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May Hnin Phyu @ Mayvelous.comMy name is May Hnin Phyu. I’m a 27 year old .net developer from Sydney, Australia.  living in a beautiful, tiny island nation “Fiji”. I’m originally from the golden land “Myanmar”, decided to travel south across the pacific for the beautiful sunshine, white sand and the deep blue ocean.

I’m also a regional author for GlobalVoices Online and helping hand for a few other non-profitable organizations. You can find my GV posts here.

Mayvelous is my personal weblog site and is a collection of my interests, ideas, thoughts, opinions, my latest project news and anything that I feel like sharing with you. Mayvelous is also to help me focus my idle brain, to improve my personal productivity, to establish my ideas, to accomplish my goals and not forgetting to have a great fun doing those.

My domain “mayvelous” is the combination of 3 simple words, may + mayves + marvelous.
It’s all about I wanting my own domain name and trying to choose some what related words with my name.

Since the domain “may” is totally out of my reach, I thought of “mayves” (a friend of mine call me that), but I don’t really like it.

So finally my brother suggested that I should combine “may” with “marvelous” to get this silly word, “mayvelous”. I kind of run out of ideas and decided to use what he suggested and here it is my very own domain “”

Mayvelous is funded by my dear old Dad who encourage me in whatever I do with lots of support from my best friend, Mom. The very first Mayvelous was driven by “wordpress”, the beautiful “connection” theme of Patricia Muller with some tweaks from Ajay and involves lots of plugins.
I’m no designer and somewhat lack inspiration to design something wonderful. My whole patience and inspiration are into coding and developing part that I decided to use this ready created design but I do hope to revamp with my own design in the near future. Well no promises.:-)

As time changes, Mayvelous has been changing and a lot of improvements and upgrades have been done upon it.

Have been said, I’m May and welcome to my domain “”. Hope you enjoy reading and thanks for the visit.

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