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Freedom in your language

One of the GVers asked on mailing list, “How do you say freedom on your language?”. She’s doing some bookmarks and stickers with “Freedom” written in different languages or something….So lots of GVers answered her back in their language. Here are a few I noted from the list.


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Talk: Bulldozer

Scenario: Being the lazy arses as we are (Bro and I), we don’t even want to clean up our dishes after dinner and always putting off each other to do in turns.

Bro: Do my dishes for me today.

Me: I was gonna ask you the same thing. Why are you always copying me? Come to think of it, you always copy me and follow whatever I do.

Mom: That’s right. He always follows you around when you were young. He repeated whatever you say and always following you. Lucky, he didn’t wear skirt but went for pants. LOL

Me: That’s right. Back in school too, you used all my books to study.
You took the same subjects as me.
You went to the same Uni as me.
You graduated with the same degree like me.
Now we work in the same company, doing the same thing!!
What’s wrong with you? Why are you always following me?

Bro: Hey, I’m not following you. I’m just treating you like a bulldozer.
Don’t you know in Chess, the pawns go in front and cover for the king.
The same thing applies here. I’m just using you to clear my path.

Me: You little!! @#$%#@$%#*!!!

Moral behind the talk: Being the eldest is such a pain especially with these kind of bad mouth siblings.

Regarding the matter of pawn and chess, I just read that the guys from Failed-Paradise were also cracking up about Chest and Porn.

I love the slogan for geek T-Shirt idea proposed by Digital Fiji.

We are not chest porns to be played around with.

There you go, I’m not your chest porn nor I the bulldozer. haha.
I’ll just wait and see how the designs come out as. Whoever wear them, go around in town and take some photo of yourself. If you’re lucky, your pic might even get into the next day Fijitimes post; otherwise you can always show off yourself on your blog. :P

This is a typical lunch time conversation between me and my bro.

Scenario: Today we’re having a fried corn curry and an incident relating it.

Bro: Ah Oh, I swallow a corn seed in whole.
Me: You wait till you shit; the seeds will come out whole too.
Bro: Yah the seeds in the shit hehehe
Me: It’s gonna be very colorful with seeds LOL

(He pulse for a while trying to shape up the thoughts while gulping down his lunch)

Bro: You know what; you should make a poll on your blog.
Me: huh? poll?
Bro: Yah, a poll to get a survey on number of people who look at their own shit while toileting. The options should go like this:
Do you look at your shit while toileting?

  • Yes
  • No
  • Always look at it
  • Never look at it

Now, that’s a good one. LOL
Me: LOL Man, if I do that my reputation would go down the drain. haha but good idea though. You look or no looking? haha

(we laugh our heads off – we pulse again – continue eating lunch – imagine what we just talk about – laugh again while chewing corn seeds properly.)

What do you think? Should I make a poll out of it? hehe Nah I better not. This is already too stupid to blog about it. Come to think of it, I remember last time a friend of mine said, in Australia they are encouraging people to look at their shit after they done. By looking at it, you are more aware of your health problem cos’ the shape and color of the shit tell you a few things about your health… or something…may be she was joking. I’m not sure on how they differentiate types of shits… may be I’ll ask her properly next time haha. So yes, lookingexamining your own shit is a good thing and we all should start doing it. OMG I’m so bad writing shits on lunchtime. LOL

Lunch Time Thoughts

X: What’s for lunch today?
Me: Chicken and Egg
X: Very good; mother and fetus.

Thought #1: I never thought of it that way before…now that he mentioned it, it sounds very eeky. I feel sorry to eat up the whole family. Gosh that’s it, I’m gonna tell my mom, not to cook Chicken and Egg the same time.

Note: It’s not cooked as combination but a separate two curries. Egg, potato and green peas as one and separate fried chicken as one. Still…mother and fetus.

Thought #2: You know, when you eat stake or pork or anything with lots of meat fibers, it got stuck in your teeth. I hate that feeling the most. Sometimes if it’s really stuck in between, you can’t even remove them by brushing your teeth. You gotta floss them with some thread. Oh I just hate that so much. So trying to eat less meat.

Thought #3: Last night Mom says, she’s becoming a Peking duck because she missed her badminton games for a few weeks. I asked her what is that mean and she said Peking ducks can’t wonder around. They just sit in their own little boxes, get fed everyday and waiting for their time to get eaten. It sounds very painful just living to get killed. Mom said every animal live stock are just living and eating to get killed/eaten. That make us, human, to be very cruel beings. I feel very sorry for those animals.

Thought #4: I recalled someone says, eating meat is regarded as consuming on dead corpses. That is just so gross.

Thought #5: Going back to thought #2, I got another thought about tooth brushes. There is a Colgate tooth brush Ad on FijiTVOne. There is this big glamorous tooth brush and small normal tooth brush. It goes something like this:

Small Brush: Ah…excuse me Sir; are you the Colgate 360?
Big Brush: Yes, I am.
Small Brush: Is that true that you have a tongue cleaner?
Big Brush: That’s right, not only tongue cleaner, I’m a teeth and gum cleaner.
Small Brush: Waarh!!
Big Brush: You see kid, blar bla blah……
(The big brush talks of some explanation talk on his special features and stuffs.)

Finally the small brush says:
Small Brush: You know when I grow up I want to be just like you.
And the Ad ends there.

Whenever that Ad comes, I always wonder this BIG question in my head:
When a tooth brush grows old, you throw it in the rubbish bin and buy a new one.
How can that “Small Brush” be just like the “Big Brush”?

C’mon, I don’t want to disappoint him, but he gonna go straight to the bin for sure. Unless you recycle him (upgrade to Colgade 360) or whatever. But he still going to the bin. LOL.

Thought #6: I have another big thought on Coca-Cola TV Ad as well. This guy, he put a coin to the soda machine, the coin starts rolling in and there is this big Cola factory with all those cartoon characters bringing Coke bottle, filling up by mid-air Cola tank, icemen gets blown away by big fan to frozen the Coke bottle and they shooting fireworks as filling up the gas…and finally perfectly filled Coco-Cola bottle comes out from the machine. The guy took it and get confused by little Christmas music coming out from the box. The Ad ends there.

Now here is my thought. I like the Ad very much for all those cartoon characters and the music. But there is one place I don’t understand. There are some kind of puffy white dolls kissing all over the Coca-Cola bottle before it gets frosted up by icemen. What are they for? Are they for cooling purpose? But icemen pretty much done the cooling process. So till now, it’s a mystery for me and I keep wondering what those kissing puffy dolls do in the Ad. If anyone knows the reason behind those puffy kisses, please let me know so that I can sleep well at night. LOL

Note: Surprisingly, my genius brother, who normally get the ideas from TV Ads quite easily asked me the same question about kissing things other night. So now we both searching for the truth behind kisses. Hehe.

Thought #7: There is another Ad on “D-Power” dish cleaning soup. I can’t stand that Ad cos’ it’s so awful the way they act in there. But the music stays in my head and can’t get rid of it. It goes “D-Power, Oielai lai lai…D-Power”. It makes me wonder what is that “Oie lai” actually express in there; does it make like “Wow” or “OMG” or “Zzz” kind of expressions?

Ok this “Oie lai” is the same thing/expression as “A Ma Lai” in Burmese. You can use “A Ma Lai” with different kind of expression depending on the sitution rite? Well that goes for this “Oie Lai” too. So in this Ad, I always wonder what expression does it emphasise upon. Hmmmm

Ok enough with stupid thoughts; they all started from Chicken and Egg story which go all over TV Ads.
Now May, back to work!!!

Family Conversation

Scenario: My mom checking out what I’m doing and curious about who my friends are.

Me: tap tap tap….
Mom: what are to doing?
Me: Chatting with Missy.
Mom: Are they your friends? (Looking at my gtalk friend list icons)
Me: yah
Mom: who is the one called D-A-D?
Me: huh? Who?
Mom: D-A-D
Me: LOL it’s Dad!! Faygyi lay.
Mom: Oh, you chat with your father across the room too.
Me: You don’t know who the person is in the photo?
Mom: well I can’t see the photo properly.
Me: Yah yah that’s Dad.

For some reason, I chat with my dad and brother on gtalk at home instead of go talk to them in person. Last time, I was asking something to my brother over gtalk then he started yelling from his room, why am I chatting him on gtalk instead of just ask him outside. My mom is the only one who doesn’t use computer at home so I do the proper talking with her the most. At work too, all of us talk each other over gtalk even that person is sitting a few feet away from you. I guess I’ve been communicating with my laptop too much that I hardly ever need to do the real talking. These days I’m excessively using gtalk or emails for my communication purposes. Oh geez, what if I forget how to talk. haha that’ll be interesting.

April Fools

Scenario: It’s April the first and I’m cracking my head to think up some prank ideas to play on my friends. I asked for some help from my genius brother.

Me: “Phothar (his home name), we do some April fools. You got any idea?”
Bro: “You are the fool and it’s April. Good idea huh?”
Me: (…..)

Lesson: Never to ask for help from a smart arse or you’ll get yourself fooled.

Have fun fooling around.

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