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The first day of Global Voices Summit 2008 has started a few hours ago over at Budapest, Hungary. Already some of our authors sent out updates, links and live broadcasts. It’s 8:20pm in Fiji and I’ll be following them longer than yesterday advocacy summit since it’s Friday night and I can stay up late. Alright, I’ll keep updating whatever links or info I received on GV attendees on in post as well as on Twitter.

Follow GVSummit08 @: IRC | @gvsummit08 | Presentation Slides | Photos | #gvsummit08 | Summize | Alternate Coverage.


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  • GV Video You Tube Channel

    Hey guys, I’m spreading the word about our new Global Voices Video channel on You Tube created by our very own, beautiful and talented GVs Video Editor – Ms Jules Rincon. I’m only familiar with her via GV-Authors emails and now I can see her on You Tube videos. This is her welcoming message explaining what’s our channel is about and what it’s aiming to accomplish.

    What I would like to request from you is quite quite quite easy: if you have a youtube channel of your own, subscribe to our GVVideo YouTube channel, and let’s share the visits and content. If you don’t have a YouTube account, please just stop by and watch some videos and comment online. Also, if you know someone from your region who is creating awesome citizen media content in video, please contact me, or better yet, tell them to subscribe or send a video response to my vlog posts and I´ll be watching their channels for great content. If you stop by and have any ideas of how to make the channel a better and more inviting place, how to showcase content better, etc, please feel free to write me, I’d love to hear your thoughts.

    Please subscribe to Video GV if you are interested in GV activities and also the citizen media around the blogosphere.

    Heartache Leave in Japan

    Recently I’ve been following “The Trump Blog” after I read about it from “A Guide to Billionaire Bloggers” on ReadWriteWeb. I’m sure most of us from Fiji are familiar about him from “The Apprentice” show on FijiOne hence need no introduction.

    Anyways, just now I was browsing my feeds and this post, “Japanese Firm Offers Heartache Leave“, from Mr Trump really cracked me up. Well it’s not funny but somewhat makes me laugh, and think for sometimes.

    I wasn’t surprised when I found out that all the employees at this company are women. I don’t mean to be sexist, but I don’t know many men who would call in sick to work because they broke up with their girlfriend.

    Are you sure about that? What do you, guys, think? Don’t give me those man’s pride excuses and bluff about it.

    But then I don’t know many women who would do it either. If you’re serious about your job, you don’t let heartbreak or store bargains keep you from doing your work.

    I wonder our lives only exist around our jobs. He must be talking about those workaholics who got no life of their own and think only about work. It’s understandable since the billionaire such as Mr. Trump, who always think of how to increase his enterprise and who can get(or ditch) any women anytime without much effort would think work more important than other matters.

    For me, I think if I ever get a serious heartbreak (I wish not), I wouldn’t want to do anything for sometimes. But then that’s all depends on individuality and how serious you take your relationships as. But I bet most Asian tends to take relationships matter more serious than those of the westenners. I’m just speaking in general but then hey what do I know; so may be not.

    But I must say, that Japanese company is very considerate about their staffs well being. I’m sure the staffs appreciate about it and would boost their motivation to work harder for the company.

    It’s a nice read for my morning tea break. Makes me think. :)

    Auu la la…the Tees are out on Paradise Failed. Yep, the “Chest Porns” is included as well.

    The guys are running a little competition for free T-shirt give away. All you have to do is email them your wittiest slogan to best describe their blog. Check out the design samples below and read about the competition rules and stuffs on their post entry.

    Paradise Not Found T-Shirts

    I want one of those…wittiest slogan huh? Hmm…I’m not good at that. The due date is 1st Feb so I still got time; lets see if I can think of something by then. Well I’m just passing on the word for your chance to win one of those Tees. Geez I sounded like one of those Ads from TV.

    Talk: Bulldozer

    Scenario: Being the lazy arses as we are (Bro and I), we don’t even want to clean up our dishes after dinner and always putting off each other to do in turns.

    Bro: Do my dishes for me today.

    Me: I was gonna ask you the same thing. Why are you always copying me? Come to think of it, you always copy me and follow whatever I do.

    Mom: That’s right. He always follows you around when you were young. He repeated whatever you say and always following you. Lucky, he didn’t wear skirt but went for pants. LOL

    Me: That’s right. Back in school too, you used all my books to study.
    You took the same subjects as me.
    You went to the same Uni as me.
    You graduated with the same degree like me.
    Now we work in the same company, doing the same thing!!
    What’s wrong with you? Why are you always following me?

    Bro: Hey, I’m not following you. I’m just treating you like a bulldozer.
    Don’t you know in Chess, the pawns go in front and cover for the king.
    The same thing applies here. I’m just using you to clear my path.

    Me: You little!! @#$%#@$%#*!!!

    Moral behind the talk: Being the eldest is such a pain especially with these kind of bad mouth siblings.

    Regarding the matter of pawn and chess, I just read that the guys from Failed-Paradise were also cracking up about Chest and Porn.

    I love the slogan for geek T-Shirt idea proposed by Digital Fiji.

    We are not chest porns to be played around with.

    There you go, I’m not your chest porn nor I the bulldozer. haha.
    I’ll just wait and see how the designs come out as. Whoever wear them, go around in town and take some photo of yourself. If you’re lucky, your pic might even get into the next day Fijitimes post; otherwise you can always show off yourself on your blog. :P

    Tech-Ed 2007 @ Gold CoastI’m Back! How is everyone doing? Miss me? ;)

    My two weeks trip was exciting, tiring and a great fun. I met lots of new faces and visited new places. It was a great experience for me. Couldn’t come back quickly cos’ I caught a cold after the trip due to too much excitements and weather changes; then my laptop screwed up and had to repair OS. Now everything is settling down so catching up on my feeds and blogging here.

    I took lots of photos and a few videos of my two weeks stay at GC, Syd and Adelaide. The main event was ofcos’ GC Tech-Ed. It was my very first business related overseas trip. I thank my bosses and the company for giving me an opportunity to participate in such event. I met lots of geeks and super geeks at Tech-Ed. There were total of 2400 delegates made their mark at Gold Coast Tech-Ed this year. ~80% of them are male with very few female delegates, regardless of this year Tech-Ed having the most female participants compare to the previous years. I’m one of those very few female delegates and most of the time I found myself lost in the superiority and the geekiest air around them. I felt like disappearing when I have no idea what the geeks were talking about. Yet, I somehow found myself enjoying their conversations and was inspired by their intense knowledge and skills on various subject matters.

    Here are some of the photos Sarnil and I took from the event.

    Note: Lightbox enabled. (Click on the photo, hover over it to browse “Next” or “Previous”)

    Surf Parade Apartment

    We stayed at Surf Parade apartment which is about 20-30min walking distance from Gold Coast convention center and about 10min Bus ride. The room was very neat and well furnished – TV, fridge, oven, microwave, washing machine, in-room spa, etc. The view from the room was also great. Can see the beach and also the buildings from Surf Paradise area. The room costs around AUD 119 per night and ideal for two people but I stayed alone so quite a big room for me. There were heated swimming pool and tennis courts downstairs but I didn’t even have a time to peek at them. The whole day out and we only came back to our rooms after 9 or 10pm to sleep so we couldn’t check out the whole building and the surroundings.

    Surf Parade Apartment The room My room The Bed

    Kitchen Bathroom View from the apartment Morning View from the apartment

    Gold Coast City Views

    There wasn’t much time for us to explore the city as our times were fully occupied inside the convention center. I found Gold Coast has many weird looking buildings, some having spiral type and some has alien style weird diamond shape in the middle. I didn’t see any building of my liking but overall the city is quite lovely and quiet.

    Gold Coast City Area Gold Coast City Area Gold Coast City Area View infront of Gold Coast Convention Center

    Activities at Tech-Ed

    There were lots of sessions to attend to and I had a hard time choosing them but Sarnil and I sorted out ourselves on which sessions we should attend and share them later. We couldn’t attend any hand-on-lab sessions because they were always too full. I sat one exam there but I didn’t make it. It was the very first failure in my exams history and I was very disappointed about it. I stayed 2 whole hours burning my head hard in the exam room; I missed one session and my lunch. I was so hungry and was mad at myself for the failure. Anyway what done is done and I’ll try that exam again later. So let just say, the exam was a hard one and I didn’t prepare well. Some of the sessions I attended are:

    • WEB316 Ajax Patterns with ASP.Net
    • DEV307 Developing Office Business Applications with Microsoft Visual Studio Tools for Office
    • DAT302 Database Schema Versioning: How to Use Microsoft Visual Studio Team System for Database Professionals and Team Foundation Server to Version and Deploy Your Databases
    • CON206 Custom Activities with Microsoft Windows Workflow Foundation: A Developer’s Primer
    • ARC307 Enterprise Library 3.1
    • DEV308 A Lap around Microsoft Windows Presentation Foundation
    • DEV311 NET Framework 3.0 End-to-End: Putting the Pieces Together
    • CON311 Building Microsoft Windows Workflow Foundation Enabled Windows Communication Foundation Services in .NET Framework 3.5
    • DEV320 Microsoft Visual C# Under the Covers: An In-Depth Look at C# 3.0
    • OFC418 Microsoft SharePoint Products and Technologies 2007: Deployment and Advanced Administration Topics
    • ARC312 Make your Customer’s Day: User First Design

    I also attended the “Blogger Lunch” and here is one live post which covers pretty much everything about the session. I found out later in the “Ask the Expert” section that one of the Blogger Lunch session speakers, Darren Neimke, is in fact from Adelaide and live near Flinders University where my sister is studying.

    Sarnil and Robert at Tech-Ed One of the Exhibitors and Sarnil Tech-Lab Blue car

    Sarnil with two speakers Sarnil and I with two speakers Bull ride Bull Rides

    Speakers at Blogger Lunch Blogger Lunch May at Tech-Ed Exhibition Hall

    Lock Note speaker Peter Watson - Locknote speaker2 Mr Host Mr Host

    Me infront of Gold Coast Convention Center May and Robert infront of Convention Center Robert Lunch-Ed

    Peace! At Closing Note Session Robert at lock note Lunch at Tech-Ed

    My Tech-Ed Lunch Red Car

    One of the fun things about Tech-Ed was collecting stamps and freebies from exhibition stands. I collected a few pens, toys, a cap, a T-Shirt, a few evaluation product CDs and lots of information brochures. I also filled in lots of forms to place in the daily draws. There were some gift packs and good stuffs such as Xbox 360 draws everyday. My friend Robert won Xbox360 and we were very jealous of him. Such a lucky guy but he didn’t even invite us to play with him. Bad Robert!

    There were tons of food and drinks at Tech-Ed; if you are a drinker, you would definitely love it. Coffee stands were always packed and I liked the breakfast donuts. Lunches and dinner were great too but for some reason I only ate lots of salad. I think it’s cos’ of different cooking style, their meat/main dishes didn’t taste good in my tongue.

    Movie World Night

    They booked the whole “Movie World” park for 2400 Tech-Ed delegates from 6:30 – 11pm on Thursday night. It was a great fun. We met one of the speakers and Sharepoint expert, Milan Gross, from Hawaii and team up with him to enjoy the night. We rode “Lethal Weapon” (roller coaster ride), “ScoopyDoo” ride, Batman stimulation and the Waterfall ride. I couldn’t believe I actually rode all of them and enjoyed it. I couldn’t have ride them if it wasn’t for the guys who kept pushing me to try so. Every ride I closed my eyes, shut my mouth and sit very still and stiffly so I didn’t get to see the high/dangerous views. But the feeling alone is scary enough for me. That was a great fun and we all enjoyed the night.

    The gang at Movie World Duck and May Yellow Ladies Star War gang and May

    Wonder Woman and Us The Water fall ride At Movie World Cheers!

    Chow Time Robert and Sarnil Sarnil with neon lights Sarnil with Star War gangs

    Me and Milan at MovieWorld at Movie World Robert and Sarnil at Movie World Star War Gangs

    The Matrix gang Robert and the thingie Sarnil with some super heros

    Evening at the Beach and Last Night Out

    The final day closing note ended around 4:30pm and we rested a few min at our apartment. Then we paid our (my) first and final visit to the beach in front. It was lovely evening and we saw some surfers, walkers and swimmers there. We took some photos at the beach then went back to the apartment and waited our friend to go for dinner. The final night out was enjoyable. Conversation between Sarnil and Milan was interesting and amusing. They did the talking and I did the listening part as usual. We then had Korean BBQ for dinner and done a lot of walking around to digest the food. Actually the guys were searching for a good place to dance. I had a very early flight to catch and have to wake up around 4am in the following morning so I took an early leave, said goodbye to the guys and came back to the apartment. Then I packed my stuffs and get ready for Sydney departure in the next morning.

    Gold Coast Beach Sarnil at the beach Sarnil at beach GC - beach

    Sarnil with his fav car Milan and Sarnil May and Milan

    So Tech-Ed ended pretty well and some of Tech.Ed 2007 Statistics from lock note are:

    • This year there were 89,608 teeth at Tech.Ed.
    • You ate 12,628 bread rolls, and drank over 14,000 liters of enough coffee and Coke.
    • And at MovieWorld, on the Superman ride, we recorded 1,216 cries of “shhh****tttt…!!!!”
    • If all our Tech.Ed delegates were laid end-to-end, you’d stretch 4.15 kilometers long. But only an average of 1 meter wide. In most cases.
    • If all this year’s delegates forms a conga-line, that would be the end of Gold Coast Tourism.

    Interesting stats, aren’t they?

    I was checking out the next Tech-Ed SEA 2007 at Kuala Lumpur 10-13 Sept and found out that there is one Burmese in the speaker list. The speaker name is “Maung Maung Phyo” and is a Senior Consultant from Singapore. He looks pretty young. Kuala Lumpur Tech-Ed got quite a few female speakers and most of them look very young. Also there are lots of Asian speakers. Impressive! Our friend “Milan Gross” is in the list as well. Being a Sharepoint expert, he got to travel a lot I bet.

    Anyways Gold Coast Tech-Ed 2007 was great and I enjoyed it. Tech-Ed SEA 2007 looks interesting too so do share some words about it if any of you out there attending.

    Gold Coast Tech-Ed 2007

    Tech-Ed 2007 LogoHi, Sorry for long absent; blogger is currently attending Tech-Ed 2007 at Gold Coast Convention Center for a week from 6th to 10th Aug. She’ll be then visiting Sydney for 3 days and Adelaide for another 3 days. Blogger will be back on 18th Aug.

    Couldn’t blog long. Just dropping a line during session break. I’ll write about my Tech-Ed experiences very soon. At the moment, I’m at “Ask the Expert” session, and quickly posting this. I got one exam to sit tomorrow and couldn’t finish studying yet. Gotta cram tonight.

    Anyways gotta run. Will post about things properly later. Tar.

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