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Suva on Open Street Map

This little apps, “Open Street Map” is getting popular among my colleagues and quite becoming the topic of discussion this morning. It’s all started from strangepants who pass on the word to my bro zatlite and now everyone at the office started adding street names for their residential areas. As for me, I just observed the site but haven’t done any actual work on it since almost every streets in our area has already been added by my bro. Anyways, here is how this cool little thing works.

It’s a wiki sort of world street map where anyone can login to add/edit the streets in your region.

OpenStreetMap is a free editable map of the whole world. It is made by people like you.

OpenStreetMap allows you to view, edit and use geographical data in a collaborative way from anywhere on Earth.

To edit, you need to sign in first. Anyone can open an account there easily. You can also export the chosen map area into a few formats, (png, jpeg, svg, pdf, postscript) and can play around with the size, scale etc under “Export” tab.
You can also write some diaries on it or do some GPS tracing.

Suva Fiji on Open Street Map

Ofcos’ if you are confused with how to do the tracing, you can always check out their wiki help page. In the Beginners’ Guide, there is an very well explained introductory video for you to get started with. I’m also checking out the video and briefly reading through the steps.

I did ask my bro, who actually done editing on the map, to write a post about it since it’s quite interesting to play around but as usual the lazy slime just passed me the video and ignored my request. So here I am dropping a note to whoever out there love playing with maps to check this site out.


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  • Back from Bali

    Just pop in to say, I’m back in Fiji and will be posting about Bali trip soon. For now I’m just resizing the photos and uploading a few on Flickr. Flickr keeps screwing up my uploads, it’s just not uploading well at all. Tried direct upload from the web as well as using the Flickr Uploadr but still not working as it should be. May be their server’s over heated, I’ll try again later.

    Grand Hyatt Resort8 Grand Hyatt Resort11

    It was very tiring yet very informational trip for me. Met lots of new faces and enjoyed talking with a few. Some of the discussions in the conference were very heated and too advance for me to understand but it was a good listening and enjoyed taking notes. I took a few videos of the parallel sessions but not sure whether to upload them online or not. May be not.

    GIMD9 - Global Voices on the featured slide - 3 slides about GV been featured Chow Time - Tea Break

    The conference was not really for me (actually almost none at all) but I’m glad to have attended such event and enjoyed my new found experiences. We couldn’t get to visit anywhere, not even to Bali town, except a day trip to Yogakarta. No shopping nor swimming for me. There are lots of beautiful swimming pools in the resort and the lovely beach in front but I couldn’t even dip my feet in there due to very short stay and very tight/packed schedules. :( So sad.

    Dance3 Parallel SessionI - The ME

    Anyhow, now I’m back and catching up news and feeds on my GReader and twitter; a lot happened while I was a way for a week. Gosh I couldn’t even leave my eyes away from you for a bit and now see what happen! There goes Nargis, Nargis, Nargis and Myanmar, Myanmar, Myanmar almost every news feeds (I see Mong done a GREAT job covering the news on GV, many thanks) and now it’s China earthquake, earthquake. Geez the world is such a mess! Alright stay calm, don’t worry, I’m back so everything will be alright and stay tune with mayvelous. (Yah right! hehe) My bad, I shouldn’t be making jokes as serious things happening all over the world, but then laughter is the best medicine sometimes right? :)

    To Bali

    I’ll be going to Denpasar, Bali next week. I’m taking Sydney – Kuala Lumpur – Denpasar flight route and gonna stay there for 3 days; 2 days on flight so total of 5 days (a week). Have to sleep one night at Kualar Lumpur airport. I want to go out and visit the city but it’s not wise to roam around since I’m travelling alone and I might get lost, so I’m planning to stay in the airport. A good friend of us from Jakarta called yesterday to pay him a visit but I had to decline since I could only get one week of leave from work. I did promised him a visit if I get there next time. He’s a Catholic Fr. who stayed in Fiji for quite a long time before he went back to Indonesia. Very kind and a nice friend. He’s also one of the players in our Badminton group. We made a pretty good team then. I don’t have any contact/friends in Bali. Not sure any Burmese live there or not, but if any Burmese bloggers do live there, plz contact me. Love to have a chat or two. I’m going there to attend a conference. I’m very excited and nervous about it. I hope to do live tweeting from the conference if the net is available. Otherwise I’ll try to blog from the hotel. I’ll see how things go.

    Burmese Recipes Site – Hsa*ba

    I came across this lovely site, “Hsa’ba” (please eat), full of delicious Burmese recipes via another Burmese recipe site. “Hsaba” is in English and is very well organized by Ma Tin Cho Chaw. She’s even publishing a cookbook on Burmese dishes and there are about 100 recipes featured on “Hsaba” site. I find it very interesting to read each ingredient information along with the photos.

    My bro reads “Hsa’ba” as “Hi Sha Bah” ဟိုက္ရွားဘား :P and I have to correct him. There is no “H” sound in “Hsa’ba”, it pronounces like “Sarh Bar”.

    Updated: 31 Oct 2008

    I got this email from Cho of Hsa*ba site. She notified me that her book in store now hence I’m just updating the news here.

    Dear May
    I am pleased to say the long-awaited hsa*ba, burmese cookbook is finally available. Thank you for your patience and support. It’s been an amazing journey creating the book and all the new content for the website.

    The book is filled with authentic recipes such as the much-loved Traditional fish noodle soup (mohingar), fresh robust salads (thote), simple comforting curries (sipyan) and much more. Accompanied by beautiful photography that captures the distinctive Burmese kitchen.

    To order a copy, visit our online shop.

    For a sneak preview of the book, go to the new website and flip through the pages. For those new to Asian cooking, there is a glossary of ingredients on the website as well as free recipes from the book. So get cooking!

    Don’t forget to check out my blog where there are more recipes for you to share and enjoy! If you have any comments or want to share your recipe, get in touch.

    Best wishes,


    61st Burma Union Day

    Today is the 61st Anniversary of Burma Union Day.
    Post it here just for the rememberance, no, cos’ I like the poster.

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  • Heartache Leave in Japan

    Recently I’ve been following “The Trump Blog” after I read about it from “A Guide to Billionaire Bloggers” on ReadWriteWeb. I’m sure most of us from Fiji are familiar about him from “The Apprentice” show on FijiOne hence need no introduction.

    Anyways, just now I was browsing my feeds and this post, “Japanese Firm Offers Heartache Leave“, from Mr Trump really cracked me up. Well it’s not funny but somewhat makes me laugh, and think for sometimes.

    I wasn’t surprised when I found out that all the employees at this company are women. I don’t mean to be sexist, but I don’t know many men who would call in sick to work because they broke up with their girlfriend.

    Are you sure about that? What do you, guys, think? Don’t give me those man’s pride excuses and bluff about it.

    But then I don’t know many women who would do it either. If you’re serious about your job, you don’t let heartbreak or store bargains keep you from doing your work.

    I wonder our lives only exist around our jobs. He must be talking about those workaholics who got no life of their own and think only about work. It’s understandable since the billionaire such as Mr. Trump, who always think of how to increase his enterprise and who can get(or ditch) any women anytime without much effort would think work more important than other matters.

    For me, I think if I ever get a serious heartbreak (I wish not), I wouldn’t want to do anything for sometimes. But then that’s all depends on individuality and how serious you take your relationships as. But I bet most Asian tends to take relationships matter more serious than those of the westenners. I’m just speaking in general but then hey what do I know; so may be not.

    But I must say, that Japanese company is very considerate about their staffs well being. I’m sure the staffs appreciate about it and would boost their motivation to work harder for the company.

    It’s a nice read for my morning tea break. Makes me think. :)

    Cyclone Gene at Veiuto Suva

    Alrite, we’ve survived yet another Cyclone, “Gene“, which started hitting Suva around 3pm afternoon on 28th with strong wind and heavy rain. There were some warnings aired on radio and most of the offices issued the early break. Our boss also notified us that we can go home early. My dad called 3 times telling us to go home early but I didn’t care about it cos’ I couldn’t feel/hear the intensity of the wind outside the office. Our boss dropped us home around 4:30. There were some uprooted trees blocking the drive ways so we have to park the car at a friend house and walk back home. By the time we get home it was pouring cats and cows in the fierce wind. The phone line and electricity were already out and no water in the pipes after 9pm that night.

    Tropical Cyclone Gene Track and Threat Map
    Tropical Cyclone Gene – Track and Threat Map

    Fiji has been hit by numerous hurricanes and cyclones every year but this is the first time I’ve experienced the small glimpse of so call “Cyclone”. Most of the past natural disasters never affect much on our areas. Sometimes we didn’t even realize there was some cyclone passing through. The worst damage it could do to us is, some broken tree branches, wires and power/water outage. This is the first time I’ve seen many trees being up-rooted in our area. Seriously, the big trees just fell over from the very end of the roots. I tried to take some photos of fallen trees in front of our house while my dad was away. Took some videos with mobile camera as you can see below. It was (more…)

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