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Back from Bali

Just pop in to say, I’m back in Fiji and will be posting about Bali trip soon. For now I’m just resizing the photos and uploading a few on Flickr. Flickr keeps screwing up my uploads, it’s just not uploading well at all. Tried direct upload from the web as well as using the Flickr Uploadr but still not working as it should be. May be their server’s over heated, I’ll try again later.

Grand Hyatt Resort8 Grand Hyatt Resort11

It was very tiring yet very informational trip for me. Met lots of new faces and enjoyed talking with a few. Some of the discussions in the conference were very heated and too advance for me to understand but it was a good listening and enjoyed taking notes. I took a few videos of the parallel sessions but not sure whether to upload them online or not. May be not.

GIMD9 - Global Voices on the featured slide - 3 slides about GV been featured Chow Time - Tea Break

The conference was not really for me (actually almost none at all) but I’m glad to have attended such event and enjoyed my new found experiences. We couldn’t get to visit anywhere, not even to Bali town, except a day trip to Yogakarta. No shopping nor swimming for me. There are lots of beautiful swimming pools in the resort and the lovely beach in front but I couldn’t even dip my feet in there due to very short stay and very tight/packed schedules. :( So sad.

Dance3 Parallel SessionI - The ME

Anyhow, now I’m back and catching up news and feeds on my GReader and twitter; a lot happened while I was a way for a week. Gosh I couldn’t even leave my eyes away from you for a bit and now see what happen! There goes Nargis, Nargis, Nargis and Myanmar, Myanmar, Myanmar almost every news feeds (I see Mong done a GREAT job covering the news on GV, many thanks) and now it’s China earthquake, earthquake. Geez the world is such a mess! Alright stay calm, don’t worry, I’m back so everything will be alright and stay tune with mayvelous. (Yah right! hehe) My bad, I shouldn’t be making jokes as serious things happening all over the world, but then laughter is the best medicine sometimes right? :)

Aroma Mesmerism

I was having lunch and having some random thoughts. I don’t know how exactly but I was thinking about the word “fauna” from “flora fauna”. I forgot what I was thinking but when I realised, I was googling the word “floral fauna”. The first hit I got was this “Floral/Fauna” photoset by sigth on flickr.

It’s floral alright; I’m seeing lots of flower in the set. Everything seems pretty much the usual flower photos should be, but then there is it; this one photo really (…) me that I just have to click and view in detail.

It’s titled “Aroma“, a photo of seven year old girl embracing the roses. AromaIt’s so…ok, what’s the word I’m looking for? It’s the way she closed her eyes, her hand posture, the angle of her tilting head, the three roses. Everything about it is so… Captivating, enchanting…no, no I’m looking for the word starts with “Mes” …I keep saying like messimize, maximiz, mezzame and couldn’t get the right word out of it.

So, I asked my bro for help and he goes – immerse?, engrossed?, magnetized? No, not those but it has to start with “Mes”, then he finally said, “Mesmerised“. Yep, that’s the word! Then one of my colleagues asked who’s been mesmerised and he told me that the word is after Dr. Mesmer who specialised in hypnotism. Well, I didn’t know about that, so I quickly look through wiki and there he is – Franz Anton Mesmer.

Franz Anton Mesmer (born Friedrich Anton Mesmer May 23, 1734 – March 5, 1815) discovered what he called magnétisme animal (hypnosis in 1842, his name being the root of the English verb ‘mesmerize’.

Arh like that!, I learn something new. Anyways where was I? Oh yes, the photos; I also checked out the other three photos of the same girl. For some reason, I cannot grab the direct url or save the images. I guess it must be to do with sharing privileges on the photos. Respecting the photographer’s rights, I don’t want to do a screen grab hence just get a small thumbnail of each photos and linked them to the proper page.

Flower Profile Roses Brita

The 2nd one “Flower profile“, things that attracted me is her smooth, silky skin – her cheek and neck line and the way she’s looking at the roses.

The 3rd one “Roses” is … ohh soo cute! How so very lovely her face and action on trying to kiss/smell the roses.

The pose in “Brita” is interesting too, but it’s too monochrome compare to other three. Still, it’s very pretty. It says “actress” in the description. Indeed the little actress. :)

Well, what do you think? Very mesmerising aren’t they?

Alright, I shall continue with my lunch since I’m satisfied, contented, pleased, delighted, thrilled DONE with … what was I searching again? Oh yah, the floral-fauna search, which I somehow ended with mesmerizing the “Aroma”. And why am I posting this bullcraps? Cos’ I WANT TO! Hump!

Cyclone Gene at Veiuto Suva

Alrite, we’ve survived yet another Cyclone, “Gene“, which started hitting Suva around 3pm afternoon on 28th with strong wind and heavy rain. There were some warnings aired on radio and most of the offices issued the early break. Our boss also notified us that we can go home early. My dad called 3 times telling us to go home early but I didn’t care about it cos’ I couldn’t feel/hear the intensity of the wind outside the office. Our boss dropped us home around 4:30. There were some uprooted trees blocking the drive ways so we have to park the car at a friend house and walk back home. By the time we get home it was pouring cats and cows in the fierce wind. The phone line and electricity were already out and no water in the pipes after 9pm that night.

Tropical Cyclone Gene Track and Threat Map
Tropical Cyclone Gene – Track and Threat Map

Fiji has been hit by numerous hurricanes and cyclones every year but this is the first time I’ve experienced the small glimpse of so call “Cyclone”. Most of the past natural disasters never affect much on our areas. Sometimes we didn’t even realize there was some cyclone passing through. The worst damage it could do to us is, some broken tree branches, wires and power/water outage. This is the first time I’ve seen many trees being up-rooted in our area. Seriously, the big trees just fell over from the very end of the roots. I tried to take some photos of fallen trees in front of our house while my dad was away. Took some videos with mobile camera as you can see below. It was (more…)

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  • Tech-Ed 2007 @ Gold CoastI’m Back! How is everyone doing? Miss me? ;)

    My two weeks trip was exciting, tiring and a great fun. I met lots of new faces and visited new places. It was a great experience for me. Couldn’t come back quickly cos’ I caught a cold after the trip due to too much excitements and weather changes; then my laptop screwed up and had to repair OS. Now everything is settling down so catching up on my feeds and blogging here.

    I took lots of photos and a few videos of my two weeks stay at GC, Syd and Adelaide. The main event was ofcos’ GC Tech-Ed. It was my very first business related overseas trip. I thank my bosses and the company for giving me an opportunity to participate in such event. I met lots of geeks and super geeks at Tech-Ed. There were total of 2400 delegates made their mark at Gold Coast Tech-Ed this year. ~80% of them are male with very few female delegates, regardless of this year Tech-Ed having the most female participants compare to the previous years. I’m one of those very few female delegates and most of the time I found myself lost in the superiority and the geekiest air around them. I felt like disappearing when I have no idea what the geeks were talking about. Yet, I somehow found myself enjoying their conversations and was inspired by their intense knowledge and skills on various subject matters.

    Here are some of the photos Sarnil and I took from the event.

    Note: Lightbox enabled. (Click on the photo, hover over it to browse “Next” or “Previous”)

    Surf Parade Apartment

    We stayed at Surf Parade apartment which is about 20-30min walking distance from Gold Coast convention center and about 10min Bus ride. The room was very neat and well furnished – TV, fridge, oven, microwave, washing machine, in-room spa, etc. The view from the room was also great. Can see the beach and also the buildings from Surf Paradise area. The room costs around AUD 119 per night and ideal for two people but I stayed alone so quite a big room for me. There were heated swimming pool and tennis courts downstairs but I didn’t even have a time to peek at them. The whole day out and we only came back to our rooms after 9 or 10pm to sleep so we couldn’t check out the whole building and the surroundings.

    Surf Parade Apartment The room My room The Bed

    Kitchen Bathroom View from the apartment Morning View from the apartment

    Gold Coast City Views

    There wasn’t much time for us to explore the city as our times were fully occupied inside the convention center. I found Gold Coast has many weird looking buildings, some having spiral type and some has alien style weird diamond shape in the middle. I didn’t see any building of my liking but overall the city is quite lovely and quiet.

    Gold Coast City Area Gold Coast City Area Gold Coast City Area View infront of Gold Coast Convention Center

    Activities at Tech-Ed

    There were lots of sessions to attend to and I had a hard time choosing them but Sarnil and I sorted out ourselves on which sessions we should attend and share them later. We couldn’t attend any hand-on-lab sessions because they were always too full. I sat one exam there but I didn’t make it. It was the very first failure in my exams history and I was very disappointed about it. I stayed 2 whole hours burning my head hard in the exam room; I missed one session and my lunch. I was so hungry and was mad at myself for the failure. Anyway what done is done and I’ll try that exam again later. So let just say, the exam was a hard one and I didn’t prepare well. Some of the sessions I attended are:

    • WEB316 Ajax Patterns with ASP.Net
    • DEV307 Developing Office Business Applications with Microsoft Visual Studio Tools for Office
    • DAT302 Database Schema Versioning: How to Use Microsoft Visual Studio Team System for Database Professionals and Team Foundation Server to Version and Deploy Your Databases
    • CON206 Custom Activities with Microsoft Windows Workflow Foundation: A Developer’s Primer
    • ARC307 Enterprise Library 3.1
    • DEV308 A Lap around Microsoft Windows Presentation Foundation
    • DEV311 NET Framework 3.0 End-to-End: Putting the Pieces Together
    • CON311 Building Microsoft Windows Workflow Foundation Enabled Windows Communication Foundation Services in .NET Framework 3.5
    • DEV320 Microsoft Visual C# Under the Covers: An In-Depth Look at C# 3.0
    • OFC418 Microsoft SharePoint Products and Technologies 2007: Deployment and Advanced Administration Topics
    • ARC312 Make your Customer’s Day: User First Design

    I also attended the “Blogger Lunch” and here is one live post which covers pretty much everything about the session. I found out later in the “Ask the Expert” section that one of the Blogger Lunch session speakers, Darren Neimke, is in fact from Adelaide and live near Flinders University where my sister is studying.

    Sarnil and Robert at Tech-Ed One of the Exhibitors and Sarnil Tech-Lab Blue car

    Sarnil with two speakers Sarnil and I with two speakers Bull ride Bull Rides

    Speakers at Blogger Lunch Blogger Lunch May at Tech-Ed Exhibition Hall

    Lock Note speaker Peter Watson - Locknote speaker2 Mr Host Mr Host

    Me infront of Gold Coast Convention Center May and Robert infront of Convention Center Robert Lunch-Ed

    Peace! At Closing Note Session Robert at lock note Lunch at Tech-Ed

    My Tech-Ed Lunch Red Car

    One of the fun things about Tech-Ed was collecting stamps and freebies from exhibition stands. I collected a few pens, toys, a cap, a T-Shirt, a few evaluation product CDs and lots of information brochures. I also filled in lots of forms to place in the daily draws. There were some gift packs and good stuffs such as Xbox 360 draws everyday. My friend Robert won Xbox360 and we were very jealous of him. Such a lucky guy but he didn’t even invite us to play with him. Bad Robert!

    There were tons of food and drinks at Tech-Ed; if you are a drinker, you would definitely love it. Coffee stands were always packed and I liked the breakfast donuts. Lunches and dinner were great too but for some reason I only ate lots of salad. I think it’s cos’ of different cooking style, their meat/main dishes didn’t taste good in my tongue.

    Movie World Night

    They booked the whole “Movie World” park for 2400 Tech-Ed delegates from 6:30 – 11pm on Thursday night. It was a great fun. We met one of the speakers and Sharepoint expert, Milan Gross, from Hawaii and team up with him to enjoy the night. We rode “Lethal Weapon” (roller coaster ride), “ScoopyDoo” ride, Batman stimulation and the Waterfall ride. I couldn’t believe I actually rode all of them and enjoyed it. I couldn’t have ride them if it wasn’t for the guys who kept pushing me to try so. Every ride I closed my eyes, shut my mouth and sit very still and stiffly so I didn’t get to see the high/dangerous views. But the feeling alone is scary enough for me. That was a great fun and we all enjoyed the night.

    The gang at Movie World Duck and May Yellow Ladies Star War gang and May

    Wonder Woman and Us The Water fall ride At Movie World Cheers!

    Chow Time Robert and Sarnil Sarnil with neon lights Sarnil with Star War gangs

    Me and Milan at MovieWorld at Movie World Robert and Sarnil at Movie World Star War Gangs

    The Matrix gang Robert and the thingie Sarnil with some super heros

    Evening at the Beach and Last Night Out

    The final day closing note ended around 4:30pm and we rested a few min at our apartment. Then we paid our (my) first and final visit to the beach in front. It was lovely evening and we saw some surfers, walkers and swimmers there. We took some photos at the beach then went back to the apartment and waited our friend to go for dinner. The final night out was enjoyable. Conversation between Sarnil and Milan was interesting and amusing. They did the talking and I did the listening part as usual. We then had Korean BBQ for dinner and done a lot of walking around to digest the food. Actually the guys were searching for a good place to dance. I had a very early flight to catch and have to wake up around 4am in the following morning so I took an early leave, said goodbye to the guys and came back to the apartment. Then I packed my stuffs and get ready for Sydney departure in the next morning.

    Gold Coast Beach Sarnil at the beach Sarnil at beach GC - beach

    Sarnil with his fav car Milan and Sarnil May and Milan

    So Tech-Ed ended pretty well and some of Tech.Ed 2007 Statistics from lock note are:

    • This year there were 89,608 teeth at Tech.Ed.
    • You ate 12,628 bread rolls, and drank over 14,000 liters of enough coffee and Coke.
    • And at MovieWorld, on the Superman ride, we recorded 1,216 cries of “shhh****tttt…!!!!”
    • If all our Tech.Ed delegates were laid end-to-end, you’d stretch 4.15 kilometers long. But only an average of 1 meter wide. In most cases.
    • If all this year’s delegates forms a conga-line, that would be the end of Gold Coast Tourism.

    Interesting stats, aren’t they?

    I was checking out the next Tech-Ed SEA 2007 at Kuala Lumpur 10-13 Sept and found out that there is one Burmese in the speaker list. The speaker name is “Maung Maung Phyo” and is a Senior Consultant from Singapore. He looks pretty young. Kuala Lumpur Tech-Ed got quite a few female speakers and most of them look very young. Also there are lots of Asian speakers. Impressive! Our friend “Milan Gross” is in the list as well. Being a Sharepoint expert, he got to travel a lot I bet.

    Anyways Gold Coast Tech-Ed 2007 was great and I enjoyed it. Tech-Ed SEA 2007 looks interesting too so do share some words about it if any of you out there attending.

    Strange Pants’ Wedding

    Last Saturday, we (my bro and I) were honored to attend our friends’ wedding at Trade-winds in Lami. It was the wedding of one of our ex-colleague and seniors, “Strange Pants“, and his beloved, the fun and cheerful Alisi. The occasion was held on the auspicious and memorable day – 7th July 2007 at 4pm. (07-07-07) Very easy to remember for anniversaries.

    Note: Lightbox Enabled.
    Click on any image and hover over the image to browse Next or Previous images.

    Promises and Vows
    When we arrived there late and, it was already started; we were about 45min late. We gave our gifts to the welcoming party, sign the guest sheets and quickly went in front to take a seat. Nobody was taking photos that time so I started to take some, shortly followed by some guests and friends photographers. There are some speeches and prayers in both English and Fijian languages. Bride and Groom exchanged Vows in both languages as well. Jachin had a hard time repeating the Fijian words but he managed to keep up and done quite well in the end. The guests applauded him for his effort. While exchanging Vows and rings, Alisi was crying, happy tears…oh just so cute!

    Jachin and Alisi Wedding Jachin and Alisi Wedding Jachin and Alisi Wedding Jachin and Alisi Wedding Jachin and Alisi Wedding

    Jachin and Alisi Wedding Jachin and Alisi Wedding Jachin and Alisi Wedding Jachin and Alisi Wedding Jachin and Alisi Wedding

    Jachin and Alisi Wedding Jachin and Alisi Wedding Jachin and Alisi Wedding Jachin and Alisi Wedding Jachin and Alisi Wedding

    Jachin and Alisi Wedding Jachin and Alisi Wedding Jachin and Alisi Wedding

    Greeting Guests
    The couple received lots of congratulations and blessings from the family, relatives and friends. They proceed to greet all the guests and went out to take some family photos. The session was halted for about 30 min to prepare for the next part.

    Jachin and Alisi Wedding Jachin and Alisi Wedding Jachin and Alisi Wedding Jachin and Alisi Wedding

    Jachin and Alisi Wedding Jachin and Alisi Wedding Jachin and Alisi Wedding Jachin and Alisi Wedding

    Fijian Ceremony
    Second session started with an exchange of gifts and formal greetings/welcoming in Fijian style. Both sides talked in Fijian. I think it’s something like bride’s family handing their daughter formally to the groom’s family and vice-versa. There is this thing called, “Tabua“, whale’s tooth which is used as a gift. I think it’s similar to olden days Burmese style engagement/wedding gifts where Burmese groom side has to give a set of cows and a set of coconut and bananas (Ok I’m not so sure. Different places have different way of giving gifts in asking for their bride’s hand) to the bride side. The more set of cows you give, the better for you. But nowadays, no more cows involved (may be coconut and banana are still used) and getting more materialistic, some bride’s side would ask for money or housing or jewels. Well don’t know properly cos’ I never get to see any close relative’s wedding yet. Same thing in Fijian society but instead of cows, they use this whale’s tooth. I think Jachin side offered quite a number of whale’s teeth during their engagement to Alisi family.

    Jachin and Alisi Wedding Jachin and Alisi Wedding Jachin and Alisi Wedding Jachin and Alisi Wedding

    Jachin and Alisi Wedding Jachin and Alisi Wedding Jachin and Alisi Wedding Jachin and Alisi Wedding

    Honored Guests
    There were quite a lot of guests attended the wedding. Many came from various part of Fiji and some from abroad. Some special guests are introduced; some came all the way from Tonga and Groom’s relatives from Brisbane Australia. There was a Tongan style food preparations ie. whole pig roasting and plenty of seafood. I forgot to take photos of the food. The meal was splendid with many courses. About 3 or 4 fish dishes, pork, Indian curries, salads, Lobsters, crabs and Fijian dishes. There were lots of food and many people took second helpings. My bro and I enjoyed a big plate full each.

    Jachin and Alisi Wedding Jachin and Alisi Wedding Jachin and Alisi Wedding

    Jachin and Alisi Wedding Jachin and Alisi Wedding Jachin and Alisi Wedding

    Jachin and Alisi Wedding Jachin and Alisi Wedding Jachin and Alisi Wedding

    There were three parts of entertainment. The first was a lovely song sang by one Fijian lady, the second was another song sing by Jachin’s younger brother (Jonathan or something) and his friend. I think they sang pretty well but there were some kids at the back screaming and playing and some people are not listening properly. I think the guy relized that too so he didn’t smile or say thank you towards the end of the song. But they did have some audiences, some girls came up in front to take a video. The last one was a dance performance by a young girl. I think she was one of the Bride’s maids too. It’s not a Fijian dance…Tongan?…not sure. The dance involves lots of hand movement and gestures with little head shakes and small footings. I like her costume and head part. She was very shy dancing in front everyone but she received lots of kisses from the audiences and some men danced along with her. It was overall a cute performance.

    Jachin and Alisi Wedding Jachin and Alisi Wedding Jachin and Alisi Wedding

    Jachin and Alisi Wedding Jachin and Alisi Wedding Jachin and Alisi Wedding

    Speeches were given by the fathers of both sides as well as the special speech by the Groom and the Bride. The speech by the bride’s father was quite amusing where he talked about how he remembered the newly son-in-law in their first meeting and their very first impression on Jachin when he was introduced to the family for the first time. I’ve finally found out the reason behind the disappearance of Jachin’s long hair and big beard from that speech. It was after all because of Alisi’s Dad’s ultimatum to cut his hair if Jachin wants to date the daughter. haha It must have been his family influence…I discovered those big beards run in the family. Check out his Dad and the brother. :P When I first met Jason, he got a big beard, mustaches and a whole lot of long curly hair. He was one of the guys to interview me for my job. I thought he was about 35+ or something because of his appearance. He did scare me a bit during interview compared to the 2nd interviewer, Ian, who looked quite well and keep scratching his head that time. Though Ian has a beard, he didn’t have a big hair like Jason so not that scary. hehe. I thought Jason looked like a grandson of Frank Einstein and I called him “Sir”. Later I found out that he actually was just a few years older than me and quite fun to work with once you get to know him. Apart from that, Jason’s Dad and the couple speeches are quite normal mostly thanking God and everyone. Jachin and Alisi said about 20 – 30 thank yous in their short speech. I think they didn’t prepare their speech properly. But it was fine.

    Jachin and Alisi Wedding Jachin and Alisi Wedding

    Cutting Wedding Cake
    Finally they cut the wedding cake. The cake looked cool and I like the porcelain doll at the top. They both look great posing in those photos.

    Jachin and Alisi Wedding Jachin and Alisi Wedding Jachin and Alisi Wedding Jachin and Alisi Wedding

    Jachin and Alisi Wedding Jachin and Alisi Wedding Jachin and Alisi Wedding Jachin and Alisi Wedding

    Jachin and Alisi Wedding Jachin and Alisi Wedding Jachin and Alisi Wedding

    One thing I noticed from the wedding was that there is no kissing involved after their exchange of Vows. It was absolutely PG rating. hehe The couple kisses outside while they are taking photos, just to pose. May be because the wedding was a mix styled, Fijian and Australian, some usual scenes are missing. Another thing is no throwing of flower bouquet from the Bride after the wedding…may be she did throw it before they left but I didn’t get to see cos’ we came back home early. Aww yah, I like the bouquet, it’s made out of “Tapa“. Alisi’s gown is also made of Tapa and is a beautifully crafted dress.

    Anyways the wedding was great and everyone enjoyed it. Around 8:30pm, we came back home. We wished the couple many happiness and many many many children in their near future. :D

    I was reading about “Footloose – Adjustable high heels” page forwarded by my bro and thinking what a great idea it is to create one as such. I think, at the moment it’s only in a prototype stage and has not developed into full product yet. It was designed by some design-school graduate last year.(# Via Core77)

    Footloose - Adjustable High Heels

    The high-heeled shoe is a classic example of a no pain, no gain product. Women wearing them take so much trouble for granted! I decided to challenge this compromise. Would it be possible to make a shoe having all advantages of high heels, just as well as the comfort of flats?

    The character of this shoe is in the heel shape. It has separate tips for both positions. While being used in one position, the other heel tip is kept out of sight in and opening in the sole. The shoe is being transformed with a simple and quick movement: one just pulls the heel downwards to release it, after which it can be folded in or out as preferred. The adjustment of the heel position automatically changes the curvature of the sole to fit the altered shape of the foot.

    One comment says “it’s all about appearance, not comfort. And sexy legs are worth the sacrifice”. I’m sure you might find girls very silly but that’s what many girls think (not me). I do wear heeled sandals; not those pointed 4′+ heels, but some comfy heels. My heels are flat, only about 1.5′ the most and easy to move about. The heels do enhance your appearance but the most important and the ideal ones are the one you really comfortable wearing. I came across this cool “Virtual Shoe Virtual Shoe Museum via one of the posts and was checking out some funky shoes there. I go for hi-tec shoe section and found these interesting shoes to share with you.

    Carbon II: this one looks neat. Looks like a folded paper – origami folds. I have no idea how to wear “Moulded” and go about in that shoe.

    carbon-shoe-1 moulded-2
    leather-mache-II  one

    This one is called “Solid“. I’m not sure it’s a shoe or toilet bowl? Seem like the latter to me. Only when I saw a girl wearing it then I realized it really is wearable.

    solid solid-3

    Terminus Est and Artus Duplex – These look really cool in terms of color and the material part. But I dare not lean backward. Artus Duplex looks very robotee.

    terminus-est  artus-duplex

    Holly Mother!! For these, I’m lost for word. They are called “Rhonda Zwillinger“.

    RhondaZwillinger9  RhondaZwillinger7
    RhondaZwillinger6  RhondaZwillinger10

    Have fun shoe shopping.

    Happy Women’s Day

    I didn’t realize today’s International Women’s Day until I got this nice wish from my friend. So here I am wishing all you ladies a Happy International Women’s Day!!

    Women Day Wish

    If you want something said, ask a man;
    if you want something done, ask a woman.

    -Margaret Thatcher

    Check out how my friend send me the wish. Good writing and composition too. haha I’m flattered.

    Women's Day Wish

    Thanks man, I’m really touched. ;)

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