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Yet another random mumblings or something like what’s that cartoon says: “My bullshit’s sweet perfume etc:D

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Damn Dishwasher
I need a good flask or a little teapot for my tea. Don’t wanna waste tea bags for each cup of hot water I drink. 1 tea bag can be used for about 3 cups ie. I just want a mild lukewarm tea so gotta get a good little flask and have to keep it save in my drawer. Whenever I clean a cup and keep it on my desk, it disappears the next day. The office cleaner must have taken it back to the kitchen. Let me keep my own clean cup at least! I don’t like the dishwasher they have here, it’s not clean at all and very disgusting with many residues still sticking to the dishes after. Why can’t they just leave a traditional liquid soup and a sponge there! Anyways…You see, I use this folded tissue paper to cover my tea cup just to keep it warm a bit longer. I’ve been wondering why the side facing the hot water doesn’t get wet but the outer side does. Hmm someone care to explain me the reason? I’ve never been good at Chemistry. :D

04/02/2011 04/02/2011

Tweets of the week
I just find this two pretty amusing.
@kaoskongo #YouKnowYourFijian ‘Umbrella’ is pronounced ‘Um-ba-re-lla’ #ella #ella

@sher0d Just viewed source on Bing: <html><head><title>Bing</title></head><body><iframe src=””></iframe></body></html>

Aussie Guys
Yesterday I was walking along Pitt St towards Castlereagh St and saw this two men kissing passionately in the middle of a very crowded street. Then another couple around World Square was hugging and whispering as they walk. Again this morning when I was on the way to work, on the bus, this big guy sitting next to me was flirting on the phone but I can very clearly hear the receiver from the other end was a man as well. Then I remember my Czech ex-flatmate once says; “In Australia, all the guys are either Married, Taken or Gays“. Hmm…O…K… I have no discrimination toward bi, tri, quad or whatever genders. I just find that people over here are very passionate and very openly show their affection in the public places. May be I’m just a traditionalist or come from a place where I don’t often see those kind of public affections so it’s kind of new for me.

Santa’s Close Relatives
I always have a problem with hairy people, especially those with extreme facial hair. I just can’t understand why they’re so very much in love with their facial hair; some cultivate them very carefully, some just have them for the sake of having them and some just doesn’t own a mirror or a shave. Whatever their reasons are, they just freak me out and kind of scare me. We had a lunch at this bar, Lord Nelson Brewery, last Friday. It was quite a crowded lunch hour; our table was right beside the entrance and 80% of the guys coming in have all those ugly facial hair and untidy long bird nest hair…urgh! Anyways, the lunch was nice, I had chilli crab spaghetti. I’m thinking of trying out the pie next time cos’ the table next to us were having pies and I’m very much curious about what those green stuffs on their pies are.

Ok that’s all for now. Ohhohoho :P

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  • What boring 26 years!

    I woke up this morning by the sound of a friend’s txt message, wishing me a happy birthday. Yah, a year older again; who wants to celebrate their “YOU ARE GETTING OLD!!!” day anyways. So I slept again till 8:30 and finally woke up when my big mouth bro came to yell some lines in Japanese at my ears. Don’t know what he’s yelling about, saying birthday to me or swearing at me for always making him late for work. Lately, he’s been watching too many Animes, picking up quite a few words that I can’t keep up with him anymore.

    I was thinking of taking a leave just to lazy around on my birthday but then I’m expecting some emails from customers and came to work anyways. See how responsible me is. :D

    I got a few birthday wish emails from friends and a friend asking for cake. Come to think of it, I hardly have cakes for my birthdays, am sure I only have less than 10 birthday cakes to-date. The main reason is, I’m not fond of cakes and I tend to ask for other food (Burmese food like Kyar San Chat, Ohn Noe Khout Swal etc) than cakes. Anyways, mom cooks my favourite prawns today and I’ll ask her to cook something yummy for dinner as well.

    It’s a bit of noisy day at work but same old routine so not much to talk about. A friend share his good news of receiving two job offers today and heard my boss’s happy about getting some $$ or something. It’s always good to see happy people; in my attempt to join their happiness, I checked my account and found out that I’m FJD 1.51/2 richer today. hehe. You see, I recently opened my new very first saving account (joint with bro) and that’s the interest I got for the month (rather 10days). Hey it’s better than nothing rite? :P

    Surprisingly, I don’t wish or reminisce over things at all this birthday. I’m not quite sure it’s because I’m either content with my life or don’t care a thing about it at all. I’m just treating like just another day; guess age is catching up. :D

    Anyways, got to get back to work; I’m just dropping a few lines on my long ignored blog in memory of my birthday. So do wish my boring life healthy, wealthy and sane.

    Spam or Salt Trader

    I’m not sure it’s a spam mail or a proper mail. I did not write anything about salt on my site but posted a short link on GV the other day. Is that why this person email me or am I thinking too much out of spam mail? Well who cares, if it is a spam mail then it’s pretty good one. If it’s a proper mail then I’m sure whoever see this post and interested might contact him?

    Feed Back Message from
    Shahidul Haq Sikder wrote:


    Aroma Mesmerism

    I was having lunch and having some random thoughts. I don’t know how exactly but I was thinking about the word “fauna” from “flora fauna”. I forgot what I was thinking but when I realised, I was googling the word “floral fauna”. The first hit I got was this “Floral/Fauna” photoset by sigth on flickr.

    It’s floral alright; I’m seeing lots of flower in the set. Everything seems pretty much the usual flower photos should be, but then there is it; this one photo really (…) me that I just have to click and view in detail.

    It’s titled “Aroma“, a photo of seven year old girl embracing the roses. AromaIt’s so…ok, what’s the word I’m looking for? It’s the way she closed her eyes, her hand posture, the angle of her tilting head, the three roses. Everything about it is so… Captivating, enchanting…no, no I’m looking for the word starts with “Mes” …I keep saying like messimize, maximiz, mezzame and couldn’t get the right word out of it.

    So, I asked my bro for help and he goes – immerse?, engrossed?, magnetized? No, not those but it has to start with “Mes”, then he finally said, “Mesmerised“. Yep, that’s the word! Then one of my colleagues asked who’s been mesmerised and he told me that the word is after Dr. Mesmer who specialised in hypnotism. Well, I didn’t know about that, so I quickly look through wiki and there he is – Franz Anton Mesmer.

    Franz Anton Mesmer (born Friedrich Anton Mesmer May 23, 1734 – March 5, 1815) discovered what he called magnétisme animal (hypnosis in 1842, his name being the root of the English verb ‘mesmerize’.

    Arh like that!, I learn something new. Anyways where was I? Oh yes, the photos; I also checked out the other three photos of the same girl. For some reason, I cannot grab the direct url or save the images. I guess it must be to do with sharing privileges on the photos. Respecting the photographer’s rights, I don’t want to do a screen grab hence just get a small thumbnail of each photos and linked them to the proper page.

    Flower Profile Roses Brita

    The 2nd one “Flower profile“, things that attracted me is her smooth, silky skin – her cheek and neck line and the way she’s looking at the roses.

    The 3rd one “Roses” is … ohh soo cute! How so very lovely her face and action on trying to kiss/smell the roses.

    The pose in “Brita” is interesting too, but it’s too monochrome compare to other three. Still, it’s very pretty. It says “actress” in the description. Indeed the little actress. :)

    Well, what do you think? Very mesmerising aren’t they?

    Alright, I shall continue with my lunch since I’m satisfied, contented, pleased, delighted, thrilled DONE with … what was I searching again? Oh yah, the floral-fauna search, which I somehow ended with mesmerizing the “Aroma”. And why am I posting this bullcraps? Cos’ I WANT TO! Hump!

    Exaggerated Annoyances

    So I slept at 5:30am last night and come to work at 9am this morning.

    I was reading 5th out of 9 volumes of very captivating Manhwa, “Operation Liberated Men”, until my dad woke up and started yelling at me to go to sleep. Ok I will post about Hwang Mi Ri and Lee Mi Ra (sisters?) later. Their Manhwa are so damn good. “Hot Blooded Woman” by Hwang Mi Ri is definitely a must read. It’s so funny and listed as one of the best Manhwa around. Anyways, back to the subject – the annoyances.

    Operation liberate men Hot Blooded Woman

    The annoyances started due to lack of sleep but more because I couldn’t finish the Manga in one go. I can’t wait to go home this evening and continue with the reading. So annoying! Why do I have to wait till I get home, while it sits on my laptop!

    There are lots of ants in the office. The tiny, very fast moving red ants, they annoy the hell out of me. They’re running around on my coffee cup, going inside laptop, taking a walk on the screen and doing all sort of things to annoy me. I couldn’t find the spray, Mortein, either. The cleaning lady must have hidden it somewhere. So annoying!

    Whenever I open Macromedia Fireworks 8 my display color scheme changes to basic scheme. I got reddish pink but it always change back into the annoying pale blue scheme. It doesn’t happen with Macromedia Dreamweaver program but only problem with Fireworks. Such an annoyance!

    color scheme

    I always use Dual Monitors at work. My laptop highest resolution is 1680 x 1050px and the duel LCD is 1280 x 1024. Every time I change to dual mode, I have to go change their resolutions as well; otherwise the laptop screen takes the same resolution as the LCD and the display gone stretched out and weird. Why do I have to click many steps to change the simple setting, why can’t we do that by one click and it changes automatically? Arrgh annoying!

    display settings

    I have this problem most of the time with new folder column settings. They display unnecessary columns like ‘Date Taken’, ‘Tags’, ‘Rating’ etc. I only want ‘Size’ and ‘Date modified’. So I have to uncheck the options from column header but the stupid thing keep coming back every once in a while for the same folder. Why can’t it just save the same setting forever! May be I’ll have to set that in the option list. But still…remember it for god sake, so annoying!

    Lately, I’m not sure when it started, my Firefox or the Download Helper extension must have screwed up. Whenever I try to download using download helper FF extension, the download dialog box doesn’t function well. I click “Save” button but the file is not saving. I have to do save at least 2 times for the file to pick up in the download box and starting downloading. Before I can just press “Enter” key and it saves just fine. Now even direct click to the button doesn’t work well and have to do it twice. It just annoy the hell out of me!

    I can’t use my twhirl at home. I can’t login at all from home. It works just fine from office. What’s the meaning of this? Is it cos’ twhirl stores some sort of network settings during installation? Then how come the twhirl on my bro’s laptop is working fine both at home and work? Must be stupid vista security settings again? Arrghh So damn annoying!

    I use to login to my Gmail account first, from there I click on “more” dropdown list then choose to go “Reader” link, but occasionally the dropdown got shorten and does not list all the other apps anymore, so I have to type in the direct URL to go to GoogleReader or GoogleGroup. So annoying!

    MS Work 2007The MS Word 2007 is so confusing! Annoying big tool bar on top is taking too much space, it’s no good if you have small screen resolution. I can’t find page browsing arrows which I use to find at the bottom of the document in previous versions. To move to the next page, I have to either scroll down or press page down, but I want “Next” and “Previous” controls at the bottom as the way it should be. I also can’t find the “Print” control when I start using it. Can you believe none of those big tabs list the damn “Print” icon in there? Then I finally found it when I click the stupid icon at the top-left corner of the document. Print is an important function and should sit at the obvious place; at lease have it in the context-menu. But noooooo, it just has to go play hide and seek with me. So annoying!

    I still got lot of annoyances but the post gone too long so leaving it for next time. Don’t read other people annoying post if you don’t want to get annoyed!

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  • Friday Random Thoughts

    Yippie! It’s Friday again!. Been occupied with things this week, I didn’t even realized that the week is almost over.

    This whole week, I got to work on time. Oh yes, ON TIME!. Our normal office hours is 8:00 – 5:00; Normally I get to work around 8:30 – 9:30 in the morning and knock out around 5:30 – 6:00 in the evening. It’s amazing that I’m on-time this week and proud for myself. You go gal! :D

    Come to think of it, I never wake up myself in the mornings. Every morning at 6:30, Dad bangs at my door and tries to wake me up. I never move an inch from those bangings. Around 7:00, my mb alarm shrills in my ears; what a tedious job to switch it off and go back to sleep. Around 8:00, my bro comes in and yell at my ear. He would ask whether I’ll go with Dad transport or take a taxi later. His yelling is the worst and I can’t shut him off. If I don’t budge by a few yells, he would kick me and pull me down from bed. Most dreadful thing he does is jump on my bed with his slippers on. (more…)

    A friend of mine invited me to Twitter a while back and I wasn’t really interested for it has an ugly interface and the site is ugly and … it was ugly and … just ugly and … well I decided not to like it.

    Anyhow, I subscribed to their newsletter updates and from today’s issue, I came across this Twitter Apps page.

    I was surprised to find that there are quite a number of applications developed for this ugly Twitty thingie and I learn some new words from there, like – Twadget, Twitterlex, TwitDir, Twitterverse, Twitigg, Twotteroo, TwittIt, Twitterlicious, TwitterBerry, JTwitter, iTwit, Twippera, TwittyTunes, TwitterFox etc…and I got myself a twitted twisted tongue.

    Since I’m not a fan of Desktop Apps, and more of Web/Browser Apps, I decided to check out a few FF extensions from there. I installed TwittyTunes, Power Twitter Plugin for Firefox and Twitterbar Addon for Firefox/Flock.

    I’m one of those who are too lazy to read through instructions but want to see result instantly, so after the installation I expected to see obvious result. The only obvious result I can see with above three extensions is from TwittyTunes where it created its icon at the bottom-right of my browser status bar. Its functionalities are just so cool and easy to use with one click away.

    TwittyTune Firefox Addon

    As for the other two extensions, no obvious new icons or context-menus were shown; only when I customize the toolbar then I found the icon of TwitterBar which I need to drag out to the tool bar. I was expecting to try out Power Twitter’s cool functionalities such as posting images, audio and video to Twitter as mentioned on their page, but was disappointed to find that there is no obvious function to play around with. I can’t even find its icon and I don’t know how to test that out. May be my bad eyes.

    Anyway I uninstalled the other two and stick with TwittyTune. I posted a twit or two with it and immediately I was hooked.

    All thanks to lovely TwittyTune, I am beginning to find Twitting interesting. Previously I post random thoughts on one of my blogs but Twitter is more convenient way of posting randomness and nonsense. So I decided to make a good use of it. And here it goes, my one and very own “TwittVelous” to publicize my cunning craziness!!! Ke Ke Ke…Fu Fu Fu < — Japanese way of laughing

    Oh yah, if you wanna follow my nonsense then go ahead here is my RVelous, I mean RSS.


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