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31 Aug 2012 18:00, A mouse ran pass under my legs at Sydney Hilton hotel lounge. A staff from the cafe and 3 guards ran after it with a bag. The mouse got trapped at the entrance rotating door but the man couldn’t catch him in the bag. After struggling for 3 min the mouse got away and jumped down the escalator beside the entrance. So the men followed. It was a palm size, quite big mouse with a long tail. Others screamed and jumped on the seats. I just stared and go oh oh oh and move my legs to make a way for the mouse to pass. I’m not scare of pests but if it was a worm crawling near me, I would have screamed my head off. I’m bad with wriggling slimy things. Anyways it’s a shame to see mouse running around at Hilton. It was unfortunate that my hands were occupied and couldn’t take a photo. Quite a first time remembrance at Hilton Hotel indeed.

Yet another random mumblings or something like what’s that cartoon says: “My bullshit’s sweet perfume etc:D

GapingVoid - My bullshit's sweet perfume etc
Via: Gapingvoid

Damn Dishwasher
I need a good flask or a little teapot for my tea. Don’t wanna waste tea bags for each cup of hot water I drink. 1 tea bag can be used for about 3 cups ie. I just want a mild lukewarm tea so gotta get a good little flask and have to keep it save in my drawer. Whenever I clean a cup and keep it on my desk, it disappears the next day. The office cleaner must have taken it back to the kitchen. Let me keep my own clean cup at least! I don’t like the dishwasher they have here, it’s not clean at all and very disgusting with many residues still sticking to the dishes after. Why can’t they just leave a traditional liquid soup and a sponge there! Anyways…You see, I use this folded tissue paper to cover my tea cup just to keep it warm a bit longer. I’ve been wondering why the side facing the hot water doesn’t get wet but the outer side does. Hmm someone care to explain me the reason? I’ve never been good at Chemistry. :D

04/02/2011 04/02/2011

Tweets of the week
I just find this two pretty amusing.
@kaoskongo #YouKnowYourFijian ‘Umbrella’ is pronounced ‘Um-ba-re-lla’ #ella #ella

@sher0d Just viewed source on Bing: <html><head><title>Bing</title></head><body><iframe src=””></iframe></body></html>

Aussie Guys
Yesterday I was walking along Pitt St towards Castlereagh St and saw this two men kissing passionately in the middle of a very crowded street. Then another couple around World Square was hugging and whispering as they walk. Again this morning when I was on the way to work, on the bus, this big guy sitting next to me was flirting on the phone but I can very clearly hear the receiver from the other end was a man as well. Then I remember my Czech ex-flatmate once says; “In Australia, all the guys are either Married, Taken or Gays“. Hmm…O…K… I have no discrimination toward bi, tri, quad or whatever genders. I just find that people over here are very passionate and very openly show their affection in the public places. May be I’m just a traditionalist or come from a place where I don’t often see those kind of public affections so it’s kind of new for me.

Santa’s Close Relatives
I always have a problem with hairy people, especially those with extreme facial hair. I just can’t understand why they’re so very much in love with their facial hair; some cultivate them very carefully, some just have them for the sake of having them and some just doesn’t own a mirror or a shave. Whatever their reasons are, they just freak me out and kind of scare me. We had a lunch at this bar, Lord Nelson Brewery, last Friday. It was quite a crowded lunch hour; our table was right beside the entrance and 80% of the guys coming in have all those ugly facial hair and untidy long bird nest hair…urgh! Anyways, the lunch was nice, I had chilli crab spaghetti. I’m thinking of trying out the pie next time cos’ the table next to us were having pies and I’m very much curious about what those green stuffs on their pies are.

Ok that’s all for now. Ohhohoho :P

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  • Oh Dear Me & My Dances

    We had a Zouk Lambada beginner class yesterday evening. It was really hard dance steps for us (me) though it’s only a few beginner steps to learn but some of us (me) just can’t follow. It’s really sexy dance if you dance it well; the moves are so cool when the instructor and another assistance instructor demonstrated to us. There’s no way we can dance like that at this stage since we are still very much struggling with just one basic foot work.

    Anticipation leads to disappointment“, said so the instructor many times. He kept telling us to follow the men’s lead and let the guys do the thinking cos’ they are the brains here and women just follow whatever the guys do.
    He said, there are only two rules in dancing (and in life as well);

    1st rule – “The man is always right”;
    2nd rule, “If you think he’s wrong, refer to rule #1″.

    If you step on the guy’s feet, say sorry cos’ it’s your fault, you’re not following the guy’s lead.
    If he step on your toes, you apologise, it’s again your fault, cos’ you didn’t move your foot back.

    I would agree to follow the lead if the guy is a good leader but some of the guys are just very bad at dancing; forget about leading, they can’t even get their own footwork right. We have to rotate around the floor so get to dance with everyone. You make heaps of mistakes if the guy partner is terrible. There’s no team work in dancing, it’s just follow the guy’s lead (according to the instructor) so blame it all on the guys. It’s quite true cos’ you dance so well if you get to partner with bronze level students or an advance level guys. They can lead you on not only on the footwork but also on the body movement as well. For us beginners, we only concentrate on the footwork and none at all for body/hip movement that all of us dancing like stiff mechanical robots at the moment.

    You have to practice a lot in order to get the foot work right without looking down at the feet all the time. But for me, I forget the steps the min I step out of the studio so there’s no way for me to improve in dancing. Every Friday 8-11pm is a social dance where you can practice whatever you learn with everyone. The music keeps changing every few min and you get to dance with whoever ask you to dance. The problem for me is, I don’t even know which music beat is for which type of dance and even if I kinda know the beat, I forgot the footwork for the dance. :D I’m totally hopeless in this area. At the last social dance, this girl asked me what’s my plan after this class, and I told her I have no idea cos’ I wasn’t planning to join the classes to start with and I’m just coming here for a bit of laughter and fun since I need to de-stress myself. As for her, she comes to the studio to practice everyday, she’s really an advance level once and can dance so beautifully, plus she’s a very pretty Java Software developer. Whoop what a girl!

    Anyways, so far I’m enjoying the lessons except for getting occasional sore toes cos’ the guys keep stepping on my toes. Especially those tall guys who have long steps which keep clashing with my steps. And yes, yes, I did apologise them for not moving my foot far enough. I get hurt and have to apologise too, not good at all! The instructor told me I think too much; he told me not to think at all but just follow the guy and go with the flow. But but, I just can’t do it, my brain just automatically tick tick tick and have to go figure out what’s the next step is, so yes, my anticipation keeps getting me sore feet and disappointment. Nevertheless, I’m enjoying the dances so far!

    Here is my favorite Zouk vid published on the studio’s site. You can check out some more vids and a bit of the info on Zouk here. They are all performed at the “Step Up Dance Studio“. So very cool yet so hard isn’t it?


    And here are recent Spring Ball performances and previous functions too. They are asking if we want to participate in the next function. We can ask the instructor of our choice to partner with us and he’ll teach us the choreography and everything. It’s pretty fun to watch all those previous performances.

    Oh yes, coming Friday is V Day special social dance function so everyone has to wear pink or hot pink or anything to do with pink. Let’s see what the guys wear then. Ok, that’s all for now and I’ll be at the social dance tonight.

    Enjoy your Friday!

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  • Come Dance With Me

    “Lets go dance!; just come watch me!!, you gotta keep all the guys off me”, so says my sis… and there I was just tagging along with her to check out the place…and accidentally signed up for the beginner lessons for the next 9 weeks.

    It’s at “Step Up Dance Studio“, Level 1, 160 Castlereagh St, Sydney Australia, which is a few streets away from our apartment.


    We’ve started the first lesson, Waltz, this evening. There are 2 instructors, 1 helper and 5 beginners including my sis and I. The lead instructor was quite talkative and friendly. I didn’t prepare anything at all to start with; my footwear wasn’t fit for dancing but still doable. I was the worst in the group, kept making mistakes with footwork but I didn’t step on others, just tripped my own steps. We are going to learn 9 dances in this 18 lessons. Details as followed:

    Beginners Group
    You will learn the 9 dances in the beginners lessons:
    Latin American: Samba, Rumba, Cha Cha, Swing and Salsa
    Ballroom: Waltz, Foxtrot and Tango, Zouk-Lambada!

    18 Week Lesson Block – $270 per person

    Tue: 6:30 – 7:30pm
    Thu: 7:00 – 8:00pm

    I have no idea what all those dances are; I’ve heard of the names but don’t know which is which. So I shall see the differences and a few basic moves out of this beginner lessons. Overall, the first lesson was pretty fun and apart from keep tripping myself, I enjoyed it a lot.

    There’s a social dancing session on Fridays which is open to all $15 for 3hr; instructor said it’s a good time to mingle with other dancers and practice your dance skills. Alrite, so whoever interested in learning some moves, you can join us and you’ll see me making a fool out of myself there. :P

    Rotten Service at ANZ Suva

    This is a complaint post and I’m gonna bitch about my anger here so get lost now kindly ignore me if you don’t want to read my frustrations.

    We (brother and I) have opened a joint saving account at ANZ main branch early August (18th to be exact). I’ve asked the lady who opened our account when we will get our ATM cards; she said “should arrive to you post box after two days”. I knew when they say two days that means two weeks with added “Fiji Time” but I wasn’t worry about it as long as I get the cards after two weeks.

    We usually check our post box three or four times a week and there wouldn’t be a week we forget to check it. I was anticipating the cards should arrive after two weeks but no sign of them, not even a note to collect from their branch after four weeks. So, on 17th Sept, I looked for some contact details on the ANZ Fiji website and used the general enquiry form to email regarding the lateness of our cards.

    They responded my email after 25min, requesting the account number as they were having some problem with the system and could not search by name, which was surprisingly fast and I was happy about their prompt service. After I sent the account number, the “Electronic Business – Fiji (ebusfj)” forwarded our cards numbers to “EBS HelpDesk HUB” asking for the cards’ despatch date as “ebusfj” couldn’t retrieve the action date due to the difficulties on beam (whatever the beam is).


    Saw this on Marc My Words and thought it’s cute so sharing.

    Level of Intimacy

    I prefer to intimate with #4 and #6 and less intimate with #7, #3, #2 and #5. Haven’t had a chance with #9.

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  • Yesterday, we received this note from ANZ regarding the Credit card usage overseas. Correct me if I understood it wrongly, but does that mean we cannot use credit card for anything except travel related like buying flight ticket? So how can we pay for other online purchases like:

    • online shopping (general, hosting, domain, etc),
    • online membership/subscriptions fees (World of Warcraft subscriptions, etc),
    • online visa application fees (not necessarily a travel visa),
    • online education fees (MS Certs/Distance education)
    • and many other expenses

    And why do we have to send the bank statements and stuffs – “for our confirmation that card has been used in line with the new guidelines”. What a bother!

    I don’t understand what’s going on with Fiji economy and foreign exchange policies. I don’t study economics, I don’t care about it; what I don’t care, I don’t want to know. But what I do know is that I want to use my own money in any way I like and I want no restrictions placed upon it.

    The main reason I got myself a Credit card was to use it overseas related expenses and online payments. I don’t need a Credit card for any of the local transactions. I’m really unhappy about this new rules; first they rob us of 20% of our wealth (via devaluation) then they want to say I can’t buy stuffs with my own money. Ridiculous!

    Dear Customer

    Use of Personal and Business Credit Cards Overseas

    We advise that the Reserve Bank of Fiji (RBF) has recently reviewed its exchange control guidelines in respect to the operations of Credit Cards when used overseas and has made the following changes with immediate effect:

    • The Credit cards are to be used only for travel related expenditures which include reasonable expense for shopping etc, and to pay for small amounts of miscellaneous imports;
    • A cash drawing/cash advance limit while overseas has been set at FJD1,500 per month;
    • Credit card payments via Internet or Phone banking are limited to only $5,000 per month. You are required to forward a copy of the Bank statement to Customer Relations, 7th Floor, ANZ House for our confirmation that card has been used in line with the new guidelines;
    • Business Credit Cards – are exempted from restriction on usage, however, RBF’s prior approval is required for any payment in excess of $5,000 for a purpose other than ‘travel’ related;

    The monthly repayment limit delegated to commercial banks remains at $5,000 per month for overseas transactions for personal credit cards and a new limit has been set at $20,000 per card holder for Business Credit cards. Any payment above these limits must be referred to RBF for approval. To this end, customers are required to submit the original bank statement fo the cards account to RBF and seek their approval before payment can be effected by the commercial bank. Please note you would have to get this approval as RBF may seek clarification on overseas transactions.

    In the event you breach any of these new guidelines, you would be reported to RBF. This could possibly lead to the cancellation of your credit card facility. Please call Contact Centre on phone 132411 should you require any clarification in respect to these advices.

    Yours faithfully
    Haroon Ali
    Head of Retail Banking

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