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Auu la la…the Tees are out on Paradise Failed. Yep, the “Chest Porns” is included as well.

The guys are running a little competition for free T-shirt give away. All you have to do is email them your wittiest slogan to best describe their blog. Check out the design samples below and read about the competition rules and stuffs on their post entry.

Paradise Not Found T-Shirts

I want one of those…wittiest slogan huh? Hmm…I’m not good at that. The due date is 1st Feb so I still got time; lets see if I can think of something by then. Well I’m just passing on the word for your chance to win one of those Tees. Geez I sounded like one of those Ads from TV.

Talk: Bulldozer

Scenario: Being the lazy arses as we are (Bro and I), we don’t even want to clean up our dishes after dinner and always putting off each other to do in turns.

Bro: Do my dishes for me today.

Me: I was gonna ask you the same thing. Why are you always copying me? Come to think of it, you always copy me and follow whatever I do.

Mom: That’s right. He always follows you around when you were young. He repeated whatever you say and always following you. Lucky, he didn’t wear skirt but went for pants. LOL

Me: That’s right. Back in school too, you used all my books to study.
You took the same subjects as me.
You went to the same Uni as me.
You graduated with the same degree like me.
Now we work in the same company, doing the same thing!!
What’s wrong with you? Why are you always following me?

Bro: Hey, I’m not following you. I’m just treating you like a bulldozer.
Don’t you know in Chess, the pawns go in front and cover for the king.
The same thing applies here. I’m just using you to clear my path.

Me: You little!! @#$%#@$%#*!!!

Moral behind the talk: Being the eldest is such a pain especially with these kind of bad mouth siblings.

Regarding the matter of pawn and chess, I just read that the guys from Failed-Paradise were also cracking up about Chest and Porn.

I love the slogan for geek T-Shirt idea proposed by Digital Fiji.

We are not chest porns to be played around with.

There you go, I’m not your chest porn nor I the bulldozer. haha.
I’ll just wait and see how the designs come out as. Whoever wear them, go around in town and take some photo of yourself. If you’re lucky, your pic might even get into the next day Fijitimes post; otherwise you can always show off yourself on your blog. :P

Strange Pants’ Wedding

Last Saturday, we (my bro and I) were honored to attend our friends’ wedding at Trade-winds in Lami. It was the wedding of one of our ex-colleague and seniors, “Strange Pants“, and his beloved, the fun and cheerful Alisi. The occasion was held on the auspicious and memorable day – 7th July 2007 at 4pm. (07-07-07) Very easy to remember for anniversaries.

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Promises and Vows
When we arrived there late and, it was already started; we were about 45min late. We gave our gifts to the welcoming party, sign the guest sheets and quickly went in front to take a seat. Nobody was taking photos that time so I started to take some, shortly followed by some guests and friends photographers. There are some speeches and prayers in both English and Fijian languages. Bride and Groom exchanged Vows in both languages as well. Jachin had a hard time repeating the Fijian words but he managed to keep up and done quite well in the end. The guests applauded him for his effort. While exchanging Vows and rings, Alisi was crying, happy tears…oh just so cute!

Jachin and Alisi Wedding Jachin and Alisi Wedding Jachin and Alisi Wedding Jachin and Alisi Wedding Jachin and Alisi Wedding

Jachin and Alisi Wedding Jachin and Alisi Wedding Jachin and Alisi Wedding Jachin and Alisi Wedding Jachin and Alisi Wedding

Jachin and Alisi Wedding Jachin and Alisi Wedding Jachin and Alisi Wedding Jachin and Alisi Wedding Jachin and Alisi Wedding

Jachin and Alisi Wedding Jachin and Alisi Wedding Jachin and Alisi Wedding

Greeting Guests
The couple received lots of congratulations and blessings from the family, relatives and friends. They proceed to greet all the guests and went out to take some family photos. The session was halted for about 30 min to prepare for the next part.

Jachin and Alisi Wedding Jachin and Alisi Wedding Jachin and Alisi Wedding Jachin and Alisi Wedding

Jachin and Alisi Wedding Jachin and Alisi Wedding Jachin and Alisi Wedding Jachin and Alisi Wedding

Fijian Ceremony
Second session started with an exchange of gifts and formal greetings/welcoming in Fijian style. Both sides talked in Fijian. I think it’s something like bride’s family handing their daughter formally to the groom’s family and vice-versa. There is this thing called, “Tabua“, whale’s tooth which is used as a gift. I think it’s similar to olden days Burmese style engagement/wedding gifts where Burmese groom side has to give a set of cows and a set of coconut and bananas (Ok I’m not so sure. Different places have different way of giving gifts in asking for their bride’s hand) to the bride side. The more set of cows you give, the better for you. But nowadays, no more cows involved (may be coconut and banana are still used) and getting more materialistic, some bride’s side would ask for money or housing or jewels. Well don’t know properly cos’ I never get to see any close relative’s wedding yet. Same thing in Fijian society but instead of cows, they use this whale’s tooth. I think Jachin side offered quite a number of whale’s teeth during their engagement to Alisi family.

Jachin and Alisi Wedding Jachin and Alisi Wedding Jachin and Alisi Wedding Jachin and Alisi Wedding

Jachin and Alisi Wedding Jachin and Alisi Wedding Jachin and Alisi Wedding Jachin and Alisi Wedding

Honored Guests
There were quite a lot of guests attended the wedding. Many came from various part of Fiji and some from abroad. Some special guests are introduced; some came all the way from Tonga and Groom’s relatives from Brisbane Australia. There was a Tongan style food preparations ie. whole pig roasting and plenty of seafood. I forgot to take photos of the food. The meal was splendid with many courses. About 3 or 4 fish dishes, pork, Indian curries, salads, Lobsters, crabs and Fijian dishes. There were lots of food and many people took second helpings. My bro and I enjoyed a big plate full each.

Jachin and Alisi Wedding Jachin and Alisi Wedding Jachin and Alisi Wedding

Jachin and Alisi Wedding Jachin and Alisi Wedding Jachin and Alisi Wedding

Jachin and Alisi Wedding Jachin and Alisi Wedding Jachin and Alisi Wedding

There were three parts of entertainment. The first was a lovely song sang by one Fijian lady, the second was another song sing by Jachin’s younger brother (Jonathan or something) and his friend. I think they sang pretty well but there were some kids at the back screaming and playing and some people are not listening properly. I think the guy relized that too so he didn’t smile or say thank you towards the end of the song. But they did have some audiences, some girls came up in front to take a video. The last one was a dance performance by a young girl. I think she was one of the Bride’s maids too. It’s not a Fijian dance…Tongan?…not sure. The dance involves lots of hand movement and gestures with little head shakes and small footings. I like her costume and head part. She was very shy dancing in front everyone but she received lots of kisses from the audiences and some men danced along with her. It was overall a cute performance.

Jachin and Alisi Wedding Jachin and Alisi Wedding Jachin and Alisi Wedding

Jachin and Alisi Wedding Jachin and Alisi Wedding Jachin and Alisi Wedding

Speeches were given by the fathers of both sides as well as the special speech by the Groom and the Bride. The speech by the bride’s father was quite amusing where he talked about how he remembered the newly son-in-law in their first meeting and their very first impression on Jachin when he was introduced to the family for the first time. I’ve finally found out the reason behind the disappearance of Jachin’s long hair and big beard from that speech. It was after all because of Alisi’s Dad’s ultimatum to cut his hair if Jachin wants to date the daughter. haha It must have been his family influence…I discovered those big beards run in the family. Check out his Dad and the brother. :P When I first met Jason, he got a big beard, mustaches and a whole lot of long curly hair. He was one of the guys to interview me for my job. I thought he was about 35+ or something because of his appearance. He did scare me a bit during interview compared to the 2nd interviewer, Ian, who looked quite well and keep scratching his head that time. Though Ian has a beard, he didn’t have a big hair like Jason so not that scary. hehe. I thought Jason looked like a grandson of Frank Einstein and I called him “Sir”. Later I found out that he actually was just a few years older than me and quite fun to work with once you get to know him. Apart from that, Jason’s Dad and the couple speeches are quite normal mostly thanking God and everyone. Jachin and Alisi said about 20 – 30 thank yous in their short speech. I think they didn’t prepare their speech properly. But it was fine.

Jachin and Alisi Wedding Jachin and Alisi Wedding

Cutting Wedding Cake
Finally they cut the wedding cake. The cake looked cool and I like the porcelain doll at the top. They both look great posing in those photos.

Jachin and Alisi Wedding Jachin and Alisi Wedding Jachin and Alisi Wedding Jachin and Alisi Wedding

Jachin and Alisi Wedding Jachin and Alisi Wedding Jachin and Alisi Wedding Jachin and Alisi Wedding

Jachin and Alisi Wedding Jachin and Alisi Wedding Jachin and Alisi Wedding

One thing I noticed from the wedding was that there is no kissing involved after their exchange of Vows. It was absolutely PG rating. hehe The couple kisses outside while they are taking photos, just to pose. May be because the wedding was a mix styled, Fijian and Australian, some usual scenes are missing. Another thing is no throwing of flower bouquet from the Bride after the wedding…may be she did throw it before they left but I didn’t get to see cos’ we came back home early. Aww yah, I like the bouquet, it’s made out of “Tapa“. Alisi’s gown is also made of Tapa and is a beautifully crafted dress.

Anyways the wedding was great and everyone enjoyed it. Around 8:30pm, we came back home. We wished the couple many happiness and many many many children in their near future. :D

I was reading about “Footloose – Adjustable high heels” page forwarded by my bro and thinking what a great idea it is to create one as such. I think, at the moment it’s only in a prototype stage and has not developed into full product yet. It was designed by some design-school graduate last year.(# Via Core77)

Footloose - Adjustable High Heels

The high-heeled shoe is a classic example of a no pain, no gain product. Women wearing them take so much trouble for granted! I decided to challenge this compromise. Would it be possible to make a shoe having all advantages of high heels, just as well as the comfort of flats?

The character of this shoe is in the heel shape. It has separate tips for both positions. While being used in one position, the other heel tip is kept out of sight in and opening in the sole. The shoe is being transformed with a simple and quick movement: one just pulls the heel downwards to release it, after which it can be folded in or out as preferred. The adjustment of the heel position automatically changes the curvature of the sole to fit the altered shape of the foot.

One comment says “it’s all about appearance, not comfort. And sexy legs are worth the sacrifice”. I’m sure you might find girls very silly but that’s what many girls think (not me). I do wear heeled sandals; not those pointed 4′+ heels, but some comfy heels. My heels are flat, only about 1.5′ the most and easy to move about. The heels do enhance your appearance but the most important and the ideal ones are the one you really comfortable wearing. I came across this cool “Virtual Shoe Virtual Shoe Museum via one of the posts and was checking out some funky shoes there. I go for hi-tec shoe section and found these interesting shoes to share with you.

Carbon II: this one looks neat. Looks like a folded paper – origami folds. I have no idea how to wear “Moulded” and go about in that shoe.

carbon-shoe-1 moulded-2
leather-mache-II  one

This one is called “Solid“. I’m not sure it’s a shoe or toilet bowl? Seem like the latter to me. Only when I saw a girl wearing it then I realized it really is wearable.

solid solid-3

Terminus Est and Artus Duplex – These look really cool in terms of color and the material part. But I dare not lean backward. Artus Duplex looks very robotee.

terminus-est  artus-duplex

Holly Mother!! For these, I’m lost for word. They are called “Rhonda Zwillinger“.

RhondaZwillinger9  RhondaZwillinger7
RhondaZwillinger6  RhondaZwillinger10

Have fun shoe shopping.

I came across this photo from U San Oo’s Blog, I just love it so sharing with you. Check out how she gracefully wear Myanmar traditional dress and the way she was posing. Just sooo cute!!!

Little girl in Myanmar Traditional Dress

Come to think of it…I’ve never worn a Myanmar traditional dress in my life yet. I don’t even wear a Longyi (Sulu). I’m going to get one next time I go back Burma. The photo is a bit blur but you get the idea of how Burmese traditional dress looks like.

Your Rings, Your Fingers

Diamonds are foreverToday, a friend of mine was telling me about her experience with wearing a ring on particular finger. She wore the rings on her thumbs and was asked by an old Chinese lady for her peculiarity. My friend just wears it as a fashion without any meaning to it, yet she came to ask me whether they got any meanings. I remember sometimes back, I’ve written about birth stones, rings and the fingers post on But I don’t have a clue on significant of wearing a ring on each finger or is there any at all?

As my nature, I like to check things out when I have some unresolved quests hence I did a bit of research on it and got this interesting information about fingers. No doubt, everything has its own meanings.

The first major factor to consider when analyzing a person’s hands is the concept of left and right being reflections of the subconscious and conscious mind, respectively. The wearing of rings will reveal areas of inhibitions, restrictions, or emphasis in the social realms governed by that finger.

I got some ideas about what each hand means and how to observer someone personality just by looking at the hand positioning/gestures.

The left hand is a reflection of man’s instinct and those beliefs and attitudes that are buried deep within the subconscious mind. The right hand is a reflection of man’s logical mind and those personal thoughts and preferences that are consciously known even though they are not always discussed openly.

Also found out these little facts on each fingers. I bet, you’ll be thinking twice which finger to wear a ring after you’ve read the article.

wedding ringThe Thumb: Willpower

Points to the self in a moment of personal pride, that closes over a fist when personally attacked. It is associated with the total self … the thumb represents the self…

A person who consistently keeps the thumb well separated from the rest of the fingers is a person who insists upon freedom of thought and action. This person values independence and the more prominently the thumbs are displayed, the more important is the sense of freedom at that moment.

fashion ringsThe Index Finger: Authority

This is the finger that wags in disapproval, that gestures informed or stubborn expertise, that indicates silent direction and commands. It is associated with leadership and ambition. It is rather interesting to note those fashion seekers who wear rings on their index fingers.

Ring1The Middle Finger: Identity

This is the finger most often used in obscene gesturing when one wishes to express an offense to personal dignity. This seems to be the finger with the most strength and balance, rooted firmly in the center of the hand. It is associated with our role in life, practicality, and the regulation of the foundations and limits of self. This finger announces “I am” and governs the way we see ourselves, our potentials, and our limitations.

A ring on this finger can announce that the person is unsure of personal roles or a place in society.

anniversary ringsThe Ring Finger: Creativity

Associated with affections, optimism, and artistic appreciation…This finger governs the potential of the shared self – what a person creates for self and for others as well as the legacies left after passing on. Such creativity extends to physical creation as well as material and mental creation.

The ring finger on the left hand is the only one with a direct connection to the heart. It is therefore more than coincidence that this became the finger that we restrict with a band at the marriage ceremony. It is a self-imposed restriction of the subconscious desires to share the self with others. A wedding, friendship, or engagement ring announces that the person’s creative fantasies are limited to the donor of that ring.

religious angel promise ringThe Little Finger: Relationships

This finger expresses man’s attitudes toward personal and sexual relationships. It is associated with rewards, both on a personal and materialistic level. A wide space would indicate freedom and independence of action in relationships with people and in all money-making endeavors. A more closed position would indicate that the person is less free with confidence, attentions, or speculations in finances. This finger indicates the person’s confidence in dealing with money – especially the ability to attract money through other people. The little finger also relates a person’s attitude about sexuality and relationships with the opposite sex.

To wear a ring on the little finger might announce an insecurity in relationships with people, perhaps even a sexual insecurity.

Man, that’s a lot isn’t it? I don’t know how they made those up anyway a good leisure time reading though. So, coming back to my friend having rings on both thumbs, I guess it’s either she has some strong will or it’s just a sense of fashion with outlandish style. Probably the latter.

Read full article: The Meanings of Rings and Fingers here
Read my old post: Knowing Your Birth Stones

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