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My nose on strike.

Since last week my “nose” wanted to take a sick leave and I wouldn’t let it.
Though I know it works so hard through out the year, everyday, every minute, each and every second, I can’t spare one single day off for my dear nose. I just couldn’t cope without it.

So today it paired up with his buddy “throat” and took industrial action. Because their demands were not met and suffered many unfavorable condition, they had no choice but to take a rightful demonstration against me.

Their union raps, my head and my eyes, joined in very soon and gave me a big headache with heated arguments (sore eyes). My nose stopped transporting the normal stocks (O2, CO2) and started throwing wastes (blocked & running nose). Due to excessive damage I had to employ some guards to control the area. (tissues). My throat done the worst painful effect on me, refusing to accept any bribe (food) and shouted back at me (cough).

Due to their united action against me, my whole system messed up and had to seek some help from the emergency sector (Paracetamol). I decided to check upon their demands and see what I can do to fulfill some of it, such as :

  • Improve working environment for “nose” (picking it regularly),
  • Reducing night shift for my eyes and let him take day shift only (take good night sleeps)
  • Some bonus for throat (eating vegetables, fruits & drinking juices)
  • Reduce amount of work load for my head (not to think too much rubbish)
  • Occasional functions for the whole team (exercise, movie etc).

I guess that should satisfy my “nose” and hopefully back to work again soon. Anymore suggestion on satisfying my team, do let me know.

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  • I’m disappointed

    One of my favorite blogger has beed resigned yesterday.
    Though it was very short time I’ve been in “”, I like the whole site design and the blogger himself for his unique style.

    When I got the site announcement message, I thought I got banned from there and was so confused and thinking what did I do wrong there. Then today I see other bloggers mentioning the same notice from Joshuaink and I came to know this really terrible news.

    Mr Oxton is very different from other bloggers I came across. He is arrogant in many ways but many of his post surely capture attention and make somewhat amusing to read.

    I used to check his feed first everyday and I’m surely going to miss him and his lovely, informative, superb site “Joshuaink”. :(

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  • Poetic Fever?

    Something’s up with web gurus these days. They’re into writing poems.
    Check out these 3 poems, interesting hah?

    While some having hand on writing poems, others are into hating poems. eg. John Oxton at Joshuaink. He wrote a post on how he hate poems last time but i can’t find that link anymore so can’t provide you any link.

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  • Oxton’s Picking Gem Game

    Over at Joshuaink, Mr Oxton has a list of 237 urls to check out for web standard compatible site. He’s starting a small game to seek out 5 best links from the list and will continue from there to get the best site.

    Currently i’ve done browsing 177 sites and quite alot to go before I get favourite 5 sites listed. I found some good sites but they are already listed in some CSS Galleries and I guess better not list again. It’s kind of hard to choose from tens of good sites and I’m confused myself which to pick.

    By this rate when I’m done, the game must be pretty much over. :D But it’s worth checking out those links because you’ll find lots of interesting sites that you never been before and got to know the design and standard compatibility aspect of those sites.

    Oh yah there are rules to follow while you list yout sites, Mr Oxton is pretty strict with those. Just read his instructions there and have fun browsing.

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  • WordPress Upgrade Problem

    I’m haveing a big headache with my first wordpress installation and upgrade issue.
    I just downloaded wordpress version a few days before the latest release of and already installed the earlier version.
    So I decided to upgrade to the latest one as my blog also is in testing stage, I thought would be easier to upgrade.

    Unfortunitely, I’m having trouble with creating/viewing new pages because I (thought) deleted .htaccess file together with some others of older version.

    Well…according to this lovely, short and sweet upgrate instructions, it doesnt say anything about saving .htaccess file.

    I tried create the file and give 666 permission to it but gave me lots of problem and my whole site gone disappeared. So I had to delete the file and ask for help with the host and found out that my site is hosted on Windows Server which does not have any .htaccess file and does not allow custom file permission changes.
    Oh well i’ll just have to use the same old parameter strings and give up upon permalinks.

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  • CSS Layout Techniques

    This is an excellent reference article on different types of CSS layout designs by Damien du Toit.

    The article explained very well with examples on 7 layout style, namely:

    • Fixed,
    • Liquid(Fluid),
    • Resolution dependent,
    • Elastic,
    • Jello,
    • Progressive and
    • Constrained.

    Layout Techniques by Damien du Toit

    CSS hacking for IE

    A good reading on essentials of CSS hacking for Internet Explorer.
    Definitely worth reading.


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  • Which Guru Are You?

    Try this short quiz and find out which Guru you are.

    I’m “Shaun Inman – Javascript grand poobah”
    Shaun Inman is the designer/developer responsible for Designologue, Mint and IFR. Originally from the Boston, Massachusetts area, he now resides in Baltimore, Maryland.

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