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Yet another random mumblings or something like what’s that cartoon says: “My bullshit’s sweet perfume etc:D

GapingVoid - My bullshit's sweet perfume etc
Via: Gapingvoid

Damn Dishwasher
I need a good flask or a little teapot for my tea. Don’t wanna waste tea bags for each cup of hot water I drink. 1 tea bag can be used for about 3 cups ie. I just want a mild lukewarm tea so gotta get a good little flask and have to keep it save in my drawer. Whenever I clean a cup and keep it on my desk, it disappears the next day. The office cleaner must have taken it back to the kitchen. Let me keep my own clean cup at least! I don’t like the dishwasher they have here, it’s not clean at all and very disgusting with many residues still sticking to the dishes after. Why can’t they just leave a traditional liquid soup and a sponge there! Anyways…You see, I use this folded tissue paper to cover my tea cup just to keep it warm a bit longer. I’ve been wondering why the side facing the hot water doesn’t get wet but the outer side does. Hmm someone care to explain me the reason? I’ve never been good at Chemistry. :D

04/02/2011 04/02/2011

Tweets of the week
I just find this two pretty amusing.
@kaoskongo #YouKnowYourFijian ‘Umbrella’ is pronounced ‘Um-ba-re-lla’ #ella #ella

@sher0d Just viewed source on Bing: <html><head><title>Bing</title></head><body><iframe src=””></iframe></body></html>

Aussie Guys
Yesterday I was walking along Pitt St towards Castlereagh St and saw this two men kissing passionately in the middle of a very crowded street. Then another couple around World Square was hugging and whispering as they walk. Again this morning when I was on the way to work, on the bus, this big guy sitting next to me was flirting on the phone but I can very clearly hear the receiver from the other end was a man as well. Then I remember my Czech ex-flatmate once says; “In Australia, all the guys are either Married, Taken or Gays“. Hmm…O…K… I have no discrimination toward bi, tri, quad or whatever genders. I just find that people over here are very passionate and very openly show their affection in the public places. May be I’m just a traditionalist or come from a place where I don’t often see those kind of public affections so it’s kind of new for me.

Santa’s Close Relatives
I always have a problem with hairy people, especially those with extreme facial hair. I just can’t understand why they’re so very much in love with their facial hair; some cultivate them very carefully, some just have them for the sake of having them and some just doesn’t own a mirror or a shave. Whatever their reasons are, they just freak me out and kind of scare me. We had a lunch at this bar, Lord Nelson Brewery, last Friday. It was quite a crowded lunch hour; our table was right beside the entrance and 80% of the guys coming in have all those ugly facial hair and untidy long bird nest hair…urgh! Anyways, the lunch was nice, I had chilli crab spaghetti. I’m thinking of trying out the pie next time cos’ the table next to us were having pies and I’m very much curious about what those green stuffs on their pies are.

Ok that’s all for now. Ohhohoho :P

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  • “M” for “May”

    I was tagged on facebook and couldn’t figure out how to post a note there so I’m posting here anyways.

    1. What is your name: May
    2. A four Letter Word: Moon
    3. A boy’s Name: Michael
    4. A girl’s Name: Marilyn
    5. An occupation: Manager
    6. A color: Magenta
    7. Something you’ll wear : Marc Jacobs + Maybelline
    8. A food: Mutton + Mashed Potatoes (Moon Cake + M&Ms for dessert)
    9. Something found in the bathroom: Mat + Medicine cabinet
    10. A place: Melbourne
    11. A reason for being late: Malaria or Mad cow disease :P
    12. Something you’d shout: Mwahahaha!
    13. A movie title: Me, Myself & Irene
    14. Something you drink: Mocha
    15. A musical group: Muse
    16. An animal: Mongoose
    17. A street name: Maunicau Rd (ok not exactly a street)
    18. A type of car: Mini Cooper (Mr. Bean’s car) or Mini Bus
    19. The title of a song: My Life Would Suck Without You, My Heart Will Go On
    20. A verb: Motivate

    Level of funniness

    Now that’s how you define how funny something is. When you say “LOL”, that means “hahahah”. :D


    via: stevecla

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  • Turn Your Name Into A Face

    Got this link via N3 post, “Turn your name into a face“, and thought I’m gonna try it as well. Quite amusing how those faces turn out from your name.

    Here is the true face behind “May Hnin Phyu“.

    May Hnin Phyu

    Oh lord, did I just see a beard? The mouth and the hair look quite similar but I don’t have a beard for sure. (more…)

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  • I haven’t been following any news, feeds or even personal emails. Just now I ran through GV flags quickly and found this one interesting so checked out the link. It really makes me smile so just sharing here. Some GVers translated back into various languages haha. Amusing indeed.

    You’re No One If You’re Not On Twitter – The Twitter song.

    You’re no one if you’re not on Twitter
    And if you aren’t there already you’ve missed it
    If you haven’t been bookmarked, retweeted and blogged
    You might as well not have existed

    In the old days it was all about achievements
    Collecting all your trophies in a shrine
    Then everybody came across the internet
    And suddenly you had to be online

    A home page was all you really needed
    To seem like a success but not a geek
    As long as you updated semi-annually
    And checked your email once or twice a week

    You’re no one if you’re not on Twitter…

    Technology was moving rather quickly
    And the next thing you needed was a blog
    With intimate and detailed press releases
    And now and then a photo of your dog

    More recently the students brought us Facebook
    And everybody has a hundred friends
    The parties in the photos look amazing
    They’re not so great but everyone pretends

    You’re no one if you’re not on Twitter…

    Now you need to publish every movement
    And every single thought to cross your mind
    I’m told the Twitterverse is full of rubbish
    But most of us are actually quite refined

    We validate each other’s insecurities
    And brag about the gadgets that we’ve bought
    We laugh out loud at every hint of jolliness
    And try to self-promote without being caught

    You’re no one if you’re not on Twitter…

    So are you somebody or nobody? Are you on twitter yet? Oh yes, luckly I’m someone on twitter. LOL

    There is a video, mp3 download, TShirt and a few other stuffs about the Twitter song. Better go check out at I Hate Morning site.

    I haven’t written about office muses for a while and thought I’ll write something about last week muses from our department. Here is the story.

    Disc StakkaYou see, we have this disc stakka where we stored all our department softwares. It’s attached to a spare box sitting on my desk and I kind of become an unofficial librarian. Whoever ask to borrow software from me, I’ll just eject the discs from the stakka and hand it to them. There is no record of how many discs we have and who borrowed them. The stakka itself is installed for everyone hence anybody can login to the box and eject any disc as they like. The result is we lost a few important discs over the months. I have no idea who took them but discs are obviously keep missing from the disc stakka. We sent a few notification emails to everyone in the office asking about the missing discs but nobody responded.

    I kind of feel responsible about it since it was sitting on my desk and I am the one who is giving out the discs most of the time (unless ofcos they login to the box and eject the discs themselves when I’m away). The problem with me is that whenever I am into something or concentrating on a task at hand, I seriously don’t care about things happening around. I don’t see or hear anything unless someone pokes at me or waves in front of face. Even so, I don’t hear half of the thing they are saying. So when someone asks a disc from me while I am busy, I just remove the disc and give it to them without looking at their faces or noting their names. That must be one of the reasons people take advantage of my ignorance to snatch some discs from me.

    Anyways, last week we had a very loud and noisy discussing about how to maintain our softwares. Most of my colleagues say not to borrow software to anybody outside our department. Our HR manager disagrees and wants everyone to share the software the company owns. (Ok, I wasn’t in the discussion/arguments as it was happening at one of our colleagues’ desk and I just over heard bits and pieces.) Finally we agree to properly keep track of the disc movement in some way. Boss made up a software borrowing register spreadsheet and mail it to everyone saying, unless and otherwise people fill in the register prior to picking up a disc, we are not to give it to them. But the spreadsheet was editable by everyone which is not a good idea so I created a form out of it and pass around the form. After checking the form, one of our colleagues argues that the form is very easy to fill and we like to make thing difficult for whoever comes to borrow our discs. So he suggested a few adjustments to the form.

    Here are some of his suggestions:

    Way too easy, we need some pain here. Can we add some more fields :
    Put this under “Borrower Details

    • Weight (kg)
    • Height (cm)
    • Eye colour (offer Green, Blue, Grey, Brown)
    • Blood Type (offer A, B, AB, O) (suggestion to add negative, positive as well)
    • Hair Colour (offer Black, Grey, Brown, Red, Blond)
    • Random Question from that we’ll change every week or so, we’ll start with no. 1 “Have you ever peed your pants after age 8?”

    Make all fields required.

    There is a few more input from other colleagues as well such as “Do you have any recent health problem say in last 6 months?”, “Provide the medical certificate to prove your blood type”, etc…

    How about that!? Is the form painful enough yet? Haha, I’m not sure how many borrowers will be able to fill in that form and surely throw some serious curses at us.

    Anyways, I felt sorry for whoever have to fill in the form, and I did not implement those “Borrower Details” but left the simple form as below and see how things turn out. We had a few beta tests with our gang and now it is released to suva_everyone. One serious flaw we try to ignore is that anyone can login to the machine and remove the disc while I’m away from my desk. But for the time being, it’s doing quite well without complaint, a few minute ago, someone filled in the form and took 3 discs from me. I wonder how long this system will last though.

    Inet Software Borrowing Form

    So how do you keep track of the softwares in your organization? Do share with us some of the cool systems you use in your company. And ofcos’ you are most welcome to make suggestion to our system above as well. :D

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  • Those little red underlines

    Lately I can’t even spell the simple words correctly, not to mention the deteriorating state of my hand-writing as I depend too much on computer – MS word and FF spell-check extension. Very soon, I’ll be like the one mentioned in this cartoon.

    Spell Check

    Good one isn’t it? :D Via: Extra Life

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