was quite a crowded lunch hour; our table was right beside the entrance and 80% of the guys coming in have all those ugly facial hair and untidy long bird nest hair…urgh! Anyways, the lunch was nice, I had chilli crab spaghetti. I’m thinking of trying out the pie next time cos’ the table next to us were having pies and I’m very much curious about what those green stuffs on their pies are.

Ok that’s all for now. Ohhohoho :P