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Heartache Leave in Japan

Recently I’ve been following “The Trump Blog” after I read about it from “A Guide to Billionaire Bloggers” on ReadWriteWeb. I’m sure most of us from Fiji are familiar about him from “The Apprentice” show on FijiOne hence need no introduction.

Anyways, just now I was browsing my feeds and this post, “Japanese Firm Offers Heartache Leave“, from Mr Trump really cracked me up. Well it’s not funny but somewhat makes me laugh, and think for sometimes.

I wasn’t surprised when I found out that all the employees at this company are women. I don’t mean to be sexist, but I don’t know many men who would call in sick to work because they broke up with their girlfriend.

Are you sure about that? What do you, guys, think? Don’t give me those man’s pride excuses and bluff about it.

But then I don’t know many women who would do it either. If you’re serious about your job, you don’t let heartbreak or store bargains keep you from doing your work.

I wonder our lives only exist around our jobs. He must be talking about those workaholics who got no life of their own and think only about work. It’s understandable since the billionaire such as Mr. Trump, who always think of how to increase his enterprise and who can get(or ditch) any women anytime without much effort would think work more important than other matters.

For me, I think if I ever get a serious heartbreak (I wish not), I wouldn’t want to do anything for sometimes. But then that’s all depends on individuality and how serious you take your relationships as. But I bet most Asian tends to take relationships matter more serious than those of the westenners. I’m just speaking in general but then hey what do I know; so may be not.

But I must say, that Japanese company is very considerate about their staffs well being. I’m sure the staffs appreciate about it and would boost their motivation to work harder for the company.

It’s a nice read for my morning tea break. Makes me think. :)

I was reading about “Footloose – Adjustable high heels” page forwarded by my bro and thinking what a great idea it is to create one as such. I think, at the moment it’s only in a prototype stage and has not developed into full product yet. It was designed by some design-school graduate last year.(# Via Core77)

Footloose - Adjustable High Heels

The high-heeled shoe is a classic example of a no pain, no gain product. Women wearing them take so much trouble for granted! I decided to challenge this compromise. Would it be possible to make a shoe having all advantages of high heels, just as well as the comfort of flats?

The character of this shoe is in the heel shape. It has separate tips for both positions. While being used in one position, the other heel tip is kept out of sight in and opening in the sole. The shoe is being transformed with a simple and quick movement: one just pulls the heel downwards to release it, after which it can be folded in or out as preferred. The adjustment of the heel position automatically changes the curvature of the sole to fit the altered shape of the foot.

One comment says “it’s all about appearance, not comfort. And sexy legs are worth the sacrifice”. I’m sure you might find girls very silly but that’s what many girls think (not me). I do wear heeled sandals; not those pointed 4′+ heels, but some comfy heels. My heels are flat, only about 1.5′ the most and easy to move about. The heels do enhance your appearance but the most important and the ideal ones are the one you really comfortable wearing. I came across this cool “Virtual Shoe Virtual Shoe Museum via one of the posts and was checking out some funky shoes there. I go for hi-tec shoe section and found these interesting shoes to share with you.

Carbon II: this one looks neat. Looks like a folded paper – origami folds. I have no idea how to wear “Moulded” and go about in that shoe.

carbon-shoe-1 moulded-2
leather-mache-II  one

This one is called “Solid“. I’m not sure it’s a shoe or toilet bowl? Seem like the latter to me. Only when I saw a girl wearing it then I realized it really is wearable.

solid solid-3

Terminus Est and Artus Duplex – These look really cool in terms of color and the material part. But I dare not lean backward. Artus Duplex looks very robotee.

terminus-est  artus-duplex

Holly Mother!! For these, I’m lost for word. They are called “Rhonda Zwillinger“.

RhondaZwillinger9  RhondaZwillinger7
RhondaZwillinger6  RhondaZwillinger10

Have fun shoe shopping.

LLBLGen vs CodeSmith

Comparison between LLBLGen Pro and CodeSmith tools. I’m very new to both so the following points might be completely wrong. So correct me please and do fill in more.

LLBLGen CodeSmith
O/R Mapper + Code Generator Template based Code Generator
Uses Parameterized Dynamic Queries Mainly Stored procedures
Cost license fee,
Need to buy template studio for custom template creation/management.
Free (console version)
Comes as templates so add/update or manage as you wish.
On-fly code generation, you don’t get to see templates or whatsoever. Gives control over the whole process, top-bottom, as they are managed by individual templates
Does not create DB schema/generation. Creates the whole DB structure ie. Storeprocs, triggers, tables, functions etc
N-tier generated with one go ie. If you change something in DB, you just regenerate the llblgen project and all files get updated. Individual template/batch file generation ie. You need to run B&D batch, channel batch etc one by one to get update files across 3 layer solutions.
No webservices, remoting or channel server. Just uses classes and collections – entities, typelist, typeviews etc Can add as much layer separation between DB end and UI end. Can manage as you wish just by working on templates
Less code – 2 projects, 1 solution More code, some redundant – multiple projects, 3 solutions
N-tier project structure
- Database Generic
- Database Specific
- UI
(2 types: Adapter based or SelfServicing)
N-tier project structure
- Business and Data
- Public Channels
- Presentations
(Add more as you wish)
Do sorting, filtering, grouping, paging, all DB queries by a few class calls. (Dynamic queries) Need individual storeproc for each function. Adding one function needs to do individual updates for all projects and across solutions as well. Extensive use of storeproc.
It is n-tier but basic multi tier structure which separate Business data code from UI codes. Advance/better n-tier architecture. Greater security and more control over each layers.
Easier code generation + usage + less error generation. Need proper setup or you’ll get tangle in between. Small error in your base template will affect the entire project code.
You write very little code ie. Only need to write for UI code. You have to write all the codes for your based templates if you don’t already have templates in hand.
Provide .net 1.1, and .net 2.0 classes, ready to use and choose whichever you need. No .net 2.0 codesmith templates for us yet. Can use third-party templates but it will cost us.
It doesn’t require dotnet framework and work independently. Uses dotnet framework as main backbone.

# References:

# Debate: O/R Mapping or Code Generation : Lots of discussion going on there in the reply threads.
# Your Favorite O/R Mapper? : A discussion on O/R Mappers
# CodeSmith Rocks! | When code generation goes bad…
# LLBLGenPro vs CodeSmith w/ .netTiers

Google spreadsheets Sneak Peek

Got this info from one of myanmar bloggers I visited last nite. (I’m sorry which blog exactly I seen it from)

A new google features in testing stage. You can sign up for the invitation. I don’t use spreadsheets often but I bet it’s useful for some of you.
You can check it out here: Google Spreadsheets. (updated the link*)
Creating Spreadsheets
google spreadsheet creating

Sharing Spreadsheets
Google spreadsheet Sharing

Storing Spreadsheets
Google, , , , ,

It’s all because of Darren Rowse’s Blogging Goals.
May is determined that Mayvelous:

To Enjoy Myself.

Gloomy May

I don’t feel like blogging lately. Not that I don’t have anything to write about, actually I got lots to write about. Just that I’m lacking motivation to type up. My random thoughts are always roaming in my head but to put them in proper wording is the problem.

One of the reasons I’m lacking motivation these days is cos’ I’m disappointed with one of my current projects.
We’re using WSS(Windows Sharepoint Services) in intranet project that I’m doing and it’s giving me such a pain and messing up my good mood.

To start of, WSS is such a pain in the god damn unspoken part. It has such a crappy user interface and a documentation. The customization is too painful and lack of good sample resources online. (I still can’t find proper sample documentation for what I’m trying to do yet). I’m struggling with it for a few weeks already and still can’t figure out much from head to tail. The whole day I sit at my desk, read, research, test, scratch my head, pull hair, curse this and that, etc etc. Not only that, I go home, thinking about WSS, I watch TV thinking about WSS, I eat, sleep, go toilet, thinking about WSS. I can’t think of other things to do but think about WSS and have unsettle feeling about unresolved things on WSS. I’m starting to get scared to go to work, to face that damn project again. God damn WSS!!!

Another reason my lack of motivation is that, I’m pretty much disappointed with my whole life situation. (yah big thing haha) There are lots of things I want to do which cannot be done. For example,
I’m disappointed with my work,
I’m disappointed with my pay,
I’m disappointed about my mentor leaving the company,
I’m disappointed about my inability to do things,
I’m disappointed that I’m a terrible programmer,
I’m disappointed about me being a bad sister,
I’m disappointed about me being an unhelpful daughter,
I’m disappointed about me being an unfriendly friend,
I’m disappointed that I’m so lazy,
I’m disappointed that I lack motivation to do things,
I’m disappointed that I can never satisfy with things,
I’m disappointed about me talking about my disappointments here,
Damn I’m so disappointed in me.

Oh well enough about my gloomy life, I’ve decided to pull myself back on track and catch things up. Hope to update my blog regularly this month and months ahead. :-)
Thanks you for visiting here and being an understandable reader.

With Sincere Appreciations,
Gloomy May.

New Web Resources Sites

So am I imagining or lately people tend to get hungry alot? I’m seeing two new cool sites and they both using food stuff in their logo.

Check these out:
# Think Vitamin – Orange,

Vitamin is a brand new online magazine dedicated to that new web industry.

Vitamin will inspire you, teach you, advise you and sometimes test you with its in-depth features, audio interviews, training sessions and reviews.

It’s updated every week, and it’s free!

# Bite Size Standards – Cookie!

Bite Size Standards aims to offer concise web development tutorials, tips and tricks. Written by designers and developers who are passionate about web standards.

P.S: Thx Jason for link.

Better grab their feeds.
Oh by the way, what’s those letters in bite size standards logo? I can read the big “B” and “S” but what’s that down below? “I-T-E”, “I-S-E”?? What’s that mean?

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