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Be a Web Designer?

Check your possibility of being a web designer, via Six Revisions. I got cut off after the first few blocks. Mine goes like this:
Do you love IE? NO
Do you own a Mac? NO
Can you buy one? NO
and I reached the red block “Web designers MUST only use Macs.

Kinda silly, why all must use Macs but anyhow…I never plan to be one anyways.


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  • DreamHost having yet another special discount for Valentine’s day.

    Valentine’s Day and Presidents’ day have converged this weekend and, quite frankly, we’re a little hot and bothered about it all. We’re having a sale to blow off some steam.

    Get unlimited disk space and bandwidth on all plans!

    Sign up today for a one-year hosting plan using the promotional code “777” and you’ll get a whole year of web hosting (including a domain registration) for just $9.24! That’s 92% off!

    It’s just for a day, and will be expired by 2/14/2009.
    Alrite, I’m done passing on a good word, hope you use my referral if you happen to sign up for one. You can also use 50MV code for $50 off all new plan sign up.

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  • DreamHost Apps

    DreamHost Apps

    In case you don’t know, DreamHost is giving away 10,000 DreamHost Apps accounts for phase 2 of their beta testing.

    There are nine different supported web applications you can try out and more to come later (so it says). It’s free hosting and you can host your own domain or use their free subdomain. Very easy one-click installations and everything will be done within minute.

    Available Free Web Apps
    WordpressDrupalZen Photo
    Zen PhotoZen PhotoZen Photo

    It’s a very good way to try out all those application for free so better grab one now.

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  • This is definitely something interesting for me to try out; I just read a short post on Blogging Pro about Microsoft Web Application Installerand thought it might interest some of you so just passing on.

    Previously, to deploy a php application eg. wordpress, on Windows, we have to use something like XAMPP (that’s what I used anyways) and the like, do some configurations, pull hair and throw some fits to be able to deploy successfully.

    Now they’ve released this thing called Microsoft Web Application Installer, which is a freeware and suppose to ease those pain while deploying.

    The Web Application Installer Beta is designed to help get you up and running with the most widely used Web Applications freely available for your Windows Server. Web AI provides support for popular ASP.Net and PHP Web applications including Graffiti, DotNetNuke, WordPress, Drupal, OSCommerce and more.

    System requirements

    • Supported Operating Systems are: Windows Vista RTM, Windows Vista SP1, Windows Server 2008
    • You must have administrator privileges on your computer to run Web Platform Installer Beta
    • .NET 2.0 Framework
    • Supported Architectures: x86 and 64-bit

    Detail feature reading and some Q&As here.

    Sounds simple enough. Oh yah, me want, me want, I want WP on my Vista!!!
    So lets test it out, download Microsoft Web Application Inataller here and instruction to install wordpress.

    Alrite, here I go…………..


    GV Summit 2008, day two live actions. Follow the live broadcast or live blogs for each session. I’ll be updating the live blog code as they start the new session. Check out all the video clips from yesterday here and live blogs notes here.

    Follow GVSummit08 @: IRC | @gvsummit08 | Presentation Slides | Photos | #gvsummit08 | Summize | Alternate Coverage.


    Suva on Open Street Map

    This little apps, “Open Street Map” is getting popular among my colleagues and quite becoming the topic of discussion this morning. It’s all started from strangepants who pass on the word to my bro zatlite and now everyone at the office started adding street names for their residential areas. As for me, I just observed the site but haven’t done any actual work on it since almost every streets in our area has already been added by my bro. Anyways, here is how this cool little thing works.

    It’s a wiki sort of world street map where anyone can login to add/edit the streets in your region.

    OpenStreetMap is a free editable map of the whole world. It is made by people like you.

    OpenStreetMap allows you to view, edit and use geographical data in a collaborative way from anywhere on Earth.

    To edit, you need to sign in first. Anyone can open an account there easily. You can also export the chosen map area into a few formats, (png, jpeg, svg, pdf, postscript) and can play around with the size, scale etc under “Export” tab.
    You can also write some diaries on it or do some GPS tracing.

    Suva Fiji on Open Street Map

    Ofcos’ if you are confused with how to do the tracing, you can always check out their wiki help page. In the Beginners’ Guide, there is an very well explained introductory video for you to get started with. I’m also checking out the video and briefly reading through the steps.

    I did ask my bro, who actually done editing on the map, to write a post about it since it’s quite interesting to play around but as usual the lazy slime just passed me the video and ignored my request. So here I am dropping a note to whoever out there love playing with maps to check this site out.


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  • Twitter Wheel & Chart

    I was reading this post, “Endless Conversation: The Unfolding Saga of Blogs, Twitter, Friendfeed, and Social Sites” from Web 2.0 Blog and checked out a few twitter applications mentioned in there.

    I LOVE Summize and Twitterfeed; I use them the most. I find this two, Tweetwheel and Twitter Charts, pretty interesting especially the Tweetwheel.

    The result wheel is just amazing and you can hover over to see all those links in your connections.

    Mayvelous Twitter Charts Mayvelous TweetWheel

    Beautiful isn’t it? Well, if you have time, try play around with those. I bet you’ll love a few. ;)

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