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I’ve finally completed the project I’ve been working on for the past 2 months today. I’ve just sent them a 40 page user manual and only left to provide a training; probably next week. It’s a small budget but quite a tough project. Though it was a headache and tiring to develop some parts of the project, I learnt new things which I can make use of in the future projects; overall, I’m satisfied with finished product and customer is also happy about it.

Great! Now I can move on to other matters and try to get back to blogging which I’ve been ignoring for so long. Got to update all those old plugins with new versions and got to clean up the spams on my blog. I forgot when was the last day I login to my blog to clean up spam.

Oh Yes!, I have a lot of Animes to catch up too. I’m following this 3 new animes. (more…)

Last time I wrote about my beloved Naruto. I’ve done watching all Naruto episodes from the first serie and am up to #18 of Naruto Shippuden sequel. The characters are getting face lifts in this new serie; their cloths have been changed, characters gone ugly and even their voice changed (kind of). Since it’s airing once a week, we have to wait for at least 1 or 2 weeks to download. So I’m in the process of waiting the next episode #19.

While I’m waiting for Naruto, we’ve watched a couple of other animes as well. The followings are some of the animes we watched recently.

Bleach : [ Wiki ]

250px-Bleach_cover_01I’ve heard some good reviews about Bleach so I decided to check it out. I must say it does live up to my expectations. Bleach is interesting, fun, full of actions and rapidly dwelling your interest. Although the characters are not that cute compare to Naruto, the actions scenes are very well drawn. Before downloading Bleach, my bro and I have a hard time deciding whether to choose Bleach or Death Note for both of them were top rated animes at that time. Then my bro decided that he doesn’t like the Death Note story and wanted to watch longer episodes, we started downloading Bleach.

After watching a few episodes of Bleach, I wasn’t sure which one I like more – Naruto or Bleach cos’ they both are great in their own ways. Bleach got more actions with little story development. Naruto got a good story build up and is funnier. I guess Naruto is for younger audience since the characters themselves are younger compare to those in Bleach. Still, both of them are superb and hard to decide which is better.

Saiunkoku Monogatari : [ Wiki ] [ Characters ] [ Characters Graphical ]

613367-c28Ok to make it short, I love everything about this anime. The story is lovely and characters are just soooo cute! Currently it’s their second season but they licensed the show so previous sub-titler group dropped the project and was halted. But I heard another group has started picking again so hopefully we get to see/catch up the second season episodes soon.

Now, about the theme songs; every anime has opening and closing theme songs. In Naruto and Bleach, they changed lots of songs already since they’ve been on air for many seasons. For Saiunkoku, I love both opening and closing songs especially the closing song, “Saikou no Kataomoi“. The vocal is very sweet and can go too high note. Notice the very beginning of the song, there is one long – pitch note. I thought it was some sort of flute or instrumental sound but actually it really is the singer’s vocal. Man, she can sing or what? I try to scream like that but my throat gone kapoot as soon as I open my mouth. (Khway A’ Hlal Ninn pi htwet tal a tan lo pal) LOL Definitely it’s not my key. Oh and the vocalist, Tainaka Sachi, looks like Chaw Su Khin…the mouth I mean. I searched for the mp3 files but couldn’t find it before; lucky enough someone uploaded them on idols-unlimited a few weeks back and I quickly grabbed them from there. The 2nd song being my favorite, I’ve been listening repeatedly almost everyday and I don’t seem to get tired of it yet. I’m a sucker for this kind of slow, tiny, sweet melodious songs, some what good to sleep with. ahehehe.

The ending song has been changed in the second season and the opening graphic looks terrible. I love the opening graphic from the first season; they should have kept it. Graphic from part two of the first season is also good but for some reason second season opening graphic sucks. Anyways, if you like cute characters and lovely story, you should watch this anime. Make sure to listen to the following two songs too. I bet you’ll like it.

Saikou no Kataomoi – Tainaka Sachi (Closing Song)
[ MP3 ] [ YouTube ] [ Lyrics and Translation ] [ Song Review ]

Hajimari no Kaze – Ayaka Hirahara (Opening Song)
[ MP3 ] [ YouTube ] [ Lyrics and Translation ] [ Song Review ]

That’s all folks. Ta Tar!

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