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Just spreading this wonderful opportunity to all those travel bloggers who like to visit Indonesia and participate in this event. Early this year, I went to Bali for similar event; I had a great time there, met lots of people and learn new things. I wish I could go again, but I doubt it since I’m not really a travel blogger. Anyhow…the following is an abstract from the GV email I got, read on for detail info as well:

Pesta Blogger 2008

Indonesian Bloggers are having the 2nd national gathering next month on the November 22nd, last year we managed to get 500 bloggers from all over Indonesia to come.

This year hopefully we can get up to 1000 bloggers to attend the whole day event. The theme for this year is blogging for society.

Leading to that, as a part of the program to promote Indonesia tourism, supported by Indonesian Ministry of Cultural and Tourism, we would like to invite several international bloggers from any country to come and have a trip to three cities (Bali, Jogjakarta, Jakarta) in Indonesia leading to the event.

We are looking for bloggers (travel bloggers) that can post their experience, photos, people they meet, basically blogging about Indonesia and Indonesian people, and join the event.

The period for this trip is between Nov 17 – Nov 22 2009 and this is the itinerary:

  1. Denpasar, Bali (Mon, Nov 17 – Tue, Nov 18)
  2. Jogjakarta (Wed, Nov 19 – Thu, Nov 20)
  3. Jakarta (Fri, Nov 21 – Sat, Nov 22)

All expense will be covered, including flight ticket from your country to Indonesia and back.

And read more about the event in detail below. Their site is fully in Indonesian language but this is from email attachment and it’s in English, so dumping it directly here.


Freedom in your language

One of the GVers asked on mailing list, “How do you say freedom on your language?”. She’s doing some bookmarks and stickers with “Freedom” written in different languages or something….So lots of GVers answered her back in their language. Here are a few I noted from the list.


GV Summit 2008, day two live actions. Follow the live broadcast or live blogs for each session. I’ll be updating the live blog code as they start the new session. Check out all the video clips from yesterday here and live blogs notes here.

Follow GVSummit08 @: IRC | @gvsummit08 | Presentation Slides | Photos | #gvsummit08 | Summize | Alternate Coverage.


The first day of Global Voices Summit 2008 has started a few hours ago over at Budapest, Hungary. Already some of our authors sent out updates, links and live broadcasts. It’s 8:20pm in Fiji and I’ll be following them longer than yesterday advocacy summit since it’s Friday night and I can stay up late. Alright, I’ll keep updating whatever links or info I received on GV attendees on in post as well as on Twitter.

Follow GVSummit08 @: IRC | @gvsummit08 | Presentation Slides | Photos | #gvsummit08 | Summize | Alternate Coverage.


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