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CSSOFF – Jabroni

So I’m one of 53 participants (I hope) of the first round of CSSOff – Jabroni. (too many Ofs)

Jabroni DesignI always have a problem with world time zones. I had to ask two of my friends from US to check for the time. But their times are also different so they can only tell me the estimates. I did sent the entry a few hours before due time (I hope).

I don’t care whether it went in on-time or not; I’m just satisfied with myself that I’ve done something on my weekend and enjoyed it. It was interesting; took me a couple of hours to think the possible ways to slice and shape it up. I got bored on half way but my bro said I should finish up and done with it, so I did.

I’m not that satisfy with my CSS structure but I think I tried my best. It’s valid xhtml transitional. I don’t know why I didn’t make it xhtml strict…I guess I forgot and used to with my normal xhtml transitional Doctype. I thought of asking a friend to recheck my code but I dismissed that thought cos’ it’s a competition and I should participate it fair and square to find out what I’m capable of. I’ll upload my entry on my site soon.

Here is my entry: CSSOFF – Jabroni (2007-06-01)

Anyways, my weekend was meaningful and busy one…yah not bad. How’s your weekend go? Oh, Do you know any good world time site/application that list different types of time zones and country times? I’m too lazy to google. :D

Interesting Contest: CSS Off

Here is one interesting contest I come across.

Every month, we’ll design a web page in Photoshop and host a competition to see who can turn it into the best web page. The designs we release will present specific markup challenges, along with design and coding considerations for everyone from web newbies to experienced developers.

The point of CSS Off is to make you think critically about web design, and then execute it on a dime. You’ve got 12 24 hours to take our design and slice it up.

The first contest starts at 1st June 2007. Can’t wait to see how it turn out. If time favors, I like to give it a try too.
To do so…I need to install Photoshop. I’ve been using Firework too much that I’m forgetting how to use Photoshop.
May be I’ll convert their .psd file into .png and slice it up. Will see their design first. Read details here.
Join along?

Let’s Get Naked

It’s this time of the year again to join in the nudity. I’ve participated in the very first naked day last year and I’m up for 2nd round this year as well. More nakedness to join this year as already hundreds of sites has signed up for the day. This cool idea started last year by Dustin Diaz to promote Web Standards. April 5th is the day to see many websites in styleless bare medium.

The idea behind this event is to promote Web Standards. Plain and simple. This includes proper use of (x)html, semantic markup, a good hierarchy structure, and of course, a good ‘ol play on words. It’s time to show off your body.

So join the gang, get ready to strip and drop your style sheets on April the 5th.

World’s Hightest Website

I came across this site, “World’s Hightest Website”, via Eric Meyer recent links and was confused.

Welcome to the World’s Highest Website! Currently, it’s 18.939 kilometers high (that’s about 11.769 miles), and an enormous pleasure to scroll.

What exactly are they trying to prove or what exactly is the purpose of that website? Ok so it is very tall. It’s valid and accessible. I checked the code, it’s sweet and simple…but I still don’t get the point. Am I missing something?

div#whws { font-size: 100cm; height: 18939em; line-height: 1.0; }

div#whws { background: url(../../img/tape.gif) repeat-y top center; margin: 42px 0; }

div#whws + div { position: relative; }

So with that CSS, all they did was use this div tag, and it generated that long repeated images.O…K!!! So…what? What is it exactly? Is there any hidden meaning that I’m missing? Or it’s just that some people with lots of time in their hand having fun?
Hmmm…makes me think, wanna know proper answer.

Every time a customer asks you a question like “How much going to cost to make a website?” or “How much for a design?”, I got a problem answering and most of the time I say, “It depends…”. And most of the time I transfer the call to my senior colleagues or project manager.

Seriously, I don’t know the exact figure and I don’t want to talk about money matter first. Most of the time, I ask why they want the website for, what are they going to do with it, get to know a bit of their requirements and general site audience. Depending on those, you start slicing your time against the tasks and provide the figure. So there is no set price for a website.

Some people think making/getting a website is so easy as 1 2 3. May be so. But it depends alot on how well you want your website to be, what platform or technology to use and many many factors.

I got this article a few weeks back from a friend and I thought of writing about it. Things are so busy this week and just now I can get back to my deferred posts. There is a great article and a good discussion at : How much should a design cost?, that you should check out for more understanding of how they decide on the cost factor.

One thing to note is that, the author is talking about the design cost based on ready-made CMS platform such as (WordPress, MoveableType etc) and not custom made CMS. More like the whole website functionalities part is not included as it’s open source and free of charge. His figures are only on DESIGN part such as creating CSS, valid code and abit of customizations. Plus he is concentrating mainly on Blog design. For those it costs around US$ 1500 – 2500. That would be around Fj$ 5000.

A blog is quite different from a website in terms of functionalities as well as a requirements. Blogs are more like news post or articles based publishing whereas website are different nature such as ecommerce site, portfolio site, portal site etc. For those kind of site, the cost will go higher because of custom made functionalities and you cannot use wordpress for that (well you can, but not advisable…so I think).

For those kind of websites, you have to start from scratch. Requirement gathering, specifying technology to use, database design schema, layout design, the backend codes, front-end codes, graphics…etc etc etc. Every steps require time and time is money. So the more requirements you have, the more steps involved, the more time you need and the more it’s going to cost you.

I think I’m not the right person to talk about it as I don’t involve in cost decision making but I only involved for specifying tasks and adding time against it. But you get the general idea of how we charge for website design and development. So comparing our (Fiji) design prices with overseas (US – prices, we are way cheaper. We make custom content management systems, we use expensive and latest technology – MS SQL + .Net platform. Ofcos’ there are quality factor to consider too. If I must say and be fair about it, we are a bit lack in design quality factor cos’ most of our sites are not valid standards yet. But it’s only a matter of time we improve our quality…ie. our developers’ responsibilities.

You should check this article for more detail explanations: How much going to cost to make a website.

I like the first comment. I must add if (($CMS != “Word Press”) || ($CMS != “PHP/Open Source”)) { echo “price goes up”; }

New Web Resources Sites

So am I imagining or lately people tend to get hungry alot? I’m seeing two new cool sites and they both using food stuff in their logo.

Check these out:
# Think Vitamin – Orange,

Vitamin is a brand new online magazine dedicated to that new web industry.

Vitamin will inspire you, teach you, advise you and sometimes test you with its in-depth features, audio interviews, training sessions and reviews.

It’s updated every week, and it’s free!

# Bite Size Standards – Cookie!

Bite Size Standards aims to offer concise web development tutorials, tips and tricks. Written by designers and developers who are passionate about web standards.

P.S: Thx Jason for link.

Better grab their feeds.
Oh by the way, what’s those letters in bite size standards logo? I can read the big “B” and “S” but what’s that down below? “I-T-E”, “I-S-E”?? What’s that mean?

I was just thinking about April Fool idea and this is way more interesting.
Think about it, browsing the web and every single sites will be stripped off the cover.
Fully raw content…I like that!

First Annual Naked Day April 5th will be a day of nakedness for all webmasters to remove their style sheets from their website for one day.

The fact of the matter is, if you’re writing good solid markup to begin with, it shouldn’t be all that bad anyway. It will be a test case to see how usable your website is to others without a design. So in the meantime, don’t hesitate to prepare your site for the big day.

What the hell, I’m IN!, strip it off.
Mine is not really my design but who cares, good to practice for future naked days for my own design. :P

So on 5th April, you’ll see Mayvelous naked.

Link: First Annual Naked Day

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