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Free Burma!

About “Free Burma!”
International bloggers are preparing an action to support the peaceful revolution in Burma. We want to set a sign for freedom and show our sympathy for these people who are fighting their cruel regime without weapons. These Bloggers are planning to refrain from posting to their blogs on October 4 and just put up one Banner then, underlined with the words „Free Burma!“.

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  • Quotology: Politics

    “The word ‘politics‘ is derived from the word ‘poly‘, meaning ‘many‘, and the word ‘ticks‘, meaning ‘blood sucking parasites‘.” -Larry Hardiman

    “In democracy it’s your vote that counts; In feudalism it’s your count that votes.” -Mogens Jallberg

    “Get all the fools on your side and you can be elected to anything.”-Frank Dane

    Via: Quotation Pages

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  • A Threat? For What?

    I got this message from my contact form this evening.

    Fiji Military really threatening me? For what? Just because they see my link on one politic blog? If it’s for real then send it as a formal letter with proper military seals. Come get me at my office since you know where I work.

    I want a proper explanation from Military or whoever behind this nasty email. I strongly feel this as a serious harassment and would like to take action against it. This is a form of terrorizing the public. They are trying to demolish freedom of speech, most importantly shutting up bloggers’ voices, and leave people in terror to suck up to them.

    Or is this some bad joke? Whoever playing this kind of sick joke will get caught one day and get punished. But to threaten someone like that, is just unbearable. If you wanted to make other people miserable then you just succeeded. I couldn’t have my dinner in peace and ate very little, you damn arses #@$%!

    Feed Back Message from – 9 March 2007 5:26 pm

    RFMF – Webmaster wrote:
    This is to forwarn you that your site is among those listed on The site is listed in our records as one which contains inciteful material. Please note that we are aware of your current work location and your link with Datec Pacific. We urge you to contact the author(s) of the above mentioned site to have your site removed. Failure to do this will be taken as an indication of your support for such sites and this may result in arrests of you and your family members under the current State of Emergency decree’s


    The more they do this kind of threats, the more they’ll be degraded by countrymen and there’ll be no place for Fiji in the international/public eyes.

    Politic is nonsense. Fiji politic is shit hole. I’ll be damned if I know how to spell the president’s name right or know who the vice president is. You are messing with someone who don’t give a shit about politic. So bite me.
    Some freakin’ arses spoiling my friday evening! @#%!$ Garr GARRRRRRR!!

    PM – The Army Commander

    Frank BainimaramaI watched 6 o’clock news about yet another new PM swearing-in. This time it’s the big guy himself. I thought last time Bainimarama was accepting some applications for PM post. I guess no one cares to apply for it so he fills himself in.
    Moreover, he is now taking two positions?? – PM as well as Military Commodore. I wonder how he will manage that.

    Army commander and coup leader Voreqe Bainimarama has been sworn in as Fiji’s interim prime minister.
    Via: FijiTimes

    At a press conference, Cdre Bainimarama said he will hold on to the RFMF Commander’sposition while he discharges his duty as the Interim PM.
    Via Daily Post.

    I’m wondering how are they going to address him – “The Honorable Commondore Prime Minister Frank Bainimarama, Sir”. Whoa, what a long title. I need some water.

    Mean while, military checkpoints are still in action and it’s kinda fun watching those soldiers standing in the rain. I think they got pay hourly rate or something. I think people around the country feel more secure with soldiers on the road as it reduces crime rate and more good night sleep.

    It’s a mix feeling among people. Some approve of military take over (quite alot actually) and some don’t (more like international media and relations). What about my feelings? Hey who cares what I feel or think right? I’m ok as long as there is no shooting or bloodshed. But it’s not so cool if this affects country economy and reputation. Come to think of…ditch reputation, cos’ every country has the goods and the bads so yes only economy to consider. So I still disapprove of the pay cut policy! Humph!

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  • Burma 59th Independence Day

    Burma MapSo it is Burma’s 59th Independence Day since Burma achieved its independence from the British colonial rule on 4th January 1948.

    I thought of writing something about our Independence Day but nothing came out from my head.
    Are we celebrating?
    Are we happy?
    Are we independent?

    I don’t feel a thing about it, I don’t even remember sometimes.
    I thought of putting up our flag on this post. Then I got confused which flag to put.
    I thought of writing as “Myanmar” then I messed up with “Burma”.
    I tried to remember how we celebrate Independence Day back in Yangon, the capital city then I remembered it has changed.
    I tried hard to remember something about Independence Day…nothing…nothing at all.

    Oh well, what a shameful state of mind I’m having. Anyway at least I got the date right.

    So Salute!

    Military Censors Fijitimes

    Whoa! Now, Fiji’s becoming more like some country I know of. (wink*) Shall I say copy cat (whisper*) again? LOL

    PM is in house arrest and Military taking over the government as well as public/media freedom of speech. Ouch, that’s just so mean.

    Fiji Times shuts under censorship threat

    The Fiji Times Limited has suspended publication after the Fiji military ordered the paper not to publish any “propaganda” against the new political leadership.

    Yianni and Kakaivalu argued that a free press meant any and all opinions should be published in a balanced way. The Army said it would not tolerate the newspaper publishing any views that opposed those of the Army. Officers said the Army would instead close the newspaper.

    Mr Yianni then ordered the newspaper closed himself. Yianni last night said the military’s demands breached the Constitution of Fiji, which specifically protects freedom of speech.

    Yo Mr. Sheehy, if they don’t allow to post on Fijitimes, you can always put it up on strangepants. Most welcome on mayvelous too. haha

    Well, one thing I can say is, although PM is under house arrest, international media and the public can reach him. He can communicate with outside world quite easily. Not like some house arrest in some country I know of. So I guess, it’s still not that bad. (trying to be optimistic)

    I don’t know anything about politics and how this Fiji coup started, but from the look of it, Commodore Voreqe Bainimarama is too ugly to be in the “good guy” position. I guess Mr Qarase is much better looking to act as a good guy. LOL You bet, I’ll go for the good look to judge since I have no idea what/why they on cat-fight. One is throwing mean threats all over the places and another is crying for help. Mean while, I don’t know what the big-fat-old guy in the big house is doing. I guess he’s confusing himself over which side to take. Oh well he’s too old to keep awake and amuse himself while those people on cat-fight.
    Oh the PM position just been filled. My friend didn’t get it, too bad.

    …former Fiji Medical Association president Ratu Jona Senilagakali as the interim prime minister.
    Military dismisses Fiji government

    I’m learning how to spell “Democracy”, cos’ I kinda forgot that word these days.


    59th Martyrs Day

    So it’s another year of remembrance, 59th Martyrs day. Do you remember about it?

    General Aung SanAzarni day or Martyr’s Day is held on 19th July annually in Burma/Myanmar. It is held to mark the assassination of its founding father and independence leader along with his cabinet on this day in 1947 at 10:37 AM. This
    year marks the 59th anniversary of this martyrs’ day. Assassinated cabinet members were General Aung San, Mai Pun Saw-Bwar Gyi Sao San Tun, Mann Ba Khaing,Takhin Mya, U Razak, U Ba Win (Elder brother of Aung San), and Dedoke U Ba Cho, Ministry secretary U Ohn Maung and body guard of U Razak, Ye Baw Ko Twe also died at this incident.
    Shwe Ba

    Last night after updating Burma Digest articles, I was trying to recall this “Aung San ZarNi” poem that we learn in primary days. I can only remember a few verses and was very disappointed with myself that I forgot this nice poem. Luckily I got full poem from artixlin today while I’m reading feeds. Thank you so much for that and I’m passing along so whoever forgot about it can remember again.

    (၅၉) ႏွစ္ေျမာက္ အာဇာနည္ေန႕

    martyrs day

    ေဖေဖၚ၀ါရီ ဆယ့္သံုး မွာ
    ေရွ႕ေန ဦးဖာသား၊
    ဇာတိ နတ္ေမာက္ မေကြးခရိုင္
    သိၾကမ်ား ခုတိုင္၊
    ႀကံ့ႀကံ့ခိုင္လို႕ ဇာနည္ဘြား
    ေျပာင္းၾကြ တမလြန္၊
    မ်က္ရည္သြန္လို႕ ဘ၀င္ညိႈး
    ဇူလိုင္ တစ္ဆယ့္ကိုး။
    ျပည္ေထာင္စုရဲ႕ ေက်းဇူးရွင္
    ဗိုလ္ခ်ဳပ္ တို႕ဖခင္၊
    ေကာင္းေစခ်င္တဲ့ မွာစကား
    ငါတို႕ မေမ့အား။

    There is a great article about marythar day by Shwe Ba on this week Burma Digest posts and also have a read through Aunty Suu’s vision of her father.

    My father made it abundantly clear that the army was meant to serve the people, that it should abide by principles of justice and honor, and that unless it could win and keep the trust and respect of the people, its purpose would be vitiated. He never intended the army to meddle in government. A liberal and a democrat, he saw from the fascist Japanese army the dangers of military absolutism. When he decided to work for freedom after the war, the beloved, respected general transferred command to a capable Sandhurst-trained Karen officer.

    Also have a look at this featured article by Martyrs and Martyrdom by Dr. Sein Myint.

    A martyr is a person who dies for their convictions or religious faith, such as during the persecution of early Christians in the Roman Empire. Sometimes the term is applied to those who use violence, such as dying for a nation’s glory during wartime (usually known under other names such as “fallen warriors”). The death of a martyr is called martyrdom.

    I also remember the song – “Bo Shu Ta Bin”. I’m not sure it’s related to RZarNay or TatMaTawNay but I like that song. Wish I could listen to that again if I have a chance but I can’t find mp3 anywhere on net. If you have that song, please share with me.

    There is another song it goes like …rzarni nay ko taw ma may khal par pyi or something, it’s really nice. Well I forgot that one too… :( there’s too many things I forgot. Shame on me.

    With respects and remembarance,

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