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Last time I wrote about my beloved Naruto. I’ve done watching all Naruto episodes from the first serie and am up to #18 of Naruto Shippuden sequel. The characters are getting face lifts in this new serie; their cloths have been changed, characters gone ugly and even their voice changed (kind of). Since it’s airing once a week, we have to wait for at least 1 or 2 weeks to download. So I’m in the process of waiting the next episode #19.

While I’m waiting for Naruto, we’ve watched a couple of other animes as well. The followings are some of the animes we watched recently.

Bleach : [ Wiki ]

250px-Bleach_cover_01I’ve heard some good reviews about Bleach so I decided to check it out. I must say it does live up to my expectations. Bleach is interesting, fun, full of actions and rapidly dwelling your interest. Although the characters are not that cute compare to Naruto, the actions scenes are very well drawn. Before downloading Bleach, my bro and I have a hard time deciding whether to choose Bleach or Death Note for both of them were top rated animes at that time. Then my bro decided that he doesn’t like the Death Note story and wanted to watch longer episodes, we started downloading Bleach.

After watching a few episodes of Bleach, I wasn’t sure which one I like more – Naruto or Bleach cos’ they both are great in their own ways. Bleach got more actions with little story development. Naruto got a good story build up and is funnier. I guess Naruto is for younger audience since the characters themselves are younger compare to those in Bleach. Still, both of them are superb and hard to decide which is better.

Saiunkoku Monogatari : [ Wiki ] [ Characters ] [ Characters Graphical ]

613367-c28Ok to make it short, I love everything about this anime. The story is lovely and characters are just soooo cute! Currently it’s their second season but they licensed the show so previous sub-titler group dropped the project and was halted. But I heard another group has started picking again so hopefully we get to see/catch up the second season episodes soon.

Now, about the theme songs; every anime has opening and closing theme songs. In Naruto and Bleach, they changed lots of songs already since they’ve been on air for many seasons. For Saiunkoku, I love both opening and closing songs especially the closing song, “Saikou no Kataomoi“. The vocal is very sweet and can go too high note. Notice the very beginning of the song, there is one long – pitch note. I thought it was some sort of flute or instrumental sound but actually it really is the singer’s vocal. Man, she can sing or what? I try to scream like that but my throat gone kapoot as soon as I open my mouth. (Khway A’ Hlal Ninn pi htwet tal a tan lo pal) LOL Definitely it’s not my key. Oh and the vocalist, Tainaka Sachi, looks like Chaw Su Khin…the mouth I mean. I searched for the mp3 files but couldn’t find it before; lucky enough someone uploaded them on idols-unlimited a few weeks back and I quickly grabbed them from there. The 2nd song being my favorite, I’ve been listening repeatedly almost everyday and I don’t seem to get tired of it yet. I’m a sucker for this kind of slow, tiny, sweet melodious songs, some what good to sleep with. ahehehe.

The ending song has been changed in the second season and the opening graphic looks terrible. I love the opening graphic from the first season; they should have kept it. Graphic from part two of the first season is also good but for some reason second season opening graphic sucks. Anyways, if you like cute characters and lovely story, you should watch this anime. Make sure to listen to the following two songs too. I bet you’ll like it.

Saikou no Kataomoi – Tainaka Sachi (Closing Song)
[ MP3 ] [ YouTube ] [ Lyrics and Translation ] [ Song Review ]

Hajimari no Kaze – Ayaka Hirahara (Opening Song)
[ MP3 ] [ YouTube ] [ Lyrics and Translation ] [ Song Review ]

That’s all folks. Ta Tar!


Call me crazy but I just love this Anime, “Naruto”, which is introduced to me by my bro. Well, actually it’s from his friend who downloaded many episodes and share with us. I always like cartoons and animes. Hey there is no age restriction to watch those alrite! This one is quite funny and interesting. The only thing I get annoyed is showing too many flash backs while in combat.

Image via: Wiki

The main character, Naruto, is too stupid, he keeps doing the replications and everytime he fights like that his opponant pops them up like balloons. Sasuke is boring. Sakura Chan is just a crying baby, the last episode I watch, she’s learning medicine so may be she’ll get some powers later.

Some of the other characters I like are: Neji, Gaara, Rock Lee, Kakashi and ofcos Jiraiya. Their powers are so cool.

Team Naruto
Image Via: Wiki

If you’re into those animes, I would recommand Naruto. Just watch a few episodes and you’ll be hooked. I don’t know where my bro’s friend download the episodes from but you can watch online from this site: Watch Naruto

Some links to check out:
# Wiki Naruto
# List of Naruto Episodes
# List of characters in Naruto
# Read Manga Naruto
# Watch Naruto

Updates: Naruto Episodes + Movies Downloads
# Anime – Naruto & Shippūden
# Naruto Movie 1 – Snow Princess’ Book of Ninja Arts
# Naruto Movie 2 – The Phantom Ruins in the Depths of the Earth
# Naruto Movie 3 – The Animal Riot of Crescent Moon Island

Music Pick: Slow Mix

Let me start this week music pick with two hot songs.

Beyonce + Shakira – Beautiful Lier

You don’t want to miss this. This one is an amazing combo of the two most favorite singers’ new song. Both of them are so HOT; Beyonce as a wild sexy woman while Shakira on the other hand is more sophisticated one with captivate charms. There was a comment about Shakira being the REAL reason behind Global Warming and I think I have to second on that. LOL

Shakira + Beyonce

The song by itself is not that outstanding but you must check out youTube video. You’ll be replaying more than once for sure. Both of them got great vocal but Shakaria got this unique throaty-nosy voice which is more attractive in my opinion. Beyonce learn the salted-worm moves from the worm queen Shakira. I still prefer Shakira on those moves. I think Beyonce is much better with her wild leach-mambos.

Ok if you don’t like worms and leaches then we could say…Jelly Shake and Shivering. But come to think of it, Jelly can’t twist and turn; they only bounce from side to side. So Shakari is definitely a worm and as for beyonce, I must say…she is more like shivering jelly. Hehe

They should make more songs with the combo, the record will sell like crazy. I want to see trio – Beyonce, Shakira and JLo, wow that gonna be so cool.

[ YouTube ] [ Lyric ]

Rihanna + Nicole Scherzinger – Winning Women

Rihanna + Nicole

Last week we got www, this week it’s ww.
This is another hot pair – young, beautiful and talented Rihanna team up with Nichole, ultra thin hot chic, the lead singer from Pussy Cat Dolls (PCD). It’s for a new TV ad “Fusion Deodorant” or something. Not bad.

Ok enough with combos, I was planning to post some slow, nice songs this week but I just have to post the first two. Now back to my picks.

Norah Jones – Thinking About You + Wake Me Up

nottoolate_lg You must have heard of her, she was the top hit a few year back with “Come Away With Me” song. This two songs are from her new album, Not Too Late, which selling with a great number. She’s very good at making you sleep. I listen her songs whenever I want to sleep, and it takes me only half of her songs then I’ll be sleeping like a log. She got this unique vocal which is kind of drowsy yet sweet. I only like this two songs the most from “Not Too Late” album. Others are just too sleepy to keep listening.

[ YouTube ] [ Lyrics ] Thinking About You
[ Lyric ] Wake Me Up

Emma Bunton – All I Need To Know

Emma Bunton Haven’t seen her for ages, she was one of the Spice Girls back in the old days. Emma looking abit oldish in the video but vocal is still sweet in this beautiful song.

[ YouTube ][ Lyric ]

Jewel – Quest For Love

Jewel Jewel is not really my favorite but I still like her. She’s more like country style or something. A friend of mine loves her songs, so this is for her. It’s from Jewel’s new album, “Alice in he wonder land”.

[ YouTube ] [ Lyric ]

Sarah Brightman – Stranger In Paradise

Sarah BrightmanShe is one of the classical vocalists. You know those sing with loud, pitchy, tiny voices in opera and stuffs. Yah, her songs are not that classic but they are slow and nice to listen. I like it anyway. It’s good to sleep with.

[ Lyric ]

And…that’s about it. Enjoy! ;)

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  • The Americans

    Watch this one, it’s good, really good. Very hilarious. Just listen properly.Chasers War On Everything – Americans

    A general knowledge questions:
    # Name a country that begins with “U”?
    # What is the religion of Buddhist Monk?
    # How many sides does a triangle has?
    # What is the currency used in United Kingdom?
    # How many kidney does a person has?
    # Starwar is based on a true story – true or false?
    # How many Eiffel towers are there in Paris?

    Politic, Current Affair:
    # Meet Mr. John Howard – Prime Minister of Australia – Have you see me on television? Thank you it’s just very nice to be recognized. My slogan is “John Howard is my mate”
    # Who is Tony Blair?
    # Kofi Annan is a drink – True or False?

    # Mark the country on the world map.
    # North and south Korea, which one is bigger.

    Typical Americans. HHHTRSF. Thanks KoSein for the Link.

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  • Some Talents

    You really got to watch these. You’re going to love it for sure.

    Little Gal 1

    Little Gal 2

    Steve Jobs by Antony Hare (check out others from the uploader too)

    Thanks Jason and Vince for sharing.

    This week music pick got to be Nelly Furtado’s Loose album cos’ I’ve been listening this album for weeks and it’s growing on me. Every single song in there is unique in its own way. The beats have never been repeated. Just love her vocal, style and the music. Well ofcos I can’t share the whole album with you but I picked out some I like. Quite hard to pick since I like it all. I guess the followings touched me quite intensely so here they are.

    Thanks Forlani for the album.

    Nelly Furtado

    I bet most of you already got the two most hit songs – [ YouTube ] Promiscuous and [ YouTube ] Maneater so I won’t add mp3 for that.

    All Good Things – A slow and nice song. The chorus will grow on you. “Flames to dust, Lovers to friends, Why do all good things come to an end…” Love the dog barking moon bit too.

    Nelly Furtado - LooseWell the dogs were barking at a new moon
    Whistling a new tune
    Hoping it would come soon
    And the sun was wondering if it should stay away for a day til the feeling went away
    And the sky was falling on the clouds were dropping and
    the rain forgot how to bring salvation
    the dogs were barking at the new moon
    Whistling a new tune
    Hoping it would come soon so that they could die.

    [ Lyrics + YouTube ]

    Glow – Just glow yarrh!

    Nelly Furtado - PromiscuousMake me glow glow glow glow
    How far can you go
    Make me glow glow glow glow
    How far can you go
    You make me glow glow glow glow
    Only you know how to make me
    Glow glow glow glow
    I wanna go and go and go and go

    [ Lyrics + YouTube ]

    Say It Right – Check out the YouTube video, she looks cute in there. Mumbling at the guy’s ear haha.

    Nelly Furtado 4Oh you don’t mean nothing at all to me
    No you don’t mean nothing at all to me
    Do you got what it takes to set me free
    Oh you could mean everything to me

    [ Lyrics + YouTube ]

    Afraid – Pretty fast beats.

    Nelly Furtado 2So afraid of what people might say
    But that’s okay cuz you’re only human
    So afraid of what people might say
    But that’s okay you’ll soon get strong enough
    So afraid of what people might say
    But that’s okay cuz you’re only human
    So afraid of what people might say you’re going to break
    so please don’t do it

    [ Lyrics ]

    Wait For You – I like the starting beat from this one very much and also at the end there is this drum (indian kind) beats is interesting. Pretty cool.

    Nelly Furtado - ManeaterI’ll wait for you until the heavens fall
    I’ll wait for you until the end of the world
    I’ll wait for you until I no longer breathe
    I know that it’s not impossible
    I’ll wait for you until you finish your fight
    I’ll wait for you until the timing is right
    I’ll wait for you until you knock on my door
    Cuz right now it’s feeling just like a movie yeah yeah…

    [ Lyrics ]

    In God’s Hands – This is slow one and quite meaningful too. So just added it as a bonus.

    Nelly Furtado 1Now our love’s floating out the window
    Our love’s floating out the back door
    Our love’s floating up in the sky in heaven
    Where it began back in God’s hands

    [ Lyrics ]

    Love this spanish song – Te Busque, which I think also included in her previous album. There are two version (English and Spanish), I prefer the Spanish version though I don’t understand a single word. Dig through the following chorus translation for my own amusment.

    Spanish Version
    Yo te busque de bajo de las piedras y no te encontré
    En la mañana fría y en la noche te busque
    Hasta enloquecer
    Pero tu llegaste a mi vida como una luz
    Sanando las heridas de mi corazon
    Haciendo me-sentir vivo otra vez”

    English Translation
    I looked for you under the stones but I could not find you
    In the cold morning and in the night I looked for you
    until it drove me mad
    But you arrived into my life like a ray of light
    you healed the hurts in my heart
    and you made me feel alive once more.

    Okie, there you have it. Enjoy, Ta Tar!

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  • I got this video link from some blog a few days ago and today I revisited again to check for comments.
    No, I’m not gonna talk about it and I’m making no comment on that.

    I just want to point out this one comment.
    It really make my day. Soooooooo funny. LOL.

    It’s a comment by dgrey

    What kind of society puts a bride in a five million dollar diamond bedecked outfit and the groom in Mickey Mouse ears with a missing ear?

    I’m sure every Burmese and everyone who know Burmese Custom will laugh at it. Oh Boy Mickey Mouse ear with a missing ear!!!
    LOL Really good one, I never thought of it. haha.

    May be I’ll write about Burmese Wedding and costumes stuffs later…

    Watch the General Then Shwe’s youngest daughter – ThanDar Shwe’s Wedding.

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