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My brother, Aung a.k.a Zatlite, has started blogging yesterday after a few years of persuasion from me. He started off with twittering ,which was also the result of my persistent persuasion, and has been a good regular twitterer to date. Yesterday, he suddenly made himself a blog and now he’s crazy about it.

His very first blog, “The private life of a badminton maniac“, talks about all his passion on racquet sports, especially badminton and racquet breaking hobbies. I’ve posted some of his actions on the past Badminton games in this post and; photos and videos of his squash tournament here. (more…)

Yesterday, I went to see my brother’s squash game at Defence Club. There is this Fiji Bitter Squash Tournament going on here at Suva for this whole week – every evening after 5pm. My bro’s game was supposed to be on Monday but his opponent didn’t turn up so they postponed the game to Tuesday (yesterday). He played against one Indian man around 40+ (hmm I forgot his name) and was thrashed badly.

Fiji Bitter Open 2008

It was the very first squash tournament for my brother since he started playing squash a few months back. We use to play Badminton only and this year my bro started playing squash with some of his friends so he still has a lot to learn before he can compete in the tournament. Nevertheless, he signed himself up in B Grade thinking C Grade is for kids and he would do fine in B. Well the result was he got knocked down pretty badly; he wasn’t really in his best form also and the opponent was quite experienced player who knows how to make him run around in court. So he lost his game and went into Plate pool and will be playing again today at Victoria Park. I guess I’ll go watch again this evening.

Aung’s very first squash game

One of the Ministers, Mr. Kenneth Zinck (and a few other big faces I sometimes see on TV), came to play as well, I’m not sure he came just to play for fun or was in the competitions as I couldn’t stay long to watch his game. He was cheering his buddy’s game quite loudly/actively. I was taking a few videos of the game and itching to take him as well but that would be awkward to directly shoot at him so I was waiting for his game but I left early and missed the game. I think he wanted his picture taken as well cos’ he kept smiling at my way while cheering for his buddy (Ok may be just my thought) .

Tweety Bird NecktieI know him as one of the most active sport lovers among Fiji Government Ministers especially on Rugby games. We are sure to see him cheering from the front row in almost every Rugby games, yelling and waving his things (the flag/the banners I mean) at the camera. LOL. So we normally search for him everytime there is a Rugby 7 game on TV. Quite a celebrity he is. :P I also remember him very well after seeing him wear Tweety Bird necktie on one of the interview sessions on TV. Quite a fashion for him. It was so funny to see a Minister wearing some childish necktie with big Tweety bird at the bottom. I guess it must have been a gift from his kids or something. But that was one of the unforgettable sights about him. :D

There were some players from Nadi and other towns participating in the tournament as well. I met 4 young guys from Nadi; their coach was pretty nice man who encouraging us to join their club and telling us about his 4 players. His son plays in A Grade and other 3 guys play in Bs. He was also coaching a Korean girl who lost in ladies game against a Fijian girl. He said he also will be playing in the competition but I missed his game.

Coaching a Korean Girl

The Game with a guy from Nadi

Well you see, I had some ulterior motives, it’s not just watching my brother’s game but I went there to check out some good looking players but turn out only the old men were there. :D The Nadi guys are quite cute but they’re just too young, under 19. hehe Oh but there is this handsome organizer, I heard he’s very good player and former Fiji representative or something. Aww but it’s a pity he got ring on his finger haha. Nah I’m kidding, I just went there to cheer for my brother’s first game and also getting some material for my blog (Ok there’s still a motive behind but good motive). :D

Here are some more short videos I took: Two Games Mix + Score Sheet | Another Mix Game | Practice Games | Game Sheets

I’m going to watch the games today also at Victoria Park. One of our colleagues is playing in C grade and I’m sure more games to see today. They are having this tournament in 3 different places, Victoria Park, Merchant Club and Defence Club due to limited availability of courts in each club. Anyways, I hope I can watch some nice games this evening and hope that my brother and our colleague play well in their game also.

Talk: Bulldozer

Scenario: Being the lazy arses as we are (Bro and I), we don’t even want to clean up our dishes after dinner and always putting off each other to do in turns.

Bro: Do my dishes for me today.

Me: I was gonna ask you the same thing. Why are you always copying me? Come to think of it, you always copy me and follow whatever I do.

Mom: That’s right. He always follows you around when you were young. He repeated whatever you say and always following you. Lucky, he didn’t wear skirt but went for pants. LOL

Me: That’s right. Back in school too, you used all my books to study.
You took the same subjects as me.
You went to the same Uni as me.
You graduated with the same degree like me.
Now we work in the same company, doing the same thing!!
What’s wrong with you? Why are you always following me?

Bro: Hey, I’m not following you. I’m just treating you like a bulldozer.
Don’t you know in Chess, the pawns go in front and cover for the king.
The same thing applies here. I’m just using you to clear my path.

Me: You little!! @#$%#@$%#*!!!

Moral behind the talk: Being the eldest is such a pain especially with these kind of bad mouth siblings.

Regarding the matter of pawn and chess, I just read that the guys from Failed-Paradise were also cracking up about Chest and Porn.

I love the slogan for geek T-Shirt idea proposed by Digital Fiji.

We are not chest porns to be played around with.

There you go, I’m not your chest porn nor I the bulldozer. haha.
I’ll just wait and see how the designs come out as. Whoever wear them, go around in town and take some photo of yourself. If you’re lucky, your pic might even get into the next day Fijitimes post; otherwise you can always show off yourself on your blog. :P

This is a typical lunch time conversation between me and my bro.

Scenario: Today we’re having a fried corn curry and an incident relating it.

Bro: Ah Oh, I swallow a corn seed in whole.
Me: You wait till you shit; the seeds will come out whole too.
Bro: Yah the seeds in the shit hehehe
Me: It’s gonna be very colorful with seeds LOL

(He pulse for a while trying to shape up the thoughts while gulping down his lunch)

Bro: You know what; you should make a poll on your blog.
Me: huh? poll?
Bro: Yah, a poll to get a survey on number of people who look at their own shit while toileting. The options should go like this:
Do you look at your shit while toileting?

  • Yes
  • No
  • Always look at it
  • Never look at it

Now, that’s a good one. LOL
Me: LOL Man, if I do that my reputation would go down the drain. haha but good idea though. You look or no looking? haha

(we laugh our heads off – we pulse again – continue eating lunch – imagine what we just talk about – laugh again while chewing corn seeds properly.)

What do you think? Should I make a poll out of it? hehe Nah I better not. This is already too stupid to blog about it. Come to think of it, I remember last time a friend of mine said, in Australia they are encouraging people to look at their shit after they done. By looking at it, you are more aware of your health problem cos’ the shape and color of the shit tell you a few things about your health… or something…may be she was joking. I’m not sure on how they differentiate types of shits… may be I’ll ask her properly next time haha. So yes, lookingexamining your own shit is a good thing and we all should start doing it. OMG I’m so bad writing shits on lunchtime. LOL

April Fools

Scenario: It’s April the first and I’m cracking my head to think up some prank ideas to play on my friends. I asked for some help from my genius brother.

Me: “Phothar (his home name), we do some April fools. You got any idea?”
Bro: “You are the fool and it’s April. Good idea huh?”
Me: (…..)

Lesson: Never to ask for help from a smart arse or you’ll get yourself fooled.

Have fun fooling around.

Earthophobic Foot

A conversation between me(May) and my bossy sis (Win). This time, we were on about sentence structure but the subject was twisted into – the Earthophic Foot.

May: hey, fix this sentence for me
I want to say, it touches me
how to say that in proper sentence?

“There is only once in my life I have a personal contact with them; ie. when I tried to plant some vegetable plants and dug up a few earthworms.”

personal contact?? it sounded wrong.

Win: the 1st sentence-
“the one and only time I encoutered an earthworm was while digging soil for a vege plant.
It was my 1st and last association with an earthworm, as well as gardening”.

May: The once and only time I encountered an earthworm was while I was digging soil for a vegetable plant. I cut them half in the process. The cut parts got twisted and jumped up on my foot; I run like hell and never dig the moist soil again. It was my 1st and last association with an earthworm as well as helping mom garden.

there that’s good enough

Win: no!

May: thanks. no that’s good

Win: “the one and only time I encoutered an earthworm was while digging soil for a vege plant. I managed to mame them with my spade. Their cut pieces twisted and turned, and ewwwwwww, came in contact with my delicate foot which reflexively carried me far away, really fast.
It was my 1st and last association with an earthworm, as well as gardening.”


May: full of shit!
delicate foot! my arse LOL

Win: hey, much better than urs
ur delicate foot

May: ppl will laugh n think i’m stupid
delicate foot!!! LOL

Win: fine, just write nonearth-loving foot

May: sound stupid

Win: foot

May: yah foot is enough

Win: nono- earthophobic foot

May: LOL

This is the prologue of “Dura – The Eel” story which will be posted soon.

Talk 1: The Source of The Story
Conversation between Jachin (my friend) and May (me). Alisi – Jachin’s mistress.

Jachin: Alisi sent me a couple of photographs this morning
I’ve forwarded them to you. Very big eels
May: Oh g8 thanks
May: Duna means eel?
Jachin: Yes, Fijian word
May: they r huge!

Talk 2: Information Gathering
Conversation between Win (my bossy sis) and May (me)

May: what do u know about eel?, i’m writin about eel, getting facts
Win: slippery slimy snakelike finned water creature i see on exotic menus. Write about squid
May: no, writing about eel. I got 2 great photos
Win: there is recent catch in ross sea, by NZ of the largest yet caught squid
10m, 450kg
imagine, 10m long
May: it can long up to 10cm – 3m says in wiki
urs is too long
r u sure that’s m or cm?
Win: sobo latest news
May: show me the source, url, proper link.
May: 10m is…how many ft?
Win: colossal squid
30, duh
May: I said EEL! not Squid!!
Eel yar eel eeeeeeeel!!!
Win: n i said write about squid
May: anyway that too is a good story, may b i’ll link it up
Win: oh n also a dolphin dying of a broken heart
May: what!?
Win: coz trainer murdered, its refusing to eat n lost 50kg since
May: oie! he’s in love with the trainer?
Win: female trainer
May: yah I said he = dolphine
see i’m a good guess
Win: if u want to write about environment, flash news on reef destruction due to erosion of pesticides with proof
May: no no that’s enough about marine life. Not writin environment. may b later.

Talk 3: Unresolved Argument
Cont- conversation between Win (my bossy sis) and May (me)

Win: oh, abit of eel related, almost, its snakes, do u know, they, like turtles n salmon return to site of their hatching place to lay eggs interesting or what?
May: that i know
what about snakes?
Win: what about them?
May: u said abit of eel related – snakes
what u talkin about
aww aww, gotcha.
Win: well, snake is almost eel related,
May: snakes return to lay eggs like turtles etc.
my bad.
Win: but snaes return to their hatching place to lay eggs
thats the story
May: hey! snakes doesn’t lay eggs
they go live snakes
Win: oh my god
May: no eggs
Win: u stupid
May: u stupid!
Win: so stupid
May: u r!
the big snakes, i seen them, never lay eggs
Win: look, only marsupils n mammals bear live babies
May: they give birth to live tiny snakes, plenty of them
Win: snakes are reptiles, like turtles, crocs, lay eggs
u remembering old indianajones movies
May: but some snakes exceptional
Win: stupid
May: yah i seen from there!!!
they cut open the big snake stomach on the meal table
Win: crazy
May: n all small snakes come out
n they pick up to eat those raw
Win: thats a bloody movie for heavens ssake
May: that’s true
Win: snakes=reptiles=lay eggs
May: i still don’t think so
Win: omg
May: where r the facts?? show me the proper facts
Win: google it
May: U google it!
Win: search in any science txt bks.
hey whatever
May: whatever! snakes birth small baby snakes
Win: u write that snakes give birth to baby snakes on ur blog n wait for a stream of comments of ur mistake to come ur way
then u’ll face the embarrassment
ur reputation on line
May: oh yah!! I’m still writing!
Win: good 4u
May: GOOD!!!

-:: Prologue Ends Here. ::-

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