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List of entries I wrote in Burmese language. I have very limited knowledge on Burmese language as I only studied up to 7th standard. You will find lots of spelling mistakes, bad grammar, incorrect usage, and messed up wordings. You are most welcome to correct me so that I can learn from my mistakes.

I post these in Burmese language to practice my Burmese typing as well as to rekindle my rotten, rusted, molded language skills. You need Zawgyi-One unicode to read the posts.

Thank you for reading.

In case if you wanna hear our voices, here are the songs my friends and I sing for fun. If you are interested to sing along with us, you can send me your songs (your own creation or karaoke version) to mayvelous [at] gmail [dot] com

Enjoy and do drop us some comments. Cheers.

I also write for GlobalVoicesOnline as a regional author for Myanmar(Burma) and am a helping hand for a few other non-profitable organizations. You can find my GV posts here.

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