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The following things to note when you deploy a new Sitefinity site to production environment:

  1. Check the site authentication mode. It must have only one authentication. Check “Anonymous” and un-check “Integrated windows”
  2. Check Theme style link binding. Sometimes you need to add aspnet_isapi.dll wildcard in order to make the theme work again.
    IIS > Website > Properties > Home directory tab > Configuration > Wildcard application maps > Add (C:\WINDOWS\Microsoft.NET\Framework\v4.0.30319\aspnet_isapi.dll)
    Make sure to UNCHECK “Verify that file exists” or you will have 404 errors everywhere.
  3. Check if your server have all required MIME types eg. Silverlight MIMEs
  4. Give the website folder “ASPNET” and “NETWORK SERVICE” WRITE access
  5. Reindex all your search indexes.
  6. Update your license file to correct site domain license

… will add more as I find things later.

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  • I came across this photo from U San Oo’s Blog, I just love it so sharing with you. Check out how she gracefully wear Myanmar traditional dress and the way she was posing. Just sooo cute!!!

    Little girl in Myanmar Traditional Dress

    Come to think of it…I’ve never worn a Myanmar traditional dress in my life yet. I don’t even wear a Longyi (Sulu). I’m going to get one next time I go back Burma. The photo is a bit blur but you get the idea of how Burmese traditional dress looks like.

    Another wordpress update is out and about – WordPress 2.0.6, seems like this is the last release before WP goes into 2.1 beta stage.

    This is the latest release in our stable 2.0 line, which we’ve committed to maintaining for several more years.

    Here’s what’s new:

    • The aforementioned security fixes.
    • HTML quicktags now work in Safari browsers.
    • Comments are filtered to prevent them from messing up your blog layout.
    • Compatibility with PHP/FastCGI setups.

    For developers, there’s a new anti-XSS function called attribute_escape(), and a new filter called “query” which allows you filter any SQL at runtime.

    Right, so gotta upgrade it this weekend. Just a note for you guys anyways.

    Wants VS Needs


    # I want to be a 9rules member.

    # I want Flickr Professional Account. My free account has been so much filled up already. I want to create many photo sets. Dad, could I borrow your cradit card please?!!??!!?

    # I want to watch “battlestar galactica”. There’s been quite alot of good reviews on TV serie “battlestar galactica”. I have no idea what it is about but have a great desire to watch it. hehe. Unfortunately, FijiTV One is definitely behind in every series so I doubt if we could watch it by next year.

    # I want a DreamHost account and I also want good, reliable .net hosting.

    # I want a new mouse. My mouse scrolling no good. It’s getting dirty, it needs to take a bath.


    # I need some time.

    # I need some help installing sql2005 parallel with sql2000.

    # I need a new laptop or rather a new screen. My god damn screen is fully gone white and is so annoying to work without extended desktop.

    # I need a hub and a long cable.

    # I need better hosting, bigger disk space, better database server.

    # I need some new cloths, haven’t shop for long time.

    Hmmm…My needs and wants are not too much rite? I guess quite reasonable.

    It’s all because of Darren Rowse’s Blogging Goals.
    May is determined that Mayvelous:

    To Enjoy Myself.

    WordPress 2.0.3

    It’s another upgrade again. I know too many versions, and I’m getting tired of upgrade after upgrades but then they just trying to improve WP which is very good thing…so I shall upgrade my blog this weekend with WP2.0.3.


    • Small performance enhancements
    • Movable Type / Typepad importer fix
    • Enclosure (podcasting) fix
    • The aforementioned security enhancements (nonces)

    Thanks the team for the upgrade.

    Download WordPress 2.0.3 here.

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  • I was fighting with asp dropdownlist for not being able to combine two columns directly. Say I got the same scenario as the following:

    Suppose you want a drop-down list to display both the first name and the last name of each employee in the company.

    I should be able to use DataTextField to combine two columns like:

    ddlemployeename.DataTextField = "firstname" + ', " + "lastname";

    But noooo…it gives me this error:

    DataBinder.Eval: ‘System.Data.DataRowView’ does not contain a property with the name firstname, lastname.

    You have to go mingle with your storeprocedure or Sqlcommand statement to change the string. Then only you can set that new string to DataTextField. Something like below. Very inefficient!

    There is another efficient way of adding multiple fields in Dropdownlist using DataSet and DataTable by adding a new column on fly in DataTable object.
    I did tried that method, but didn’t work for me, I’ll have to try again later. Anyway that code is in page 4 of the referenced article, so you can check that out as well.

    SQL Statement
    SELECT lastname + ‘, ‘ + firstname AS ‘EmployeeName’
    FROM Employees

    Binding Code
    ddlemployeename.DataTextField = “EmployeeName”;

    You can use a data-binding expression to set the DataSource property. The expression you use must evaluate to a .Net object that exposes the ICollection interface. You cannot use expressions to set the other properties. The values for DataTextField and DataValueField each must match the name of one field in the data source, so you cannot assign DataTextField by combining two or more fields in the datasource.

    What the hell that bold part suppose to mean? For the moment I’ll just change my storeproc for that and play around with DataTable column later.

    Any of you have any better way of solving this problem please let me know.

    Ref: Data Bound Controls (.PDF)

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