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I was reading about “Footloose – Adjustable high heels” page forwarded by my bro and thinking what a great idea it is to create one as such. I think, at the moment it’s only in a prototype stage and has not developed into full product yet. It was designed by some design-school graduate last year.(# Via Core77)

Footloose - Adjustable High Heels

The high-heeled shoe is a classic example of a no pain, no gain product. Women wearing them take so much trouble for granted! I decided to challenge this compromise. Would it be possible to make a shoe having all advantages of high heels, just as well as the comfort of flats?

The character of this shoe is in the heel shape. It has separate tips for both positions. While being used in one position, the other heel tip is kept out of sight in and opening in the sole. The shoe is being transformed with a simple and quick movement: one just pulls the heel downwards to release it, after which it can be folded in or out as preferred. The adjustment of the heel position automatically changes the curvature of the sole to fit the altered shape of the foot.

One comment says “it’s all about appearance, not comfort. And sexy legs are worth the sacrifice”. I’m sure you might find girls very silly but that’s what many girls think (not me). I do wear heeled sandals; not those pointed 4′+ heels, but some comfy heels. My heels are flat, only about 1.5′ the most and easy to move about. The heels do enhance your appearance but the most important and the ideal ones are the one you really comfortable wearing. I came across this cool “Virtual Shoe Virtual Shoe Museum via one of the posts and was checking out some funky shoes there. I go for hi-tec shoe section and found these interesting shoes to share with you.

Carbon II: this one looks neat. Looks like a folded paper – origami folds. I have no idea how to wear “Moulded” and go about in that shoe.

carbon-shoe-1 moulded-2
leather-mache-II  one

This one is called “Solid“. I’m not sure it’s a shoe or toilet bowl? Seem like the latter to me. Only when I saw a girl wearing it then I realized it really is wearable.

solid solid-3

Terminus Est and Artus Duplex – These look really cool in terms of color and the material part. But I dare not lean backward. Artus Duplex looks very robotee.

terminus-est  artus-duplex

Holly Mother!! For these, I’m lost for word. They are called “Rhonda Zwillinger“.

RhondaZwillinger9  RhondaZwillinger7
RhondaZwillinger6  RhondaZwillinger10

Have fun shoe shopping.

Some Talents

You really got to watch these. You’re going to love it for sure.

Little Gal 1

Little Gal 2

Steve Jobs by Antony Hare (check out others from the uploader too)

Thanks Jason and Vince for sharing.

Ceramics Dishes

Most of Fijian art and crafts use excessive amount of brown, gray, black, white and abit of orange colors.

Their designs are mainly in square based shapes with basic trigonometry patterns such as circles, triangles and polygons.

Most of their materials are made of flatten wood barks(Tapa/Masi), special type of dry leaves (Voi Voi) and some paint that I don’t know of. I’m not the right person to explain about Fijian art and crafts as I lack the very knowledge. Anyway I got these nice Fijian crafts from a mail and thought of share with you so that you can see how Fijian designs looks like.

Ceramics Dishes 1   Ceramics Dishes 3
Ceramics Dishes 2   Ceramics Dishes 4
Ceramics Dishes 5   Ceramics Dishes 6
Ceramics Dishes 7   Ceramics Dishes 8
Ceramics Dishes 10   Ceramics Dishes 9
Ceramics Dishes 12   Ceramics Dishes 11

If you wanna order some of them for souvenirs, I accept checks or credit card orders only. ;)
Let me advertise our very own Fiji Shop here. You can buy some nice fijian handicrafts from there. We (our company) kinda maintain the site (suppose to be), but not much updates I guess.
And…I’m not sure these are on Fiji Shop yet.

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Reading Quotes

I am following Nature without being able to grasp her…I perhaps owe having become a painter to flowers -Claude Monet

What the heck is that suppose to mean? I’m not really artistic or poetic or whatever minded, I don’t get the meaning of that quote.
Anybody with a good imagination likes to explain me?

Oh I just make a synonyms check on the word “Artistic” and “Poetic” in MS Word and the results are pretty intriguing.

  • Artistic
    • creative
    • Imaginative
    • inventive
    • Arty
  • Poetic
    • lyrical
    • Elegiac
    • graceful
    • Rhythmical
    • flowing
    • Prosaic
    • sensitive
    • full of feeling

Wow “full of feeling” ! Very fascinating…I just love checking synonyms for each word and learn other similar words.
Ok the thing is, there is no synonym given for the word “Synonyms” in MS Word. Haha.

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  • Uh huh, This is my shit

    Ok first and for all, this is not my shit. I repeat, this is NOT my shit and no shits were harmed in making this post.

    I’ve been wanting to write about this for quite a long time but I wasn’t ready yet and waiting for the right time. Now that I got everything I needed…there you go…

    Ooooh ooh, this my shit, this my shit [x4]

    I heard that you were talking shit
    And you didn’t think that I would hear it
    People hear you talking like that, getting everybody fired up
    So I’m ready to attack, gonna lead the pack
    Gonna get a touchdown, gonna take you out
    That’s right, put your pom-poms downs, getting everybody fired up

    Right you guess it, I’m going to talk about shit.
    Well sort of, not exactly…but this “Shit” plays a major role in this post.

    monalisaA few weeks back, Min Thu invited me to yahoo conference with some of his friends including the guys from myothwelwin, shwenet, myohanhtun sites. We talked about our websites, blogging, technologies and just getting to know each other. One time in the conversation, this guy said something about we don’t have/talk about anything related to art on our sites. Another guy responded by pointing him that we have photos which could be counted as art. But this guy disagreed about photos being an art and only takes art as a painting or a design work. I did not argue with him since it was the first time to meet them and I hardly know about any of them. But I kept the unsatisfying feeling about his view on this term “Art” myself and thinking of doing some art related thing on my site when I have a chance.

    Well, I dug up some stuff – my old drawings, lost color pencils, paper, crayons and lost inspiration. This is just an intro post for my coming art related section.
    So what is art by the way?

    According to wikipedia – ART!

    By its original and broadest definition, art (from the Latin ars, meaning “skill” or “craft”) is the product or process of the effective application of a body of knowledge and a set of skills; this meaning is preserved in such phrases as “liberal arts” and “martial arts”.

    “Art is commonly understood to be the process or result of making material works (or artwork) which, from concept to creation, adhere to the “creative impulse”

    Defining art
    There is often confusion about the meaning of the term art because multiple meanings of the word are used interchangeably.

    So art can be anything creative, not only painting or designs but also include any other form of self express work.
    So can I call the following photo an art? It’s not painting, nor it’s an imaginative sculpture. It’s a solid photograph of a pile of “Shit”.

    Let me recall a story. Once an art teacher was showing a slide show of paintings and the following conversation is how I remember about so-call art over a discussion of grotesque painting and a snap shot photo.

    Teacher: Is it art? Is it any good?
    Student: No, I wouldn’t call it an art, it’s a grotesque.

    Teacher: Next slide, it’s my mother.
    Student: It’s a snap shot.
    Teacher: If I say it was taken by ..… (some famous photographer name), would you call it art?
    Student: Art isn’t art until someone said it is.
    Teacher: It’s Art!
    Student: The right people.
    Teacher: Who are they?

    Teacher: What is art? What make it bad or good or who decides?

    Plastic Shit

    My point exactly!
    Who tells which is art or the form or the medium to be an art? I don’t know, do you?
    So I’m gonna say that photo of shit is an art. Who can argue with that?
    Think about it, look at it, pretty cool art to me. The texture, coloring, lighting, composition, the structure, the sensation … just perfect, and a great shot too! Bravo the photographer.

    I take an art as anything that makes you go “hmm”, “Wow”, “auuu”, “ahhh” and stimulates you, no matter which medium they’re represented with. This shit definitely makes me go “Wow” so there it is – ART!

    Anyway this about it for my art introductory post and hope to follow with some more inspirational shits later on. So still tune.
    ShitPeace Out!

    P.S: Anyone knows where I got that conversation from?
    Hint: from a movie.

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