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“M” for “May”

I was tagged on facebook and couldn’t figure out how to post a note there so I’m posting here anyways.

  1. What is your name: May
  2. A four Letter Word: Moon
  3. A boy’s Name: Michael
  4. A girl’s Name: Marilyn
  5. An occupation: Manager
  6. A color: Magenta
  7. Something you’ll wear : Marc Jacobs + Maybelline
  8. A food: Mutton + Mashed Potatoes (Moon Cake + M&Ms for dessert)
  9. Something found in the bathroom: Mat + Medicine cabinet
  10. A place: Melbourne
  11. A reason for being late: Malaria or Mad cow disease :P
  12. Something you’d shout: Mwahahaha!
  13. A movie title: Me, Myself & Irene
  14. Something you drink: Mocha
  15. A musical group: Muse
  16. An animal: Mongoose
  17. A street name: Maunicau Rd (ok not exactly a street)
  18. A type of car: Mini Cooper (Mr. Bean’s car) or Mini Bus
  19. The title of a song: My Life Would Suck Without You, My Heart Will Go On
  20. A verb: Motivate

Burmese Recipes Site – Hsa*ba

I came across this lovely site, “Hsa’ba” (please eat), full of delicious Burmese recipes via another Burmese recipe site. “Hsaba” is in English and is very well organized by Ma Tin Cho Chaw. She’s even publishing a cookbook on Burmese dishes and there are about 100 recipes featured on “Hsaba” site. I find it very interesting to read each ingredient information along with the photos.

My bro reads “Hsa’ba” as “Hi Sha Bah” ဟိုက္ရွားဘား :P and I have to correct him. There is no “H” sound in “Hsa’ba”, it pronounces like “Sarh Bar”.

Updated: 31 Oct 2008

I got this email from Cho of Hsa*ba site. She notified me that her book in store now hence I’m just updating the news here.

Dear May
I am pleased to say the long-awaited hsa*ba, burmese cookbook is finally available. Thank you for your patience and support. It’s been an amazing journey creating the book and all the new content for the website.

The book is filled with authentic recipes such as the much-loved Traditional fish noodle soup (mohingar), fresh robust salads (thote), simple comforting curries (sipyan) and much more. Accompanied by beautiful photography that captures the distinctive Burmese kitchen.

To order a copy, visit our online shop.

For a sneak preview of the book, go to the new website and flip through the pages. For those new to Asian cooking, there is a glossary of ingredients on the website as well as free recipes from the book. So get cooking!

Don’t forget to check out my blog where there are more recipes for you to share and enjoy! If you have any comments or want to share your recipe, get in touch.

Best wishes,


So I’m one of certified

  • 4,619 (MCTS) .NET Framework 2.0: Distributed Applications
  • 14,873 (MCTS) .NET Framework 2.0: Web Applications
  • 8,051 (MCTS) .NET Framework 2.0: Windows Applications
  • 3,424 (MCPD) Enterprise Application Developer
  • 3,346 (MCPD) Web Developer
  • 1,085 (MCPD) Windows Developer
  • 2,221,569 Microsoft Certified Professional (MCP)


Number of Microsoft Certified Professionals Worldwide
The Microsoft Certified Professionals (MCP) program was established in 1992. To date, more than 2 million people have achieved Microsoft Certification worldwide.

Just an aside note for myself.

Visual Studio Gallery
A place where all developers can go to find extensions to Visual Studio. The site has everything from community built power toys for VS to industry partner solutions for enterprise development.

MSDN Code Gallery
MSDN Code Gallery is your destination for downloading sample applications and code snippets , as well as sharing your own resources.

Via: (#) | (#)

Updated: New Features. Thx Anthony.

Along with the MS certifications life cycle, here are lists of exams that will be retiring on March 31st 2008.

  • Windows Server 2000 exams retiring March 31, 2008
  • Windows NT 4.0 exams retiring March 31, 2008
  • Exchange Server 2000 exams retiring March 31, 2008
  • Other exams retiring March 31, 2008

Read detail info here.

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  • Back with an attitude

    So Note:

    1. Happy New Year 2008,
    2. The Me brings the Myself back to the Mayvelous,
    3. Upgraded to latest WP 2.3.2,
    4. Changed the theme,
    5. Don’t bug me.

    Yah so, like … whatever!

    MS Free e-Learning Courses

    Dave Glover posted some good free online courses offered by Microsoft Learning. Some of them are up to 1 year subscription so you can study at your own pace. Check his attached file for more details. You have to open the file in IE but if it’s taking too long then try open in MS Word. It’s a bit messy but all links are good.

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