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Rotten Service at ANZ Suva

This is a complaint post and I’m gonna bitch about my anger here so get lost now kindly ignore me if you don’t want to read my frustrations.

We (brother and I) have opened a joint saving account at ANZ main branch early August (18th to be exact). I’ve asked the lady who opened our account when we will get our ATM cards; she said “should arrive to you post box after two days”. I knew when they say two days that means two weeks with added “Fiji Time” but I wasn’t worry about it as long as I get the cards after two weeks.

We usually check our post box three or four times a week and there wouldn’t be a week we forget to check it. I was anticipating the cards should arrive after two weeks but no sign of them, not even a note to collect from their branch after four weeks. So, on 17th Sept, I looked for some contact details on the ANZ Fiji website and used the general enquiry form to email regarding the lateness of our cards.

They responded my email after 25min, requesting the account number as they were having some problem with the system and could not search by name, which was surprisingly fast and I was happy about their prompt service. After I sent the account number, the “Electronic Business – Fiji (ebusfj)” forwarded our cards numbers to “EBS HelpDesk HUB” asking for the cards’ despatch date as “ebusfj” couldn’t retrieve the action date due to the difficulties on beam (whatever the beam is).


Yesterday, we received this note from ANZ regarding the Credit card usage overseas. Correct me if I understood it wrongly, but does that mean we cannot use credit card for anything except travel related like buying flight ticket? So how can we pay for other online purchases like:

  • online shopping (general, hosting, domain, etc),
  • online membership/subscriptions fees (World of Warcraft subscriptions, etc),
  • online visa application fees (not necessarily a travel visa),
  • online education fees (MS Certs/Distance education)
  • and many other expenses

And why do we have to send the bank statements and stuffs – “for our confirmation that card has been used in line with the new guidelines”. What a bother!

I don’t understand what’s going on with Fiji economy and foreign exchange policies. I don’t study economics, I don’t care about it; what I don’t care, I don’t want to know. But what I do know is that I want to use my own money in any way I like and I want no restrictions placed upon it.

The main reason I got myself a Credit card was to use it overseas related expenses and online payments. I don’t need a Credit card for any of the local transactions. I’m really unhappy about this new rules; first they rob us of 20% of our wealth (via devaluation) then they want to say I can’t buy stuffs with my own money. Ridiculous!

Dear Customer

Use of Personal and Business Credit Cards Overseas

We advise that the Reserve Bank of Fiji (RBF) has recently reviewed its exchange control guidelines in respect to the operations of Credit Cards when used overseas and has made the following changes with immediate effect:

  • The Credit cards are to be used only for travel related expenditures which include reasonable expense for shopping etc, and to pay for small amounts of miscellaneous imports;
  • A cash drawing/cash advance limit while overseas has been set at FJD1,500 per month;
  • Credit card payments via Internet or Phone banking are limited to only $5,000 per month. You are required to forward a copy of the Bank statement to Customer Relations, 7th Floor, ANZ House for our confirmation that card has been used in line with the new guidelines;
  • Business Credit Cards – are exempted from restriction on usage, however, RBF’s prior approval is required for any payment in excess of $5,000 for a purpose other than ‘travel’ related;

The monthly repayment limit delegated to commercial banks remains at $5,000 per month for overseas transactions for personal credit cards and a new limit has been set at $20,000 per card holder for Business Credit cards. Any payment above these limits must be referred to RBF for approval. To this end, customers are required to submit the original bank statement fo the cards account to RBF and seek their approval before payment can be effected by the commercial bank. Please note you would have to get this approval as RBF may seek clarification on overseas transactions.

In the event you breach any of these new guidelines, you would be reported to RBF. This could possibly lead to the cancellation of your credit card facility. Please call Contact Centre on phone 132411 should you require any clarification in respect to these advices.

Yours faithfully
Haroon Ali
Head of Retail Banking

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  • I went to Nadi, (TPAF, Namaka), to train the trainers for this project we did for this customer yesterday last week Friday. It was the second session to train them on a very simple first phase (out of three) of this project. The first time they funded the return flight ticket; unfortunately, this time they cut down their budget and provided a four wheel drive pickup for me.

    As planned, I woke up at 4:30am, got myself ready and revised my training manual while I was waiting for the pickup. They (an Indian driver and a Fijian gal) got to my place at 5:15am and stopped at service station for coffee and hot bread before we left Suva around 5:30am.

    It was a cold and drizzling morning with a pitch black sky and not a single soul on the road until we pass Lami. We had a small chat on the road and found out that the driver is very fluent in Fijian. He conversed with the girl in Fijian nonstop to keep himself awake or just being his talkative nature.

    They laughed their heads off several times in their conversations and checked back at me a few times to see how I was doing. Myself being a quiet nature, I didn’t/couldn’t join in their conversation and just dozed off at the back.


    My brother, Aung a.k.a Zatlite, has started blogging yesterday after a few years of persuasion from me. He started off with twittering ,which was also the result of my persistent persuasion, and has been a good regular twitterer to date. Yesterday, he suddenly made himself a blog and now he’s crazy about it.

    His very first blog, “The private life of a badminton maniac“, talks about all his passion on racquet sports, especially badminton and racquet breaking hobbies. I’ve posted some of his actions on the past Badminton games in this post and; photos and videos of his squash tournament here. (more…)

    Yesterday, I went to see my brother’s squash game at Defence Club. There is this Fiji Bitter Squash Tournament going on here at Suva for this whole week – every evening after 5pm. My bro’s game was supposed to be on Monday but his opponent didn’t turn up so they postponed the game to Tuesday (yesterday). He played against one Indian man around 40+ (hmm I forgot his name) and was thrashed badly.

    Fiji Bitter Open 2008

    It was the very first squash tournament for my brother since he started playing squash a few months back. We use to play Badminton only and this year my bro started playing squash with some of his friends so he still has a lot to learn before he can compete in the tournament. Nevertheless, he signed himself up in B Grade thinking C Grade is for kids and he would do fine in B. Well the result was he got knocked down pretty badly; he wasn’t really in his best form also and the opponent was quite experienced player who knows how to make him run around in court. So he lost his game and went into Plate pool and will be playing again today at Victoria Park. I guess I’ll go watch again this evening.

    Aung’s very first squash game

    One of the Ministers, Mr. Kenneth Zinck (and a few other big faces I sometimes see on TV), came to play as well, I’m not sure he came just to play for fun or was in the competitions as I couldn’t stay long to watch his game. He was cheering his buddy’s game quite loudly/actively. I was taking a few videos of the game and itching to take him as well but that would be awkward to directly shoot at him so I was waiting for his game but I left early and missed the game. I think he wanted his picture taken as well cos’ he kept smiling at my way while cheering for his buddy (Ok may be just my thought) .

    Tweety Bird NecktieI know him as one of the most active sport lovers among Fiji Government Ministers especially on Rugby games. We are sure to see him cheering from the front row in almost every Rugby games, yelling and waving his things (the flag/the banners I mean) at the camera. LOL. So we normally search for him everytime there is a Rugby 7 game on TV. Quite a celebrity he is. :P I also remember him very well after seeing him wear Tweety Bird necktie on one of the interview sessions on TV. Quite a fashion for him. It was so funny to see a Minister wearing some childish necktie with big Tweety bird at the bottom. I guess it must have been a gift from his kids or something. But that was one of the unforgettable sights about him. :D

    There were some players from Nadi and other towns participating in the tournament as well. I met 4 young guys from Nadi; their coach was pretty nice man who encouraging us to join their club and telling us about his 4 players. His son plays in A Grade and other 3 guys play in Bs. He was also coaching a Korean girl who lost in ladies game against a Fijian girl. He said he also will be playing in the competition but I missed his game.

    Coaching a Korean Girl

    The Game with a guy from Nadi

    Well you see, I had some ulterior motives, it’s not just watching my brother’s game but I went there to check out some good looking players but turn out only the old men were there. :D The Nadi guys are quite cute but they’re just too young, under 19. hehe Oh but there is this handsome organizer, I heard he’s very good player and former Fiji representative or something. Aww but it’s a pity he got ring on his finger haha. Nah I’m kidding, I just went there to cheer for my brother’s first game and also getting some material for my blog (Ok there’s still a motive behind but good motive). :D

    Here are some more short videos I took: Two Games Mix + Score Sheet | Another Mix Game | Practice Games | Game Sheets

    I’m going to watch the games today also at Victoria Park. One of our colleagues is playing in C grade and I’m sure more games to see today. They are having this tournament in 3 different places, Victoria Park, Merchant Club and Defence Club due to limited availability of courts in each club. Anyways, I hope I can watch some nice games this evening and hope that my brother and our colleague play well in their game also.

    Consular Services in Fiji

    These few months I’ve been busy running around arranging things for various visa applications. Here are my experiences, as a Myanmar passport holder, with different consular services in Fiji. Depending on the type of visa application, type of passport and your situation, the services might be different. This is entirely based on my personal application experiences.

    Most visa application takes 3 days to 2 weeks of processing period and 0 to 210+ FJD visa fee. Most visa application requires you to show the followings:


    Suva on Open Street Map

    This little apps, “Open Street Map” is getting popular among my colleagues and quite becoming the topic of discussion this morning. It’s all started from strangepants who pass on the word to my bro zatlite and now everyone at the office started adding street names for their residential areas. As for me, I just observed the site but haven’t done any actual work on it since almost every streets in our area has already been added by my bro. Anyways, here is how this cool little thing works.

    It’s a wiki sort of world street map where anyone can login to add/edit the streets in your region.

    OpenStreetMap is a free editable map of the whole world. It is made by people like you.

    OpenStreetMap allows you to view, edit and use geographical data in a collaborative way from anywhere on Earth.

    To edit, you need to sign in first. Anyone can open an account there easily. You can also export the chosen map area into a few formats, (png, jpeg, svg, pdf, postscript) and can play around with the size, scale etc under “Export” tab.
    You can also write some diaries on it or do some GPS tracing.

    Suva Fiji on Open Street Map

    Ofcos’ if you are confused with how to do the tracing, you can always check out their wiki help page. In the Beginners’ Guide, there is an very well explained introductory video for you to get started with. I’m also checking out the video and briefly reading through the steps.

    I did ask my bro, who actually done editing on the map, to write a post about it since it’s quite interesting to play around but as usual the lazy slime just passed me the video and ignored my request. So here I am dropping a note to whoever out there love playing with maps to check this site out.


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