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Ms. Dewey

LOL this is one cool search engine that I have never seen before. Very interactive indeed, plus sissy!! LOL

Just check out yall. I bet you’ll love it…well the interface for sure. hahaha.

Ms. Dewey Search Engine

Oh that sissy lady is named “Janina Gavankar” (wink*)

Janina Gavankar, also known as Janina Ziona or simply Janina Z, is an American actress and musician of Indian and Dutch descent…..

…She is Ms. Dewey, in the interactive search engine

Via: Wiki

Thanks Zatlite for the link.

Populating Blogs Gene Pool

Updated: My sincere request to all mmbloggers

Hey why don’t we just take these as a merry debate and let’s just not be too serious about it? I know some of you are really pissed at me but don’t you think you enjoyed reading all those comments on how pissed you are about my post? I’m sure in your unconscious mind, you are enjoying the talks.

As for me, I’m loving it! I have never seen this much numbers of comments and posts on one issue yet and I have never seen varieties of you-bloggers feelings before. I must say, I have achieved my purpose in placing the “voices” to where it belongs. (smile)

This is the whole point you see; bring up something to discuss on, debate on, talk about, think about, feel about, express about, swear about, be sad about, be happy about, be piss about. After all we human beings are very emotional creatures and sometimes it’s very good to show your true emotion as it sets you free.

Don’t you think KoNLS and I are doing the splendid job of making you think, making you speak up, making you comment on the issue that you have very different view on? I must say this is kind of interesting to see many people who have never commented/visited your site suddenly take interest in what you are saying and dropping their 2cents. After all that’s what the whole blogging is about (for me at least), to share ideas and viewpoints through effective commenting. Your comments (bad or good) are helping me see things in different perspectives, which in turns will help me a lot in my future purposes.

Boy, believe it or not, I seriously thank you all for this. First I thought of ignoring you, but that would be disrespect for all of you and it shows that I do not care about others, which is wrong. I made up my mind that, I will never be “don’t care” kind of person and I started this post because I actually care about mmBlogging community.

You are angry now but you won’t be angry for long. Once your anger fades away, you’ll be amazed that you actually voice up on what you believe in and stood up bravely to say so. I’m so proud of you and you know you are too. (smile)

I am told that in many culture, when a gal/lady is requesting sincerely, the gentlemen would consider. (smile)

Sweet arse kicking Excellent comments and posts I shook up.(wink*)

Post starts here:

I came across this Fiji site “Vakaivosavosa” the other day via incoming links in my admin. I didn’t know there are much of Fiji bloggers out there, but it seems like quite a lot actually exist and the number is growing. This site has a good list of Fiji blogs and he added my site as one too. How cool is that.

I have no idea how he come to know my site or who exactly the blogger is. I guess from the search hits people can reach each other. There are lots of new fiji blogs and links on his site that I never know of; very interesting. The blog is well established and focus on current affairs and politics in Fiji. The discussions are great with most of the posts receiving comments, impressive!

I guess blogs, blogging and bloggers are in massive blooming each day. Already there are 100+ known blogspot sites by myanmar bloggers compare to less than 5 Myanmar blogs when I started a few year back.

I tried to roll most of the blogs but after a while I lost track as the number increase with a great speed. I must say though, some blogs are not worth rolling along as 80% of them are inactive … I mean test blogs kind of thing but the other 20% doing very well.

Another thing I notice about Myanmar blogs are 90% copy cats. I mean, give me a break, every single blogs have to use the same old black skin? 99% of them have a shout box in it. And do you have to use the same shout box application/code also? Some new blogs just copy the whole thing including shout box code so you can see the other blogger’s conversation on their blog as well. Also, must every single blog have to publish background music or Odoe or downloads just becos this senior/model blogger is doing so?

Please be genuine, why do you have to continue copying what others do?
Where is your originality? Where is your creativity? Where is your imagination? Where is your uniqueness? It’s very depressing to see clone blogs one after another.
Myanmar blogs gene pool getting narrow. No wonder we are slow adapters. We can’t adjust ourselves fast enough with new medium but we tend to dwell on the same old habitual routine. Gosh I’m stunned.

My 2cents: Be creative, let your imaginations go wild for once in a while, show off your artistic side, do change that black background and be colorful for god sake. Instead of yelling 80% nonsense in the shout boxes and utilize comment feature on particular topic/post to give your constructive feedback once in a while. Let your voice be heard in a proper way, in a great manner, with legitimate reasoning. And let your comment be resourceful and supportive for each other.

I’m not degrading Myanmar blogs nor I intending any displeasure. I have a great respect for Myanmar blogging community and am very fond of some blogs as I visit them regularly. I guess I’m just doing a merry observation on Myanmar blogging community as they are blooming intensively. And now I’m starting to check out Fiji blogging progress as well. I’m glad no black background yet and no clone blogs yet.

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