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When I install LLBLGen Pro 2.0 on Windows Vista, I got the following error and the installer rolled back itself.

The installer has encountered an unexpected error installing this package. This may indicate a problem with this package. The error code is 2869.

LLBLGen Installer Error 2869

So I dig around the forum and found this solution from Otis.

  • Create a new .bat file in the same folder as the one the LLBLGenPro20.msi file is in.
  • Add the following text ‘msiexec /i LLBLGenPro20.msi’ and save the file.
  • Right click the .bat file and select ‘Run as Administrator’.

I tried doing as mentioned in the steps but I got the following message and couldn’t able to install it.

So I changed the Otis’s command to ‘msiexec /a LLBLGenPro20.msi‘ and run it directly from command line instead of right-click – run as administrator on the .bat file and it works!

If it still doesn’t work for you after following the above steps, I guess you better do these, disable UAC and enable XP compatibility mode as mentioned here.

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  • This was a humongous pain for me and took quite a lot of my time so just noting down a few points for self reference. Previously, I have Visual Studio 2005 and SQL Server 2005 installed on my Vista machine and they worked just fine. Now we are upgrading to VS2008, I uninstalled everything related to VS2005 then reinstall SQL Server 2005 and things got screwed up. Check out the failure list that I got – pretty much everything failed.

    MS SQL Server 2005 Setup Errors

    The worst thing about this installation is that, it takes ages to install till the end, then shows up the error message box.

    Program Versions:

    # SQL Server 2005 – Developer Edition
    # Windows Vista Ultimate
    # Visual Studio Team Suite 2008

    Make sure you cross check Hardware and Software Requirements for Installing SQL Server 2005 before installation.

    The first error/warning I tried to fixed was about IIS requirement. I’m sure I have IIS7 enabled on my Vista and also enabled IIS6 compatiblity mode but that is not enough and have to enable some more features.

    System Configuration Check

    System Configuration Check: IIS Feature Requirement
    Microsoft Internet Information Services (IIS) is either not installed or is disabled. IIS is required by some SQL Server features. Without IIS, some SQL Server features will not be available for installation. To install all SQL Server features, install IIS from Add or Remove programs in Control Panel or enable the IIS server through the Control Panel if it is already installed, and then run SQL Server Setup again. For a list of features that depend on IIS, see Features Supported by Editions of SQL Server in Books Online.

    I think it is to do with Installing SQL Server 2005 Reporting Service on Vista, untill or unless you enable all those features the Reporting services cannot be installed.

    The main features to turn on are as mentioned here but I turned on almost everything just to make sure.

    IIS 7 Features

    More info links:
    # How to install SQL Server 2005 Reporting Services on a Windows Vista-based computer
    # Installation of SQL Server 2005 in Windows Vista – warning message on IIS feature requirement during System Configuration Check
    # Tip for Installing SQL Server 2005 Reporting Service on Vista

    Ok, this one is the weirdest error and solution I got. Don’t even ask why in the world do I need to install Office 2003 Web Component add-in while I have Office 2007 installed on my machine. I have no clue, but that’s the only solution I found which works for me. It solves the “OWC11 Setup failed error and the following error message.

    MS SQL Server 2005 - Error 1706

    ERROR 1706 Setup cannot find the required files. Check your connection to the network, or CD ROM! For other potential solutions to this problem, see c:\Program Files\Microsoft Office\Office11\1033\Setup.chm

    You have to download and install “Office 2003 web components” first and install SQL Server 2005 again; which then in my case cleared the error and installed successfully.
    # Download: Office 2003 Add-in: Office Web Components – owc11.exe [ 17.6MB ]

    After everything is done, remember to install Microsoft SQL Server 2005 Service Pack 2. Pheewww! That’s it!

    I’ve been moving around files and programs from the old XP to a new Vista machine and Infragistics is one of the problems I get while installing on Vista. Just posting it here for my own future reference.

    Program Version:

    # Infragistics NetAdvantage 2005 Volume2 + hotfixes
    # Windows Vista Ultimate


    The installer runs almost to the end then throws up some compatibility issues errors and didn’t get install properly. The dll library files get loaded in the GAC but cannot load the form design views and also there is no infragistics folder in C:\inetpub\wwwroot\aspnet_client.

    Need to follow these 4 steps properly.

    1. Disable User Account Control (UAC)
    2. Restart your machine
    3. Edit the System Registry for Internet Information Services (IIS)
    4. Enable IIS 6.0 Compatibility

    Reference Links:

    # FAQ:Installing NetAdvantage for .NET on Windows Vista
    # Tip/Trick: Using IIS7 on Vista with VS 2005

    Licenses.licx and VSS

    In our current project, we have to work with WinForms using VS 2005 and VSS as the project source control. There are two solid developers and one developer/Product Manager involved in the coding of this project. Our Product Manager suggests and prefers we use VSS rather than SVN for better source management (check in/out). As for us, developers (me and my bro), we had a great time using SVN in the last project and prefer to use SVN; nevertheless both of us are flexible and agreed to work with VSS after a few discussion. Things are fine when I focus on designing forms and my bro working on code behinds. But the problem arises when we start testing on a few forms, which need both of us to work on design view.

    In VS2005 WinForm IDE, it adds or writes to the licenses.licx file whenever you use custom controls/third party controls such as Infragistic in your form. Though I’m not so sure, I observe that the licenses.licx file is not needed if you work entirely with normal winform controls, but with third party controls, it acts as a config file storing the references of the controls.

    Once you add a project to VSS DB, the licenses.licx file is always binded since it’s part of the project property. You can check out the code just fine but when you work with the form design, you’re forced to check out the licenses file. If you don’t/can’t check it out, you can’t do anything to the form design. With VSS, it’s really a pain if one developer checked out the licenses file exclusively, others can’t do any design work on any of the forms. To solve the exclusive checkout on licenses file, we tried to exclude the licenses.licx from the project and let it stay in local folder. Unfortunately, the file itself is part of project property and once it’s excluded, it loses the references as well. For that little experiment, I’ve lost two of my form designs and have to start all over; thank god, they were just small forms. With that failed experiment and out of ideas, we searched for the solution on the web. Found out that it was a known issue for VS2005 IDE and the fix would only available with the next release of Visual Studio. The only work around they suggest so far is to use VSS multiple check out mode.

    We don’t want to use Multiple check out mode in our VSS DB for:

    1. VSS doesn’t provide individual file multiple check out mode but for the whole DB,
    2. There are a few careful steps to take before checking back in the multiple check out file. (You cannot check in directly. You must get latest on that file to ensure you get different versions from other developers to merge the file then only you can successfully check it back in.)
    3. VSS merge is a real pain and should I would never trust it. Unless ofcos’ you don’t care about losing some of your codes or have a separate backup, go a head and try it out.
    4. There is the need of source control administrator for merging files.
    5. And again, don’t trust VSS Merge and can’t rely on it.

    But untill the next VS release, it’s the only possible way so we don’t have a choice but to use that method. Don’t have time to dig up properly either. So gonna stuck with this problem for the whole project. It’s just making my life miserable. *sign*

    Readings: MS Feedback | Forum Q&A

    Study Notes

    I’m learning new things these days and am just sharing some notes here. I’m still learning and these technologies are very new for me, hence my notes gonna have heaps of errors and wrong information. You are most welcome to correct them, fill some more in and share you notes with me too. Alright, so we are set to go.

    I’ll be updating this post with links so still tune.

    All the notes are subject to change as I’ll be filling in with more info later.

    Oops Error

    I like this Google Reader error message.

    “Oops! That wasn’t supposed to happen.”
    Google Reader Error Message

    No Shit! LOL. The error is no big deal actually, just that my net was snail slow so just have to refresh and it’ll be all set.

    Installing .NET 3.0 and Orcas

    After many mishaps and frustrations, I’ve successfully installed .net 3.0 and all other extensions. I find installing .net 3.0 a painful process yet your case might be as easy as 1 2 3. Just for my own note and whoever with the similar situation can cross-check, I’ve listed down the followings.

    You need at least half a day work in installing all required setups for .net 3.0, not including the downloading time for installer files. Make sure you already have VS.Net 2005 installed. Ofcos have WinXP with all those latest service packs, just to be sure.

    • Clean up your machine and get at least 6 GB freespace,
    • Remove any previously installed versions of beta and RC releases,
    • Follow the installation order and notes below.

    Order of Installation
    Installation order plays an important part here. You must follow the following order to run files smoothly.

    1. Microsoft .NET Framework 3.0 Redistributable Package : dotnetfx3setup.exe (2.8MB)
    2. Microsoft® Windows® Software Development Kit for Windows Vista™ and .NET Framework 3.0 Runtime Components : Setup.exe (400KB)
    3. Visual Studio 2005 extensions for .NET Framework 3.0 (WCF & WPF), November 2006 CTP : vsextwfx.msi (3.64MB)
    4. Visual Studio 2005 extensions for .NET Framework 3.0 (Windows Workflow Foundation) : Visual Studio 2005 Extensions for Windows Workflow Foundation (EN).exe (6.46MB)

    N.B: #2

    The setup file will load the sdk installation wizard which do direct installation. If your net is crappy like mine or if you need to install on multiple machines, then direct installation is just not right. In that case, you either need an installer DVD or get an iso image file like this one: 6.0.6000.0.0.WindowsSDK_Vista_rtm.DVD.Rel.img (1.15 GB) (My friend downloaded from somewhere…)

    You might need Virtual Clone Drive to run that iso image file. Free Download from here: Virtual Clone Drive

    These are some of the problems I faced while installing and the fixes.

    Error: WWF extension for

    SDKSetup encountered an error: Unable to find the file at the installation source. The most likely reason that you received this message is because the source location of your original installation is unavailable. If you installed from a DVD please re-insert the DVD. If you installed from the Internet, please check your connection.

    Fix: Place the WWF installer exe file in the same directory as your iso image file, then run again.

    Error: SDK Installation

    Error 1303. The installer has insufficient privileges to access this directory: C:\Config.msi. The installation cannot continue. Log on as administrator or contact your system administrator.

    Fix: Ignore and click “Continue” button. Might get this error twice or so, just ignore and continue installation.

    N.B: Make sure you log in as Administrator to your system and checks on C: drive that you have given full previlidge to “System” or “Everyone” account. Better to have full access on “System” account. Shouldn’t have any problem if you installing directly from internet.

    Well, at least I’ve taken one big step in upgrading to .net 3.0. Now all I need to do is, start digging and go dirty with it. I got a few online labs to play around and some good resource sites. I’ll write more about it once I get started. I’m getting my eyes on WWF labs at the moment. I’ll keep you updated.

    Tell me about your installation experiences and share some tips/resources too k?

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