31 Aug 2012 18:00, A mouse ran pass under my legs at Sydney Hilton hotel lounge. A staff from the cafe and 3 guards ran after it with a bag. The mouse got trapped at the entrance rotating door but the man couldn’t catch him in the bag. After struggling for 3 min the mouse got away and jumped down the escalator beside the entrance. So the men followed. It was a palm size, quite big mouse with a long tail. Others screamed and jumped on the seats. I just stared and go oh oh oh and move my legs to make a way for the mouse to pass. I’m not scare of pests but if it was a worm crawling near me, I would have screamed my head off. I’m bad with wriggling slimy things. Anyways it’s a shame to see mouse running around at Hilton. It was unfortunate that my hands were occupied and couldn’t take a photo. Quite a first time remembrance at Hilton Hotel indeed.