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Gloomy Day

It’s so hot in here! Last week it was too much raining. This week hella HOT.
You can never tell Fiji weather. It changes a lot, even in a day time. One minute it’s raining and the next it’s sunny like not a single drop of rain before.

It’s a tiny island and the capital city, Suva, is even tinier. My place to my work is only 10 min drive and within that short distance, there are different weathers. Sometime it’s raining back home and so hot at my office. Can you believe that!

Rainbow in Gloony Day  Rainbow in Gloony Day2

Gloomy Day and the RainbowToday it’s so hot at my office and at home too. Too humid last night and I can’t sleep well. No wind at all and the sky becomes a big slice of orange. When I get home this evening, it’s drizzling in the hot orange sky. Then, there form a gloomy rainbow due to the mixture of water particles and the ugly sunray. Rainbows are supposed to be beautiful but this one looks awful. My sis took a picture of it and you can see how gloomy the rainbow looks in that ugly reddish-orange sky. I hate the hot, humid, gloomy weather.

How’s the weather like in your part of the world?

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  • Fiji’s 35th Birthday Images

    Monday being a public holiday, this is was a long weekend for us in Fiji. It’s Fiji’s 35th independence day and some special events such as various sports competitions, cultural shows, and many other private parties or picnics have been organized to celebrate this year Fiji day.

    It was a beautiful, sunny and perfect weekend for outdoor activities. Every year we take part in 3 days long badminton competition and we hardly get to see other activities around town. This year due to some mishaps (being lazy, sick, no practice, just lazy), we did not take part in our usual Fiji day badminton competition. So we thought of roaming around in town to see some parade at the park and cycling. As usual we got there late so we missed the starting of the cycling and couldn’t take photos of them. We also missed the gun and a cannon shooting just by 10 min, and the event was pretty much over. Anyway got some Fiji police photos and some piglets :p Someone’s lunch I guess. Poor, poor piglets!

    Pork for lunch

    And the “Picture of the day” goes to…

    Picture of the day

    No, no seriously :P …it’s this one.

    Photo of the day

    More Fiji Day photos can be seen here.

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  • I hate the rain

    I hate the rain;
    I hate wet, cold, chilling weather.
    It’s too much flowing, too annoying;
    Today, yesterday, everyday since last week.

    Yah I hate the rain;
    It flooded the rivers, channels and lower ground.
    It drained one life today;
    Poor soul stuck in the middle of flooded creek,
    I wonder why he was there in the first place though.

    I hate the rain;
    It delays people with their schedules,
    I’m late for work;
    Today, yesterday, everyday since it rains.
    I was late for work, may be before that too;
    Still…I hate the rain.

    29th Sep – 12:45pm

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  • What a shame

    One of my favorite web gurus, “Jeffery Veen“, landed on Fiji ground and I didn’t know of that? What a shame. :(

    As the plane descended, I looked out at the black sky, and then saw a few tiny lights below. We landed, taxied to a gate, and I watched as a not-very-exotic looking ground crew fix the problem. We all lined up, used the newly functional restrooms, and off we flew back into the night.

    Wow! Fiji!

    I guess his flight landed in Nadi International Airport, which is one of the only two airports in Fiji. It’s 4 hrs drive from my place. I would have go meet him if he stayed longer.
    It’s quite a funny reason to pay a visit like that haha. :D Still he can now say he has been to Fiji. :P

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  • By former Prime Minister U Nu
    Excerpts from his speeche made soon after Bogyoke’s assassination

    I want to explain how far we have now progressed on the path to Freedom along which Bogyoke had led us. As a preface to that, I want to explain Bogyoke’s political goal and the strategy he adopted to attain the goal. His political goal is no less than the setting up of Burma as a completely independent Republic.

    As for his strategy he had been at such pains to explain it to the country that it is quite clear already. I shall repeat it only by way of remininding the masses. In order to win complete freedom he would first explore whatever chance of peaceful amicable settlement that might be there, to the utmost. If that failed, only then would he resort to force. That is the extremely clear statement of Bogyoke’s strategy. There are some who dislike this strategy. They believe that freedom can only be wrested by force.

    For seeking peaceful amicable settlement Bogyoke was accused by his political opponents of kneeling down to the Imperialists. To those who know Bogyoke well, this accusation was merely laughable. Bogyoke was not a one-track minded politician. If the objective was to be gained only by voilence he was violent. If the objective could be gained by peaceful means, he chose peaceful means…..

    You may well ask, why is such a fighter now treading the path of peace ? I think I can answer that question better than any other person. Although Bogyoke and I are not brothers by blood we are brothers in politics. Since 1935 we have been brothers-in-arms in political struggles. Each of us knows the other’s thoughts and actions intimately. Therefore, I know very well why Bogyoke, the fighter, is now treading the path of peace. There are three reasons:

    1. World situation is changed now.
    2. He desires friendly relations between Britain and Burma.
    3. He does not wish to cause unnecessary suffering to the masses of Burma

    Now for the third reason why Bogyoke chose the path of peace. It is because he had no wish to cause unnecessary suffering to the masses of Burma. They have suffered enough already after having become a battlefield twice over. Bogyoke could not bear the thought of causing them unnecessary suffering on top of their terrible sufferings. That was why he sought for the ways and means which would impose as little hardship as pollible on the masses.

    In the teeth of the barrage of false accusations such as weak-kneed Bogyoke, capitulation Bogyoke, Imperialists’ stool-pigeon Bogyoke, from his political enemies, Bogyoke’s solicitude for the masses was unshaken. And so, that is the third reason why Bogyoke not only sought the peaceful means that would do the least possible hurt to the masses but also left directives for further ways and means of relieving the suffering of the masses…..

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